Q&A: Around The World: Part 1

Q&A Round 1


01:05 Question : Hi Doc! Really appreciate you doing this global Q&A! I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue, digestion problems and insomnia for a few years. Digestion is fine now & my energy is coming back. But my sleep is getting worse, I am hungry all of the time and I’m gaining weight rapidly. I noticed I have food allergies to the BTT, Maci plus & the Ultimate classic. Can’t take enzymes or anything containing aloe vera as that increases my hunger. My current weight is 154 lbs & I’m 5’3” tall. Many thanks

10:05 Question : Hey Dr. G...a blessing as always to spend time on campus with you here. I had a question related to salt. I know that it is recommended to not use table salt for multiple reasons and to instead use Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, etc. When going out to eat somewhere or at someone's house...if they happen to use regular salt (for example..iodized table salt) which usually contains dextrose (almost certainly coming from corn) ...would the amount of dextrose present within the table salt be problematic? I know there are other issues with the salt such as the anti caking agent, etc. But from a 12 bad foods standpoint...would the amount of dextrose present be problematic? Please feel to correct me if I am wrong...perhaps the dextrose is not corn based. Regardless...I realize this is a very particular questions...but I would appreciate your insight on this. Take care Dr. G!

13:50 Question : Is there a vitamin or mineral that will aid in stopping the growth, shrink, or prevent tumors in Neurofibromatosis patients?

20:00 Question : Hey DR. G Hope you're feeling better, You where asked last time if you would do a webinar on Amino acids, You've done one on calcium and EFA's could you incorporate BTT into that webinar to Pull in that product as it is the part of the foundation of the 90. My first brush with Youngevity was the BTT. After that I was all in!!

23:50 Question : Is it ok to combine Good Herbs circulatory and bone & tissue along with Beyond Osteo FX powder? I also want to start using antiparasitic support. Can I put all of this together with water and Osteo FX? Is a cup of water too much?

26:00 Question : What would you suggest for issues with flat feet? Recently started Youngevity. I bought the Healthy Weightloss Pak and also have been taking 14 Gluco Gel per day. Weight is 209 and I'm 5' 10". Working on getting off of gluten. Off the other 12 Bad Foods. Also, I've been taking 2 scoops of the BTT per day and 2 scoops of Osteo FX (divided does). Is that correct for my body weight? Thanks!

31:55 Question : Hey Dr. G, Happy New Year!! I heard that you used to specialize in homeopathy. Could you give a brief description of it and if it's beneficial or not?

41:10 Question : Hi dic. Is pterygium and Pingueculae the same thing? I know they are growths on the eye. What can you do about them? I have a growth on my eye but it doesn't affect my vision. The optician told me to leave it alone because it shouldn't cause a problem. Thanks doc.

44:05 Question : What is the cure for all types of autism and bipolar and arthritis and high blood pressure and asthma and vision and hearing loss and Parkinson. What do you think of sho Tai health trek. It's nick from he medical convention in Winnipeg attempt a cure with dr. Peter glidden. Have you seen the do documentary just one drop it is about homeopathy

53:00 How to rid cataracts and tinnitis? CINERERIA MARITIMA

58:05 Question : Just to support your general assumption that lack of calcium may be related to flat fleet, I was a poster child for flat feet for many years. I was in so much pain when I was on my feet for a day, that I could barely walk the next day. Following the instruction meticulously with enough calcium for 200+lb body weight, after 2.5 years I'm completely back to very nicely curved arch (not sure how it is named correctly) on my feet. Adding to the cataract issue, one of our downline ladies was diagnosed with that and was scheduled for surgery in June last year. We referred her to the support regiment according to your webinar, in February last year and she never had to go through surgery is rid of it completely.

1:05:15 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, a very happy new year to you. I got a very nasty chest infection on Christmas day, with a very bad cough. The chest infection is gone, but the cough is still persistent. I have to say, that I was a heavy smoker and now I have given up since the start of the year. What can I do to combat that cough better?

1:13:20 Question : You once prescribed Cineraria Maritima for someone with cataracts. I don't specifically have cataracts but have blurred vision, getting worse because I spend too much time on the Internet. I expected it to arrive in pillule form when I ordered it, but it's drops. Is it safe to boost eye conditions in general? Which would be more beneficial, the drops or pillule form? Thank you.

Question : i have a scar on my left leg. It happened from me scratching my left leg,and it let a scar.  How can i remove the scar?

1:24:45 Question : My grandma hasn’t been doing well over a year now. She can barely talk, breathe or swallow anything. She chokes a lot and has had stroke like symptoms. She’s an ND and has tried so many nutritional remedies and supplements. Now she thinks she may need antibiotics. Do you know which one so we can avoid the MDs?

1:27:47 Hi doc. I have been using selenium but I noticed my nails have ridges in them and they are thin. Almost all of them do. Do you think it is a result of the selenium? I also want to mention I have a heel spur and mild arthritis in the knees.

1:29:05 Question : Greetings Dr. G, My New Years blessing for you is, “May you prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers in the knowledge of the Sovereign God of ‘new beginnings – a fresh start’! May you experience a Holy, Joyous and Prosperous year!” Smile, the Lord Jesus loves you, He really does! How do you view these 2 Cholesterol Lab Tests results?  Total Cholesterol-315; HDL-118; LDL-182; Chol/HDL Ratio -2.7 and Triglycerides-62. Total Cholesterol-121; HDL-44; LDL-64; Chol/HDL Ratio -2.8 and Triglycerides-47. Is either result a cause for concern? Thanks!

Question : Hi Doc...Have you heard of kidney damage caused by a drug, hydroclorothaizide? Can the body reverse this damage? BTW this was caused by MDs in hospital to a 76 yo woman who almost died. She has been using BTT2.0. minerals and selenium every month since 2014. Her recent renal panel was showing some borderline negative. She may have been dehydrated-will do panel again. Any heads up?

1:39:25 Question : I think I accidentally closed question box so here I go again.. I take 90 essentials plus respiratory support, nerve support and vital nutrients adrenal support all at the same time - is this a problem? also why do you sometimes recommend the powdered BTT & osteo? I believe I am gradually regaining my health so thank you dr. G!!

1:42:25 Question : We have a freind who has Esophageal Cancer. Has been taking ZRadical but now says he gets a bad taste in the back of his throat so wondering if you may know why?