Health Q&A: January 15, 2018

00:20 Question : Dr. G, Thank you for giving me the OK on teaching a health course in 2019 (pending college approval). Can you do a webinar on Salt, the function, different types, misconceptions, etc.? Also, I remember you advising against eating sunflower seeds because of the high Omega 6 content, but I was wondering if it is a matter of frequency or total elimination of them. Thank you.

03:40 Hello Dr. Glidden, I have a customer who is joining us via Paywallz. Here is her question in her words. Hi I am Katie, I'm 23 and I suffer from desmoid tumors caused by Gardner’s syndrome. I can't find much information about it because it is a rare disease. Some of my tumors are in my small intestine and duodenum. They just want to wait and see if the hormone therapy will shrink them and because they aren't a big problem yet, they don't plan on giving me chemo or any other treatment. My question is how do I eat if it physically hurts to eat because of these tumors?

07:00 Question : Did a little homework on the content of what the Alcohol in the vodka's that I had been consuming in order to remove gluten. I was contacted by a Tito's rep who stated that due to the supply, the Corn they use can't always be heirloom corn and that the filtering process removed any GMO traces. I still find that not acceptable. Grey goose (wheat) I was able to find an Organic brand Prairie vodka, and the same price as Tito's. So the moral of this story is to always seek an Organic brand

09:00 Question : Hi Doc, Thank you for being our steadfast advocate for health. Hearing you say that makes my day, week, year. Thank you! My friends' wife, about 60 yrs, 160#, breast cancer survivor of 3 years is now battling hepatic encephalophathy. (sp?) Can you give any guidance here?

12:40 Question : Hi Dr G. What would you recommend to take in addition to the HBSP for dealing with severe anxiety in place of Xanax or Ativan? They have episodes that last for days at a time but get relief when taking the medication, which they use sparingly. They wanted to know if there was something that could replace the meds to give them relief while their working on building up their body.

16:05 Question : My left foot has been killing me since before Christmas.... I'm not sure what it is but I'm having a heck of a time walking on it... I refuse to see a doctor about it.. I'm only guessing that it's a bone spur...

18:55 Question : Jolts back but different. Just after chiro and acupuncture they seem to be coming from neck where it’s very sore from being pinched, while whole back jolts from neck like a cat when they shrug their skin. I searched my notes can’t pin point what homeopathic you gave me for calming jolts – I thought Pulsatilla but maybe lycopodium, notes show don’t do lycopodium too much. Which one Dr. G and how do I do homeopathic when they come on strong and last for hours. Thank you for all your help –

19:50 Question : Dr G: My grandmother just got her temporary dentures. (in 3 months gets permanent ones)She says she isnt going to eat anything but scrambled eggs until then...should I just up her vitamins? She does the healthy bone and joint pack now. Thoughts? Thanks

22:30 Question : Under what circumstances is surgery necessary?  And how long does carbonated beverages neutralize stomach acid for?

26:20 Hello Doc…I have two questions 1) My Nephew who is 21 months old and weighs 30 pounds is diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and now he gets injected with insulin 3 times a day. Any recommendation? 2) MD said I have Nontoxic uninodular goiter and they wanted to do biopsy. My TSH is 1.11 mcIU/mL. I don't want to do the biopsy…any suggestion Height 5.6, 120 Pounds, female. Thank you for all you do

29:35 Question : When using Sleep Eze, is it like other Youngevity products...per 100 lbs? Also my mom has very bad restless leg syndrome. What should she be taking for that?

32:00 Question : I have a friend who has a low heart rate (about 38 to 40). Even with swimming for 45 minutes he can only get his heart rate up to 70. Sometimes when dancing he will occasionally feel a bit light headed. He does sweat a lot when he is dancing. What would be your recommendations?

33:33 Question : I have been looking for 35 min & no luck yet. do you want me or NOT ??? I am sick, I have the flu and suffer from a Stroke still...I do NOT see what you said you sent to me !!!