Health Q&A: August 7, 2017

05:15 Question : Female, 77yo, 145#, diabetic retinopathy diag, Off 12 bad's, On healthy body blood sugar Original pak (bit constipated on 2.0 so switched ), plant mins, sweeteze, EFA 2 months, and selenium, muscadine grape tablets 1 month. Apple a day & walks daily for exercise. Recently experiencing, very sticky, copious amounts of tear duct discharge. Inflammation expulsion, or concerning? Should we add projoba omega or anything else?

Question : I’m 51 year old male; 2 years ago on my left leg there was a breakout of what the doctors said was MRSA. That breakout on the left leg turned into 2 more spots on the left leg for a total of 3 spots; it took a total of 7 months to heal. By the time the left leg healed the right leg had a break out on it. And that one on the right leg started out the size of a thumbnail about a year ago and as of a month ago it was the size of a dollar bill.

I go to a wound care clinic weekly where they measure and clean it. I have been on and off so many different antibiotics for the last 2 years; so many different antibiotics I can’t even tell you the names. About three weeks ago I started natural antibiotics & probiotics. I also have started cleaning it with activated charcoal. Since I have been doing that I see a significant difference in the healing of the leg.

The doctor at the clinic did a culture and it now saying that perhaps he wants to send me to the infectious disease center so that they can test to see if they can prescribe another antibiotic because they think its in my blood stream. I’m not sure why after 2 years and not much success of healing the right leg why they suddenly are recommending the infectious disease center. The truth is that with the natural antibiotics of oregano, lavender, I’m seeing healing for the first time. What used to be the size of a dollar bill with constant drainage and wound was very red; is now pink and half the size of a dollar bill and it does not drain anymore. My bandages used to be soaked from drainage from the wound theres barely any drainage on the bandage anymore. So my question for you is because I’m not a doctor what I see is what I am doing is working and I would prefer to keep doing what I’m doing than to get back on their program. I’m just wondering your thoughts as a doctor and any concerns you might have for me.

17:30 Question : I have relative diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. Do you have any information on this? Doctors are telling her there is no cure and are treating her with steroids.

20:00 Question : Parkinsons, still one of my favorite webinars but is from 2014, need updated products suggestions. you mentioned 80% fat diet are you referring to ketogenic? this is happening a lot do you have any success stories?

24:50 Question : Regarding well done red meats. When red meats are cooked in a crock pot or pressure cooker for recommended times, is that considered well done red meat? Is that method of cooked red meat okay? When a steak is cooked on a barbeque with low indirect heat, is that acceptable? What should the internal temperature of red meat be cooked to?

26:20 Question : Hi Dr. G. If our DNA is made from sugar, why is eating extra sugar so bad and why is being in ketosis so good? Also is there really any point to eating vegetables when doing the tangy tangerine other than they taste good? Thanks Dr. G. I have one more question - one of my bottles of minerals the seal was open and I have had it for over 3 months, is it still good? Was not in refrigerator - thank

29:23 Question : Man 75 years works 3rd shift. Tired and sleeps everytime he sits down. Can't really quit right now. Will beta glucan 300 be enough plus the 90 to build his immune system? Thanks Dr. G.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. First time here. Regards from the Caribbean. I would like to get info about which specific treatments, supplements and foods should i give to my Mom who is dealing secondary bone metastasis cancer (From a cured breast cancer) in her scalp, spine, shoulders, hips and neck. I'm very disappointed and frustrated with the traditional doctors and treatments like radiation. My mom used to have only pain before treatment, she has pain now but also is fragile, weak legs and mental confusion. She used to be a strong active and energetic woman. Now after radiation and injections for the bones, she is totally different, so weak. I will appreciate a guide from you or an online paid consultation ? Thanks in advance

35:00 Question : I’m 30 & weigh 118 pounds. I currently take one of each/month: BTT 2.0, EFA Plus, Cal Toddy & Selenium. I’m overall healthy, but I’ve dealt with Raynaud's my whole life. Should I add Daily Classic and/or Good Herbs Circulatory Support or G. H. Heart Support? If Good Herbs, why one over the other? What would be the main difference between these two? Thank you!

37:45 Question : Hi Doc, I'm not getting any answers from my doctor or the U of M. Do you think the Mayo clinic is a good option? I'm getting worse and feel like I'm in-between a rock and a hard spot, anymore suggestion. Thanks Nancy G

40:45 Question : Hi Doc! Will your new book be available at the YGY Convention? Can't wait to get a copy and to see you and the team again!

Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, I am happy to say that my weekend was granted and will be driving 3 hours north to make your presentation on Saturday. I wanted to ask, do homeopathic meds on pellet forms have an expiration date?

Question : Doc, you recommended Randy to get Medorrhinum. I have googled it and it says it is used to suppressed Gonorrhoea. Please explain. Randy is on two of Youngevity Prostate, plus Flomax--- the side affects are terrible. Doc is there anything natural that reduces the prostate? Thank you so much. We received our Selenium from Vital Nut. It is white and Youngevity's is gray. Why the different color?

44:40 Question : hey doc, since you spent some time in mass. can you recommend a good chiropractor, i am 2 hrs outside of boston, central part of the state. just did a myofacial treatment to hopefully realign the neck for my thyroid.

Hi Dr. Glidden. Good to be on the chat with you today. I have received a question from a friend on how to remove visceral fat. I am not sure if removing this type of fat is entirely a calorie consumption issue. I understand that this fat develops with age due to excess cortisol levels and the reduced production of Human Growth Hormone and Insulin Growth Factor. I know that getting adequate rest can help with the latter 2 hormones. Beside the 90 essential nutrients is there perhaps a Good Herbs product that can help with the situation?