Health Q&A: January 22, 2018

03:00 Question : Hi Doc. Do we get enough sulphur with the 90 essential nutrients? If not what do you recommend? What is your view on oxygenated water?

06:25 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden  I have a follow up question from one of my Customers 1.) I have no gall bladder I am 5”6 - 195 lbs. I need lose 60 lbs. My Triglycerides are 429.Supplements I’m on: BTT 2.0, Osteo FX, Plant Derived Minerals 2 – 3 Bottles a Month, 12 Projoba Omega’s a day, 4 Muscadine Grape Caps a day, Good Herbs Pancreas Support, 12 Sweet-Eze a day. But we were talking about my poop and It’s not diarrhea but it just feels well-greased up, I don’t have to push.  2.) Is the fatty pills ok to take? 3.) Do I need to be on a diet plan and if so which one. Thank you!!!!

09:25 Question : Dr. G, What is the best device to use to clean out your ears besides going to the doctors to get it done?  P.S on your last chat, you talked about Chromium and its ability to help prevent clogged arteries, is it possible that clogged arteries are simply a Chromium deficiency?

13:31 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden Does Einkorn Whole Wheat Pasta from Jovial foods, Never HYBRIDIZED DESTROY THE INTESTINE VILLI like the GMO gluten does? Thanks Tony

16:10 Question : Hi Dr. G. I still have irregular heartbeat, saw the applied kinesiology guy twice but it hasn’t gotten better yet. Seeing a new chiro hoping for an actual adjustment, because sciatic is also not better, and my blood pressure is running high like 160/95 until 7pm or so. The only new thing I have done was MOVE and start doing squats, which I have since stopped after 3 months.

So Dr. G you are basically the only guy I trust for decisions on health just wondered did you get a chance to speak with Dr. Deal in Tucson, not sure how long this takes but…….I am giving myself an A++ for effort? Thanks for all your help

18:00 Question : Hi Dr G  I was in the hospital recently with extreme stomach pains. At first the doctors thought it was my appendix. That was ruled out due to a cat scan. They also thought it was IBS or Chrons. I had blood in my stool and diahrrea. The doctors also tought that it could be a bad stomach flu or a parasite. I’m taking diatomaceouseart earth. (Not from MDs) Any suggestions? Thanks

22:30 Question : Hey doc. How do you remove dead skin left by a burn or cut without leaving a mark or scar? What causes sinuses to act up? Or what causes the sinuses to be sensitive to certain scents such as perfume? Thanks doc.

24:24 Question : A friend of mine recently went off his antidepressant medication quite abruptly because he began to feel better. He also went back to smoking, a habit he had only recently given up. He had been mostly off the 12 bad foods and on Youngevity products. Can you offer some encouragement to him? And especially some nutrients that you know would be helpful. For example, I am thinking there might be a homeopathic remedy that would support him. Many thanks for all your good advice.

27:47 Question : What is the best way to detox aluminum? My brother has high levels in his blood. Chiropractor gave comprehensive blood test.

30:13 Question : Hi Dr. G. My 16 year old grandson, has several Plantars Warts on the bottom of his foot. It hurts when he walks. Do I give him the same protical as you would recommend for plantar fasciitis which would be the bone and joint pack. He's listening in so would you explain the cause of these. He's heard that they are caused by the HPV. You are so good at explaining things and I thank you. He also only has a Bowel movement every 3 days. What have you to say to him about that ?

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden,  When we met at the New World Consciousness Conference in Orlando you had a great presentation and I remember a camera recording! Did that video ever made it into your website? On another note, my dad is 81, took a fall, fracture his right hip and had surgery to repair it. Now he is in a rehab center, I have been asking the nurse in charge if I supply the vitamins would you give them to him! Her reply is we have to ask the doctor because the vitamins can react to the medication he is getting but he is never around. I visit my dad every day and I am giving him BTT 2.0 tablets and Plant Derived Minerals capsules! In your opinion, do you think I doing the right thing? I know Youngevity's CM cream and trauma oil is good for pain but is there a Homeopathic medicine I can give my dad to alleviate his after surgery pain?

36:10 Question : Ok Dr. G, here are my bp nos for the past 5 days:

  • Thurs - 157/76; 188/91; 182/94
  • Fri - 168/74; 160/82; 176/93
  • Sat - 159/83; 161/73; 182/84
  • Sun - 163/76; 178/98; 172/89
  • Today - 145/65; 173/84; 184/95

My ankles are swelling again slightly, symptoms get better or leave completely then come back, why is that? still have rushing in ears but not as much I don't think. Have had enlarged tonsils my whole life and the last few days they look like two baseballs protruding from neck. I have listened to so many of your Q&As and webinars and have decided I should see a chiropractor because my neck bothers me a lot so what should I look for in choosing one? Also, I have been trying for years to get MDs to check my thyroid beyond the routine blood work test done and they say my insurance won't pay for it because there's no reason to check it further; have also tried to get recommendation to see endocrinologist but haven't been successful with that either!

41:50 Question : DR. Glidden what is your thoughts on foot soaks? Do they really draw toxins from the body? Thanks Gary Moser

43:30 Question : Dr Glidden, hi!! i noticed 1 of your newer videos said only 3 eggs a week now. could you tell me why please/

45:25 Question : Hello Doc I listened to your webinar on thyroid per your recommendation due to the Nontoxic uninodular goiter I have. You mentioned that you use real salt. I try to purchase it but it says on the bag, " this salt doesn't supply Iodide. Is there any other Iodized salt you recommend, or if there is a supplement I can take? Right now I use Himalayan salt. Thank you

47:00 Question : Dr. G! 1st, a testimony here. Started my mom (77 diabetic retinopathy) on a protocol you recommended last April. She's changed her life around, avoiding the 12's with the supplements, and last Dr check up, her sugar was down to 106! Thank you , thank you, thank you! Had successful cataract surgery on right eye but still has retina swelling. Is there something else she can take that will help with that in liu of the eye injections they want to keep giving her?