Health Q&A: September 13, 2017

02:15 Question : Hey Doc, I have really enjoyed listening to you and Mike Filip on the tacticalhealth podcast. Not only do I enjoy the content but the delivery of the material is gold. I listen to it on the go and believe that it gives me a little extra "umph" in the gym. By the way...I am impressed by the health optimization I am seeing in my family who have been adhering to you and Dr. Wallach's principles...some testimonials have been sent...some more "Mosora" testimonials to follow. Have an awesome one Dr.G!

03:45 Question : Many thanks for your teaching Doc which we follow now for 2.5 year. Which webinar included ADHD, ADD and which one Schizophrenia? I have 2 student parents which I'd like to send the webinar via my Ambassador status to encourage them to join the next Q&A. It is Ohio

05:30Question : Hi Doctor G, would you recommend any of the Good Herbs products for a performance athlete, but would they alert during a drug screening?

10:15 Question : Besides bladder cancer my hubby also has bladder stones. Will these pass by themselves. Hope to do it naturally without surgery. Will it be possible? Oh there are 3 or 4 and they are 2 to 3 cm.

14:45 Question : Hello, My sister has fibromyalgia and has viewed your video but she has been experiencing leg and feet cramps. She stopped taking calcium and started taking magnesium but it hasn't helped. She's also massages them. Any advice.

17:35 Question : I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, PNH, 3.5 years ago. It's super rare, so this is a quick definition: ultra-rare bone marrow failure disease in which red blood cells break apart. Normal red blood cells have a shield of proteins that protect them from coming under attack by the body's own immune system. PNH occurs because that protein shield is missing. Any thoughts on how to treat, help or anything for this disease. Thank you so much!

22:40 Question : What is considered to be the "therapeutic dose" for the Good Herbs? That piece was missing from your new book. Mahalo!

24:50 Question : Just received your book...glad i am off tmrw to read it. Started 31 day i26 this morn..should I do nightly essence along with the program?

Question : Hi Doc! Need your help...

My sister has been losing her hair for the past 12 years. None of the doctors could help her or give her a legitimate diagnosis. Now she's told that her hair follicles are damaged and hair will never grow back. Is this true? Then her hair grow back? If so, what does she need to do. She's 54 years old, and 155lbs.  Second question… I have bunions on my feet surgery the only way to remove them? What causes them? My grandmother had them and my mom and now me. Ugh Muscadine Grape Extract is $300 per 32oz. Does this last a year!? Lol

31:35 Question : concerned about weakness from the knees down digestion problems sometimes it takes over 3 hours to be able to lay down and go to bed. bloating isn't always present

34:24 Question : Good night doc. Does menopause cause profuse sweating and if so what can you do about it? What do you recommend for that and other menopausal symptons. Also i noticed my nails are brittle and has ridges. What causes this and what do you recommend? I also have blood sugar issues but I don’t know if this related. Thanks doc.

37:27 Question : Hey Doc, I have a question about Youngevity discontinuing a product that they should not have. What are the proper channels to bring that to their attention?

38:55 Question : I used to have the worst monthly cycles with extreme cramping, nausea and headaches. The Beyond Osteo FX has been a god send as it's virtually gone now after decades of suffering.  Also, did you look up the Glytamins? Yes it's a funny name but it has everything to do with the last webinar you did.

Question : Is our new i26 high in cholesterol. I hope so

42:42 Question : Hi Dr. G,  What do you understand about ‘Salt Therapy’? I recently saw a local TV news interview with someone discussing this type of therapy she is currently offering in my area. By spending approximately 40 minutes in a salt cave, the therapist indicated that a person could alleviate sinus and allergy symptoms, and/or relieve migraines, etc. One treatment cost $45.00. Thanks

Question : Dr. G. What supplements do you recommend for menopause?