Health Q&A: August 30, 2017

05:55 Question : From Maria Spain weighs 121 lbs Rheumatoid Arthritis, severe. Pain all over, can’t close hands, can’t raise arms & high uric acid.  Did take a fall 7 years ago and hurt neck. Didn’t see a doctor for it. Allergic to Tangy Tangerine Original What would be your recommendation?

Question : Hi Dr. G. Wondering if you have any ideas on a good chewing gum, a kind that doesn’t have the bad fake sugar? I have been reading ingredients and can’t find any with stevia or even regular sugar these days. Thanks!

09:35 Question : what are the better options for pain management for L3 L4 spinal stenosis? I have constant pain that travels down the leg. I have recently had 2 epidurals that eased the shooting pain but I am not pain free. Is minimally invasive surgery an option in the case of extreme narrowing of the disc?

14:55 Question : Hi Doc, I was on Monday but dind't get my question in so here it is again. A female 62 was in a car accident many years ago left her with 3 herniated disc. Experiencing irritation of nerve pain, numbness in legs. Get cortisone shots every 2-3 months. Is that a good thing. She says it helps a little What can we do for her. Thanks Doc, love seeing you at the Convention,

17:40 Question : Do you have an opinion on Structured Silver as compared to Colloidal Silver?

19:20 Question : Is the Nightly Essence the most effective/best overall probiotic? How many billion active bacteria per capusule / probiotic strains should we look for?

22:30 Question : hey doc, so what do I need to do for bone on bone. been on the 90 for life about 4 months now, extra osteo and minerals. what was the dosing for gulch gel caps to rebuild menicus and is there a liquid form to take? also have a 5 yr. old granddaughter, has really bad tooth decay in the back molars with some big cavities. is there a homeopathic remedy to help her regain tooth and to stop the pain? she weighs about 45 lbs, 40 inches tall. do not want the conventional dentist to do a root canal.also, can I use another orm of osteo fx for travel like king calcium?

27:05 Question : Hi Dr. G! I just noticed on the Good Herbs bottles that it says, "Not for prolonged use." Is this something that should be stopped after awhile? Also, is it okay to take more than one? For example the Circulatory Formula and the Heart Support to provide circulation throughout your whole body and head? Thank you

29:10 Question : Hubby with bladder cancer. Started bleeding again yesterday and then later today again. Usually it is microscopic. He cleaned his car today. Do you think it is too much what with working third shift full time. Should he take it easy? What should I do when he starts bleeding? Thanks Dr. Glidden. Bleeding means he sees red in the urine. Usually can't see it in urine.

Question : Hello Dr. G What do you recommend for an elderly person having trouble walking. No pain, Doctors say very little sign of arthritis on xrays. Legs just give way and he falls. high b/p ,diabetic and prostate issues. the weak legs are the question. No back pain.

36:30 Question : Sooooo good to have you as a health advocate sir. I am Ralph from Bermuda. I have an associate who dribbles after peeing. He is 55 and takes prostate fx,gluco gell BTT 2.0 and plant minerals. any further suggestions? mother associate's wife has MS she is 55 and taking MD prescriptions. any suggestions?

42:40 Question : Here's the link for that "Glytamins" product I was telling you about. I'd really love to know your perspective on it.  Also, when will your new site go live with all the testimonials? Thank YOU!!!

44:15 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, do you recommend any type of home made shampoo to re-grow hair? What about a natural deodorant?

45:45 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, your information is saving my people, 6 loved ones currently recovering from the wrong Medical Doctor therapeutics. Thank you! Concerning the good herbs, is there a strategy for using multiple good herb products at the same time for multiple conditions, or should only one product be used for a period and then switch other?

47:30 Question : I had blood work done and my ALC liver enzyme was raised. I also have my right ankle swollen. What would you recommend? I take HBSP weight loss.

49:55 Question : I was telling my colon therapist about the i26 product and she asked me if I knew the names of the 26 bacteria that it kills and she asked if it killed Helicobactor Pylori and I didn't know. Do you know?

50:40 Question : Hey Doc. I have a friend, female, mid 50s, Been tested for RA and all the blood work shows a positive response to RA. Symptoms are joint pain in ankles, toes, middle of her feet, knees, fingers, wrists and now a little bit in shoulders. Toe joints and finger joints are becoming larger because of it. Still has hot flashes that accompany anxiety. This isn't as bad as it used to be since starting the bio identical hormone. Symptoms subside for awhile, but return. She's 5-8, 130lbs. Also has Reynauds

Question : Good night doc. I am taking the osteo fx at night and I find that I sleep very soundly. However during the day I am still very sleepy. I suspect it is related to the osteo fx. Is this supposed to happen and when should I take the osteo fx?

54:50 Question : speaking of selenium, have you heard of dr. group's whole food selenium made from mustard seeds and do you have any thoughts on how good it is?