Health Q&A: January 29, 2018

00:20 Question : Hello Doc, I did all the thyroid test. Everything looks good except the thyroglobulin AB is high. What is your input? 

  • Free T3 my value 2.7 pg/mL standard Range 2.0 - 4.4 pg/mL
  • Free T4 my value 1.11 ng/dL standard Range 0.80 - 1.80 ng/dL
  • TSH my value 1.31 mcIU/mL standard Range 0.40 - 4.50 mcIU/mL
  • THYROID PEROXIDASE AB my value 0.5 IU/mL standard Range <9.0 IU/mL
  • Thyroglobulin AB my value 5.7 IU/mL standard Range <4.0 IU/m L

Question : Hi Dr. G. The aconite made the jolts worse so the irregular heartbeat got worse. I tried it 2 days; day 3 was feeling so terrible, been in jolts for 2 days straight with short increments of calm. I did go to new chiro he cracked me pretty good, felt the irregular HB get less almost instantly but still irregular. Got really scared yesterday thought of calling 911 - but had sister come get me and just staying with her until this calms down – what else can I do Dr. G.? Thanks.

03:33 Question : Dr. G, I've heard if you add a pinch of salt to a glass of water, your body absorbs it more efficiently, does this make sense to you? Do you think you will need online volunteers when you start up your non-profit organization? I would be willing to help out.

04:44 Question : Is it ok to make salad dressing using balsamic vinegar that has sulphates? Ingredients are Balsamic Vinegar and Grape Must. Company is Napa Valley Naturals. I am having trouble making salad dressing without using oil in bottle. Can't use lemons so that restricts me somewhat also.

05:55 Question : Hi Dr. G, A relative of mine is experiencing general redness and oftentimes red spots on his nose, especially on the tip. The redness or red spots appear more or less pronounced on different days. At times, the redness/spots disappear for a brief period of time, but then reappear. What are some probable causes of this redness? There is no itching involved. Thanks! GGT AST ALT GGT

07:35 Question : Hey Dr. G wanted to pass along that my Tinnitus is almost gone. I have to sit in a quiet room and its very very light. Still doing the extra calcium at night, I love the way it knocks me out!! Q: Do you think Youngevity will ever change there Selenium to same type as Vital Nutrients? I would like to see the same recipe with the VN selenuim, copper, Chromium, Vandium ect. 

08:40 Question : hi Dr. g my girlfriend is here and her question is: having had two Nissen Fundoplications done, and the second has come unwrapped and they are recommending it be re-done as soon as possible. She has Barretts esophagus and 27 pre-cancerous lesions. Severe LPRD that is not helped at all by medications. Is there anything you would recommend that would help her and possibly avoid the surgery again?

15:05 Question : Hello Dr. G, My 12 years old boy, play soccer in a higher level, do you recommend some minerals or vitamins for him? Hello Dr.G i just want to say thanks for all your health support. my question is: all my life i being suffering with digestion problems, even with Pylory problems, what do you recommend for me?My 12 years old son is is 70 punds, and myself 185 pounds

18:34 Question : I’m 74 and weigh around 170 pounds. I’ve had 3 benign Meningioma Brain tumors in my life and I’m really trying to prevent a 4th one. I’ve read that Dr. Wallach mention to increase the mineral Gallium, but I’m not sure how much and how to I get the proper dose for this or what products I should take? What would you recommend? Thank you

21:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I've been doing Jiu Jitsu for many years now and over those years and competitions some of my finger joints have built up scar tissue. What would you suggest to reduce or get rid of it? I've gone to get them scrapped and it's very painful. Thanks. silicea - homeopathic

26:00  Question : Hey Dr. Glidden It’s always good to talk with you.I’m working with a lady in Texas who is about 90 years young, in her words she has always been “basically healthy.”

Doesn’t like going to Doctor .  A Few years ago…started having vision trouble Several years ago developed glaucoma and macular degeneration Had a second opinion…found out her eyesight was so bad that they didn’t want her to drive Her vision is so poor that it make it hard for her to even see the Youngevity containers. Takes 2 different eye drops.  She is about 115 pounds and is 5’1” (used to be 5’4”). She has had some recent falls and sustained a fracture. She has had a history of some constipation. She also has had some short term memory loss along with trouble going to sleep and falling asleep.  She has ordered a multitude of products but is wanting some clear instruction from you as to what she needs to take to help her to help her with her vision, bone health, and memory loss. She has heard about ocutiv and curious about that.  Thanks for all of your good work Dr. Glidden!

28:10 Question : We just watched the Kidney Webinar Dr. Glidden. Thanks so much for the information. My husband is fighting to stay off of dialysis and has been on Youngevity products for almost four months. You suggested in the webinar that he use the Anti Aging Healthy Start Pak...presently he is on the Heart and Brain Pak (2 per month). Should he switch? And just to make sure we are taking the correct amount of product..I add up the number of pills in two bottles and divide by 30..which means he should take 12 a day, right? of Ultimate Daily. ...since he is 200 pounds...:))

31:10 Question : Hi Dr. G. Doing the Wart removal protocol on my grandson. You said to spray Argentin 23 on the area after the wart comes off. I can't get Argentin 23 here in our health food stores so can I just spray the area with Colloidal Silver Plus? And, I used this protocol about 3 years ago to get rid of a big mole on my neck. Worked great and the mole is still gone.. Thanks for all your great advice. 

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, a friend of mine who just placed her 1st order with Youngevity was coincidentally put on prednisone just before her Youngevity products arrived. She's now worried that the YGY will interfere with the prednisone. ): She's has the healthy body start pack, liquid plant based minerals & the gluco-gel plus. Her MD diagnosed her with arthritis & fibromyalgia. What would you say to her about the prednisone taken with the 90? Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! She's also wondering if she has lupus.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I was just wondering if you have had a chance to make another batch of the hair product?

39:00 Question : Dr Glidden, so my daughter has the gurds really bad and has been taking the calcium but im wondering how much she is absorbing with her gallbladder removed. does she need to take bile enzymes while she is taking the osteo fx? she has been coughing up some blood, guess the aloe will help with that? she also has had a a gastric sleeve about 3 years ago. looking for some advise? she is trying the fx liquid, is that not as good as the powder in her case. she is a mess, love to see her well!!

42:00 Question : I watched one of your webinars where you told about 2 remedies to aid in the removal of kidney stones. For lube and dilation of the urinary tract. I tried to find them on your site and was unsuccessful, and on internet searches too. What were those products.

46:15 Question : On 11/29 I had some blood tests and they showed my homocysteine level high at 12.9. On 1/16 re-testing showed homocysteine at 12, B12 at 1200, Folate Acid at 22 and Methylmalic acid at 114. I take Healty Body Brain & Heart Pak, Cell Shield RTQ, Ultimate niacin and Gluco Gel. Should I change anything?

49:00 Question : Hey doc. I have seen varicose veins enlargen as persons get older. They can be quite pronounced above the skin. Is this associated with diabetes type 2? Or can this be a characteristic of aging? How do you treat or prevent this?Thanks.

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, would you suggest a homeopathic medicine for my dad, he is 81 y/o had hip surgery and is in a great deal of pain!

51:45 Question : what do you think of Dr Mercola Ketogenic diet

Question : I know there are 12 bad foods you shouldn't eat but Where can I find a clean and healthy eating cookbook or recipe website to give me a blueprint on what TO eat?? Thanks in advance.