Health Q&A: September 25, 2017

00:20 Question : Youngevity is based on a foundation of 90 essential nutrients. For my curiosity (because I enjoy reading research articles), I'm wondering if there is an article/research where it says we need 90 essential nutrients? Everything that I've come across states we need much less than the 90.

Question : Dr. G Any idea as to why I get so many mosquito bites while the person next to me gets none? Is it because I'm more nutrified?  P.S Check out Applegate meat products, they have deli meats and hotdogs that are nitrate free and are delicious!

06:55 Question : Hi, Dr. G, My friend (66 yr old male, 250 lbs) has vertical ridges on his fingers. One fingernail is particularly damaged - pronounced ridge and dark colored on the ridge. He has digestive issues. and is always tired. He's been taking HSP + selenium + enzymes. No improvement. Can you help? Sorry, ridges not on fingers, on fingernails! The one ridge is splitting, too.

09:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, thank you for all of the information you have given me so far! I am the woman that Corey asked you about (I just joined Youngevity and had a heart attack.. funny timing). I am supposed to be going for a CT Angiogram to try and determine why I had the heart attack. Recently had blood work done and my cholesterol reading is as follows; HDL 1.36, LDL 4.16, and non-HDL is 5.2. I am taking the following supplements, but need your advice on how much to take/if I’m taking the right things.

  • 1. Projoba omega 
  • 2. Cell Shield RTQ
  • 3. Ultimate Daily Classic
  • 4. Niacin Plus
  • 5. Selenium 
  • 6. Good Herbs Heart Support
  • 7. 90 for Life 

However I feel like there’s a circulation problem since my feet are constantly freezing. I’ve noticed that seems to be getting better since I’ve been taking the Niacin Plus. 160 lbs

15:50 Question : A friend feels that going to an integrated medical practitioner is just as good as going to a naturopathic doctor. I am loosing the battle with this person. What could I say?

18:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I am currently on a progesterone pill to keep my endometriosis at bay for the last 4 years and would really like not to have to continue this prescription until I reach menopausal years as suggested by my OB-GYN. I am 40 yrs old. I am taking the BTT and Basic Mighty 90 pack from Youngevity. What do you suggest I add/remove from my diet.

20:35 Question : Good night doc G. I had a full mouth panoramic dental xray last year december and i felt the radiation in my jaw. I took vitamins E and C for this. I now have to get another tooth checked and she says i have to get another xray but the regular xray. Should i do get the xray or can she use the xray from last year? Also what causes the joints of bones to make a cracking noise when you walk or when you get up from sitting.

23:50 Question : Is there an update on Thyroid support since the webinar is relatively long ago? Colleague shall have surgery to remove a part and wants to start nutrients rather after watching the webinar

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I asked a question about 1 month and half ago. I had MRSA in my left leg and then it spread to my right leg. It was getting worse going from quarter sized to dollar sized. It's now bigger than a dollar, not healing. You had me on a regiment of argentyn 23 sprayed directly on and taking some internally. Good Herbs anti-microbial support, tangy tangerine, osteo fx, projoba omega, sweeteze, and plant derived minerals. I'm not seeing any improvements and the wound is open and

getting larger. How do I proceed?

32:05 Question : Ken is hoping to plan an appt with you in MN. Are there directions on how to make a personal appointment anywhere on your website.

33:30 Question : I have been to my chiropracter several times and my neck keep[s popping when i turn my head. no pain but I don't like it popping & cracking !!!

37:37 Question : I have a friend whose been on the 90 since February & it turns out she has arthritis. I suggested the gluco-gel but believe in the your arthritis webinar you suggest both the caps and the liquid. Is that correct? Also, her Dr. informed her that her cholesterol is high. LDL. What are your thoughts and suggestions? Thank YOU!!!

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I survived Irma but she left me without internet for 2 weeks! Im glad to be back. I spoke with a young lady 94 lbs. 5'4" whom had 80% of her colon removed, she has a J pouch. Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, anemia, anxiety, and she bruise very easily. She also has a 7 years old autistic son. How can we start with her delicate condition to help her?

42:42 Hi, Doc. Thanks for all your wisdom and passion to change the world Quick question: The smallest joint in both of my pinky fingers are swollen and beginning to look "old lady" like. They don't hurt at all and none of my other joints anywhere else are affected but I'm concerned my pinky fingers will become deformed. I'm taking HSP, seleniun, enzymes, imortalium, glucogel and curcumin. Anything else? Thank you!!! BTW, my joints crack all the time, too... since I was 16.

44:10 Question : Hi Dr G, One of my relatives is a 9 month old baby boy who was born with a urinary tract health issue that required a surgical procedure shortly after birth. He recently experienced problems that required another surgical procedure, in which 2 catheters were installed. They are expected to be removed, one each day over a period of three days. What advice do you have that could facilitate the baby’s healing and wellness? Thanks

Question : Dr. G...aloha! Just wanted to thank you and give you an update on my husband, He had been sick for almost 10 months due to impacted wisdom tooth dumping bacteria into his system. Even after oral surgery he was lethargic and couldn't focus enough to read or do any of his usual activities. Your recommendations for supplements and a homeopathic remedy turned him around in less than a week. I can't thank you enough!

47:10 Question : I take Ultimate Daily Classic for my kidney damage. Would niacin help?

Question : my grandmother had pneumonia almost two years ago and has not fully recovered. she can barely talk, her tongue is swollen, her lungs are full of fluid and she is getting progressively worse. she wont see an MD and tries different supplements weekly just about.