Health Q&A: September 27, 2017

1:00 Hi Dr Glidden. I have two questions I hope you can help me with. First my niece has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Not sure if your familiar but if you are most endocrinologists want to put them on steroids because the body doesn't supposedly make it. Do you know of a more holistic way to treat this? Or do you know an alternative to regular steroids? I want to try to get her some good help. Also my other question is that I have really bad left kidney pain just randomly. I had a sonogram done to see if there was anything pushing on it. They said they look very normal and no cysts. This has been going on for years but has really intensified. I watched your webinar and am adding the extra calcium. It seems to really hurt when I get more minerals or celtic sea salt which makes no sense that should help. I know there has to be a missing link or a test that can more thoroughly tell me something. Any thoughts?

5:00 Question : Dr. Glidden, as always, good to see you around campus here on your Q/A sessions. I wanted to ask regarding some specifics of fasting. I for some time now have been doing a 24 hour fast each week. I have had people approach me about fasting. One of my family members (who is now taking plant derived minerals) has asked me what my thoughts were on fasting. To make sure what I am doing is in their best interest, would it be correct to recommend that people stay off the 12 bad foods and supplement appropriately according to bodyweight for 90 days before doing any sort of fasting/detox? For her case, as long as she is just supplementing with minerals, would you ever recommend a fast for her, or would she need to be on the 90 for a length of time first?

Also, it is becoming more popular for people to do intermittent fasting for 16 hours at a shot. Would you recommend people supplement for 90 days and be off the twelve bad foods prior to this shorter fasting duration as well? Thanks for your time, and it’s always a pleasure to be in your company.

10:00 Question : SBN gave me name of local practitioner that is DC.  He uses the NUCCA technique (National Upper Cervical Chiropractor Assn) Advanced Upper Cervical Chiropractic Tech along with Anatometer for postural analysis.  I would like to try this but wonder if your recommend it.  Don't know what supplements he uses.  I use Youngevity. I am 78 and 120 lbs and not satisfied with the cranial technique I am presently seeing DC for.

12:40Question : Aloha Dr. G.  It is frustrating to have some people start the products then say they can't take them because it makes them "sick."  We know that a poor digestive system often is to it there some verbage you might recommend that we can use up front to forewarn people that sometimes there are reactions so that they are willing to try to stick with it and actually solve the problem rather than blaming the products?  Mahalo!

15:45 Question : Doc, a diabetic would like to try the Cal Tody/OJ mix at bedtime for leg cramps. Should he be concerned with a blood sugar spike? He is on the keto diet and would like to balance the carbs with an appropriate amount of fat. Would that diminish the effectiveness of the mixture on the cramping?

17:45 Question : Good evening Dr. G. I have been on the i26 for two weeks and the main thing I have noticed is my sinuses are clearing. I am starting to breath thru my left side again. I have history of sinus infections. Will keep you posted on gut stuff after next 2 weeks:)

19:19 Question : Hey Doc, Just got your new book, would just like some clarification on the additional dosage. I know 90EN are supposed to be a bottle per every 100 lbs per month. For example a condition like eczema calls for an additonal bottle for every 50 lbs. would that be 6 bottles if the person weighed 200 lbs or less correct?

21:15 Question : What's up doc? I have a friend who for a couple of years now has been experiencing some cognitive issues. The main issue is with her speech and forming words. She knows what she wants to say but can't form the words. She doesn't seem to have any memory loss but she is having a hard time with complex puzzles and stuff which before she was great at. Last Sunday she fell and started shaking uncontrollably. The paramedics came and all of her vitals were fine and it wasn't a seizure.

When they left it happened again. She has had CT scans (bad I know), MRI's, has had neurological tests done but everything is coming back negative. They say it's not Alzheimer's or Dementia and can't figure out what is causing it. She has never been on any pharmaceuticals. For now I told her to go on a high fat diet. What are your thoughts?

25:45  Question : I started taking undenatured whey protein, but it made me pee a lot and pain in my kidney..Is the protein a good thing? and should I just lessen the dose?

27:15 A recent report from a wholistic specialist revealed that since my last visit with her five weeks ago, the health of my gall bladder, gall duct, small intestine and liver declined by approximately 20% each.  The health of all other tested tissues, organs and /or cells are at80% - 90% out of 100%.  Is there a connection between any of the distressed organs?

29:29 Question : I've been on the 90 for almost 2 years & off gluten for a year & half.  Since January I noticed my hair has improved greatly along with everything else.  My hair was extremely dry, brittle & unhealthy looking prior.  Anyhow, it's reverted back & is concerning.  I was eating gluten free bread & have since stopped eating it.  Could some gluten free products mimic gluten & thereby create the same side effects?  I can't think of anything else that could cause this.  I'm on ocean's gold & Omegas too.

31:00 Question : Hey Doc...What are your thoughts on donating plasma? any negatives or positives health wise?

32:32   Question : Someone asked to ask this:  I'm leaking amniotic fluid, and have lost 31 pounds and am 13 weeks pregnant and want to know where to start to getting better and feeling Better. I'm at the point now where I am weak.  She is concerned about baby getting nutrition and not able to keep food down.  Taking healthy mom prenatals only, no meds