Health Q&A: September 11, 2017

0:3:35 Question : Dr. G,  Can you do a Webinar clearing up the misconceptions about Fat? Healthy Fat, Bad Fat, why do we need it, etc. P.S Is it possible to make plant minerals fat soluble so that it stores in the body longer?

6:50 Question : My mom has been an insulin dependent diabetic for about 40 years (she has an insulin pump). Recently, my aunt (who is an MD) told her the benefits of a vegan diet and how it can help diabetics . Her goal is to help prevent complications from the diabetes in the future. Are there any contraindications for her if she were to go vegan? She is currently taking the On The Go pack (she's a nurse and pills are much easier for her while working), Selenium (1 SID), Ocutiv ( SID) and projoba omega 3 BID

9:50 Question : Hello Dr Glidden, I have a question re blood clots. My almost 24 year old son has 3 on his right arm and the hospital sent him home as an outpatient on Friday with blood thinners he is to inject 2x a day for 15 days. He is 5'11, 200 lbs. I'd like to start him on Youngevity asap. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

12;25Question : Hey Doc, I recently had to see an MD to get ear wax removed from my left ear, the MD claimed he found the inner ear was inflammed and he wants to prescribe me Cortisporin but he did not suggest a follow up visit. what is your take on this drug and scenario? should colloidal silver be used?

15:40 Question : good news doc, at your recommendation i added the pd minerals to my mighty 90 andmy psorasis is thinning out   so that is great .  im still off gluttenand staying on the 90 plus minerals and sweet ezei think my blood sugar was increasingdue to juicingi backed off on fruits and am doing greens and beetsandyikes too many marguaritas

19:10 Question : Dr. G, have you seen that documentary "What the Health"?  If so, can you share your thoughts on it.  If not, can you take a look at it.  It's about 1.5 hrs long.  I thought it was informative but could be some questionable ideas that someone with your experience and knowledge could decipher. Thanks

21:55 Question : Do you have any recommendations on what to do for someone with constrictive pericarditis?

24:00 Question : Met massage therapist today and she has pyloric valve that is 1/2 the size as the MDs say it should be and acid gets through. They blew it up with balloon 3 times but never stayed

30:30 Question : I’m a strict vegan and would like to know if there is any Youngevity product that I can use for my joints that doesn’t contain any animal products? Thank you

34:24 Question : Did you find out the names of the 26 bad bacteria that the i26 product kills. I have looked but can't find that info. and the lady I get Colonics from wants to know if it kills Helicobacter Pylori?

40:55 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  A friend of mine is giving MCT oil rave reviews as he seems to get a lot of energy from it.  I know that it is derived from Coconut Oil.  I told him my thoughts on consuming oils in a bottle.  I couldn't convince him otherwise.  He does know not to cook with the oil as it says so right on the bottle. Dr. Glidden. Please do a Webinar on DMSO. Also, I want to regrow my cartilage on my right knee, what should I do?

45:00 Question : Hey Doc, Dr. Wallach has made the claim that he knew of someone who'd been on dialysis for 73 years and Youngevity fixed him. He also talks about people being able to live 120 years. Is there any evidence of these claims? I don't think dialysis has even been around that long. Are stomach aches a common side effect of taking the Healthy Body Start Paks?

Question : A friend of mine who just started on Youngevity products – has friends who have a 12 y.o. old son who is albino. Any suggested protocol for albinism?

Question : Dr. G,  What protocol should a Chrones sufferer use to gradually start on the supplements when every product seams to cause a flair-up in symptoms particularly diarrhea. Off the 12 bad foods and sensitive to shellfish, eggs and dairy.