Health Q&A: September 18, 2017

1:55 Question : Hi Dr. G! Took my 91 yr old mom to her annual checkup today. Her Dr. told her she is getting younger and said she no longer needs her high blood pressure medicine nor her statin drugs. Good thing because she stopped both a year ago and has been on the BTT 2.0, Beyond Osteo and Projoba EFA's. She wanted me to tell everybody if they don't want to swallow the EFA's because they are too large, do what she does and poke the end of capsule with a toothpick and squirt straight into your mouth. Voila! She had a stroke two years ago, and has no discernible weakness or after effects, and is turning 92 in two weeks. One of the very blessed ones.  On another note, my grandchildren, 2 & 4 yrs, drink the BTT 2.0 (as per dose on pkg) instead of any sugary juice or kids drink. They call it "Grandma Juice" and they love it!! Thanks for all you do, Dr. G

Question : From Ethiopian, living in Allen, TX.  Breast cancer survivor, weighs 115 and 5.5 feet. I am vegan/vegetarian.  I take only fat free yogurt or low fat cottage cheese with flax seed oil (Budwig Protocol). .  I take a bunch of other supplements you recommended.  The only issue I have right now is, I am losing weight. Is there anything you can recommend?

Question : Hi Doc...the chiro recommendation of Square One is working well...behind Square One is the philosophy called Chiropactic learn about it go to, that is where I found the Dr Peter Lopes in NJ. And where I learned about the method.

9:19 Question : Hi Dr, G What can you recommend for an henoch scholien purpora (HSP) ? It’s sometimes referred to as vasulitis Blood vessels that break and bleed out under the skin. The little girl is 8 years old and full of blotches on her skin. The MDs have no answers for the parents. Thanks Also what is your opinion on tanning beds? Thanks again

14:40 Question : Are there any gluco-gel products for arthritis that don’t have animal products in them? I am Muslim and I can't eat Haram. Thank you.

16:30 Question : I have a detached retina and blurriness. What recommendations would you give me? Thanks

21:10 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  It’s good to be on the chat tonight.  I have a couple of questions. I have had several questions in regards to a preteen supplementfrom Youngevity.  I was wondering of the BTT 2.0 would be considered adequate as it does contain Amino Acids. I thought I would check back on the hair supplement as it has been several months since I last asked about it.  Is there any hopes of getting something to me which could help with hair growth?

24:05 Question : I just walked my dog about an hour ago for about a half hour wearing birkenstocks.  About 20 minutes after coming home my left foot suddenly started to hurt with sharp pain mostly around my big toe and bunion (which is small).  If I wiggle it, it hurts and is now swollen.  What could this be as I didn't hit it.  Also, what would be a good treatment?  It almost feels like a break):  Thank YOU!

29:39 Question : Hey,Dr.G,  My husbands gums have been bleeding, Thank’s

31:45 Question : Has sudden onset of blurriness in left eye.  Dr. says he sees corneal inflammation.  I added Ultimate Daily Classic and Purmeric to my HBSP, PDM, Selenium routine.  Anything else I should be doing?I also take Ocutiv…

Question : Hi dr. Gcan you elaborate on thethe rare earth minerals and theirimportance in maintaining good health?

Question : If you have had your gall bladder removed and eggs are high in fat, can you incorporate eggs into your diet?

40:55 Question : Dr. G,  I’ve noticed that you presently do not recommend the use of Z Radical as a part of any protocol.  Are there any new recommended uses for Z Radical – I have 3 unused bottles, since the person I originally purchased them for has discontinued using the product?  Thanks

42:25 Question : Hey Doc... Creatinine is at 1.32 mg/dL. Within acceptable ranges, but my Doc (not an MD) is concerned that it is getting into a problem range. Wants me to do something called a Body Scan to see if no issues going on in my kidney. I'm about a month into your products for stones. Should I just continue with this protocol? Also, has a friend on Sweet-eze. Wants to know how long before it kicks in? She is 5'7" 130lbs THX

Peggy has mycobacteriosis that is in birds? my friend has been on AZithromycin, moxyfloxacin, rifampin (3 times a week ) in veggie caps - after a year she has become resistiant to the rifampin. she will now be on rifabutin.

48:05 Question : Hi Doc; One of your statements gave me inspiration for a question. I'm all-but-59; can I replace my Ultimate EFA's with Vital Nutrients' Flax Oil Caps?  I think I'm done growing :o