Health Q&A: January 17, 2018

00:45 Question : I wasn't able to get pot citrate until last Wed so today is my second day to take 300 mg. Here are bp nos. taken at 9, 2 and 7 each day:

  • Wed-168/75; 185/88; 179/90
  • Thur-187/91; 191/92; 168/78
  • Fri- 187/94; 194/95; 175/89
  • Sat- 168/82; 191/88; 173/80
  • Sun- 183/96; 195/99; 182/92
  • Mon- 184/96; 197/90; 211/102
  • Tues- 170/87; 189/95; 174/82
  • Wed - 176/90; 174/83; 185/87

Eyes are not swelling as much and vision some better, ringing in ears which I've had for years is diminishing but sometimes my head feels like it is twice the size it should be, also some days when I bend over or look down I can hear rushing/pounding in one or both ears. I am getting better in all respects but am not able to get bp down. Thanks for your help, I have always heard that money can't buy health but I now know I can.

Question : Dr G, If a dopamine rush is a reason why we enjoy many of our favorite foods, why isn’t there a dopamine supplement that people could take instead of eating the food? P.S. if you are looking for a Slim Jim substitute, check out Chef's Cut Beef and Pork Sticks, Original Smokehouse flavor. They remind me of summer sausage and are nitrate free!

05:10 Question : What do you recommend for arthritis? Born with lazy eye, cosmetically looks fine caught early, but left with very poor vision in left eye, how can i cure this.

08:00 Question : 4 year old. Approximately 35-40lbs. Had a stroke 1/8/18. Initial loss of speech and use of right side. Resolved now. Msg from her mom... "She is home now and has been diagnosed with "genetic" condition of Moyamoya. She will have it for the rest of her life and will always run the risk of future strokes. Blood thinners and anti seizure medication will help prevent this from happening. She will also be having brain surgery in 4-6 weeks." 

13:13 Question : Hi Dr Glidden, Randy has some, what we think are Lipomas, popping out all over. Some are small, some are larger in size and some are getting very soar to the touch. Should we look into having them removed or is there something else we can do? Thanks again for everything!!

Question : Thanks for my signed books Dr.G. very grateful. want to say Its such a uphill battle here trying to fix my fellow man in the Shadow of New Orleans. The food culture here is against the 12 bad foods. If you think your swimming upstream, try it here. But I will never stop!! The Truth needs to win out!!

19:10 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I’m new to Youngevity and really appreciate your wit and wisdom. What are your thoughts on bio identical hormone replacements? Is there a Youngevity product that I could use instead? Thanks so much

26:40 Question : my 15 mo old grandaughter was diganosed with a 27 lead level. We have identified the source, is there anything we can do to cleanse her system of the lead?? I have been a subscriber for a long time. found you on Coast 2 Coast. just as an FYI.

Question : Hi Doc! Hope you remember me, I have hunger issues and insomnia. I’m having difficulties with the supplements and now the mineral caps increased my hunger and I haven’t been able to sleep for a week. What should I do? I ordered the i26 as you recommended, will it help with this? thanks.

33:15 Question : Question : One of my new consultants was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 26 years old. Was this a misdiagnosis or is that possible? And what to do about it

35:30 Question : What is the best firm of exercise to improve blood circulation of someone who has blood sugar issues? I have heard about aerobics or walking. Which is better?

41:25 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden I have a 73 year old man, 180 pounds who is a very, very brittle diabetic. I'm an RN by the way and so is he! Hgb A1c is high, around 9 and he uses an insulin pump. His blood sugar drops suddenly, sometimes an hour after eating. We've confirmed that the pump is working correctly. Never can tell when it will drop. Also has cancer dx (Multiple Myeloma). What would you recommend for the diabetes? How much Sweet Eze for someone whose blood sugar is so erratic?

45:30 Question : I just got a friend with arthritis on the healthy body start pack with the PDM and liquid gluco-gel plus. She weighs about 190 lbs. How many capfuls of the beyond osteo fx LIQUID should she take? I'm only asking as I'm used to dealing with the powder. Thank YOU! 

47:25 Question : Hi Doc, I have two friends whose husbands have ridiculous blood sugar levels. One says fasting blood sugar is over 500, and the other one says their HBA1c is 17. Can you yell at them at bit and I will share this with the wives??? Thanks Doc. The one who has A1c of 17 has always been thin, but now at 6' tall has dropped to 120lbs at 62yrs of age. I've shared the protocols. He's seeing a new doctor this week. Hopefully a naturopath. 17 is not a typo...straight from the husband's mouth.

50:30 Question : Hi Dr G,  49 yr old male, about 200 lbs, has 3 herniated discs, C3,4 and 5. One crushed disc is pushing toward the spinal column.  Shellfish allergy.  What would your recommends be?  Not on the 90 or gluten free.  Concern is the proximity to the spinal cord.  Surgery is being recommended.  Some have recommended FucoidZ for the disc repair...? Thanks for all you do. Also, 58yr old male, 250 lbs, has severe gout reaction with organ meats and peanuts. Would the Good Herbs kidney support assist this issue? (Not on the 90 or gluten free) Thank you.:)

Question : Hi Doc; I've also heard Naturopaths & other Holistic 55:10 Doctors speak of EDTA for and effective chelation therapy (in addition to various ascorbates).