Health Q&A: January 3, 2018

Question : Happy new year doc. Will the carbonated water in the canned Rebound  interfere with absorption of the minerals and nutrients in the Rebound? What is your opinion on refrigerated flax oil in bottles sold in health food stores? Hope you have an amino acids webinar on the menu for 2018.

16:35  Question : Hi Doc and all the best for the new Year 2018. We are curious about the teachings you have lined up for the year and looking forward to a very interesting year. Thanks for all of that. Here my question. What is your best recommendation to support the structure and function of a healthy digestive tract in combination and/or after a thorough detoxification?  We watched your webinar on detox, but it is some years old and you may have some other experience. What about Integris Probiotics?

20:35 Question : Hey Dr G! Lincoln Duncan's younger and better looking brother here. Wanted to thank you and Dr. Wallach for all you do. You've given my my health back and a purpose for 2018. To spread the word of health and nutrition. Thank you!  Question: my new Years resolution is to fast one day a week, can you expound any further than your book, Experiences etc:  

25:00  Question : Dr. G,  I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the email Bob forwarded to you about me teaching a health class at my local community college next year?Also, is there a better website to use than PubMed to review the latest news on nutrients?

26:26  Question : Hey Dr. G! I hope you are off to a great new year! I can't believe we haven't communicated all the way since 2017  ! I hope you and Brenda had an enjoyable holiday season. I simply wanted to be a "broken record" and simply thank you for your great work you are doing. It is a blessing to see more and more people in my family hop on the medical nutrition train. It was great to see during the holidays that the number of people endeavoring to stay gluten free and avoid the 12 bad foods now seem to out-influence and almost outnumber the other local family members who are not endeavoring to do the same. Of course...the health improvements that I see in my parents, siblings, and other loved-ones is truly remarkable. I look forward to encouraging more people to share their testimonials. I look forward to hanging out more Saturday! Until then...God bless Dr. G! On another important note  ...I started watching Better Call Saul on Netflix after I heard you talk about it...very captivating stuff. I can see why you talked about it. Hope another season comes out soon   Take care!

32:32 Question : Women has heart palpitations or sometimes heart seems to skip beat then beat hard, and she says its always accompanied by the feeling that she needs to burp...but no heartburn or indigestion.  Already on the healthy start pack. Any suggestions? Thanks Happens daily, usually in the morning.

33:43 Question : What advice would you give about an elderly woman on a prescribed blood thinner who needs to monitor her Vitamin-K level and is considering taking BTT. We met briefly at the Dallas YGY 2017 Annual Convention. I'm in Leon (& Jan) Lanes YGYI team and based in Mission Viejo, CA. I have listened to you for several years and appreciate your knowledge and assistance. Thank you Bob

Question : Good evening doc. What causes acid reflux and what is the remedy for it. I had a bout of it last year and again a couple weeks ago. I had a really bad stomach upset. What are the benefits of a foot soak of warm water with epsons salts? Does this detoxify the body?

Question : Question : what to do for an overactive bladder? 25 year old girl weighs 135

Question : Dr. G.  The doctor you referred me to is the real deal (Dr. Deal).  Stomach pinched, nerve in neck pinched and heart valves were not in sync. I will need more treatments but the irregular HB is way less after just one treatment. He says I am low on HC acid in stomach from pancreas not gallbladder problem- has me taking 2 enzyme supplements with meal.  You were absolutely spot on as usual with your recommendation – I am so thankful that I and all these good people on here tonight have found you. Would like a suggestion on how to get rid of barrel belly, I know your theory on weight loss – any other tips?  I got your book – good job btw, many blessings for the New Year.

Question : Happy New Year Dr. G!!  Can you tell and spell the homeopathic remedies that you mentioned earlier. I could not write fast enough. Thanks and God Bless you and yours this year!!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, are you familiar with hydrogen peroxide therapy? I started it back in May when I was at death's door and before I knew of you and it alleviated the severity of my symptoms BUT I am now wondering if it could be interfering with my stomach acid causing me not to absorb supplements.  Your thoughts? BTW I did the eye test you recommended and my pupils constrict slightly then widen. I have ordered the Vital Nutrients adrenal support