Health Q&A: September 20, 2017

07:30 Question : Hi Doc. One of our partners has been rapidly getting more and more white hair and it's thinning at the front over the last several months. She is a member of the Glidden Healthcare community but has to work at this time. We had here started the following program 6 months ago because of scheduled cataract surgery which she could completely avoid with the program, it was gone after just 5 weeks. 

anti-aging Healthy Start Pack, Selenium, EFA, Cell Shield RTQ, BTT tablets, Osteo FX, BTT powder, Ultimate Daily. Then I started 3 months ago with Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails. What to do with the hair loss and turning more and more white???

14:25 Question : I have someone who is on the HBSP 2.0 and it has helped tremendously with divticulitus. Here is what is happening now: Discomfort when sitting started last December. Pain appears to be in the prostrate area and sometimes appears to travel down the inner thigh. Hemorrhoids test normal. Prostate somewhat enlarged but test normal. It may be linked to chronic lower back pain issue.

16:16 Question : Dr. Glidden, my steadfast advocate for health. I have a family member who holds steadfastly to the view that gluten free oats is acceptable. Could you comment on this? Thanks 

20:25 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, What are your thoughts on tanning beds?

22:22 Question : I watched your webinar on sleep.  I wondered if there is ever a time when a cpap machine is necessary.  For someone who did a sleep test and because of the sleep apnea does not ever receive a good night sleep of getting into the deep sleep. Have you heard of this product called Wobenzym N used in Europe for treating chronic and arthrytic pain? What would be a good protocol for a 55 year old woman to be taking during training for a marathon? With corn being on the bad food list, is it ok if it says non-gmo?

26:36 Question : I have a partner who has pain in her hips when she takes BTT 2.0. She takes HBSP plus Selenium, hair, skin, nails, xerafem, glucogel, and synaptiv. When she takes BTT by the end of the day, her hips hurt. When she stops by the next day the pain leaves. Very strange.

29:05 Question : Dr. G..loved the interview with Shawn Sherman. I am massage therapist, do cranio-sacral, JB myofascial release and get great results but can't wait to have a coupleSq1 sessions and take his course. Thank you so much for talking about his technique. Made so much sense listening to him.

31:11 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, we are back, and just a quick question, my Wife just came from her medical doctor, and had high blood pressure, she started to take Niacine, in which we heard from one of your talks, but she said, it was not worth taking, because it was useless to take, because there was to many side-effects to throw them away, what is your opinion on taking Niacine for high blood pressure. Thank you Herbie! good to be back!

Is this the aloe product? Galenia Aloe Arborescens Frei Romano Zago 500 ml BOTTL

Question : Mom takes thyroid, pressure, insulin and anti depressant meds..Kidneys are low and she is sluggish, and wets herself

40:40 Question : Thanks Dr. G Just wondered what the 4 bottles of Muscadine Grape Caps are for in regards to the Marathon training?