Q&A: Around The World: Part 2

01:37 Question : Several months ago my mother began taking Escitalopram (10 mg) tablets. She stopped taking them after 2 weeks and ever since has had a horrible metallic taste to most food she eats and an unbearable sense of smell to things she used to enjoy such as coffee. How does one go about reversing the effects of this poisonous drug? Thank you in advance doctor.

08:50 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I suffer from anxiety and seem to always be in pain, my chest, stomach, back, neck and throat etc hurt constantly and drs blame my anxiety every time. What do you recommend I take or do?

25:35 Question : Hello. My father in law has Churg-Strauss syndrome (EPGA), Chrohn's disease. In the last year he has Bowel Cancer, which was successfully treated. He has also had his gall bladder removed december 2016 and a heart attack in April 2017. He is now having major pain and is going to have to get a stone removed from his bile duct. Please can you help with some sort of a protocol?

31:40 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden...my sister has acid reflux. She is 185 pounds, 5' 7" and is taking 20 mg of Prilosec per day. I remember you saying that salt and calcium were important for this. What products and amounts would you recommend for her? She's not on Youngevity.

35:10 Question : Is it a problem if fingernails start to become rigid and start to crown in the middle? Thanks

39:10 Dr. Glidden, happy new year!  So nice to see that you're feeling better.  My father and I are from Southern California and have been taking Youngevity for almost 2 years now and have seen remarkable improvements.  I have seen a lot of your videos and I was wondering what you recommended for mitigating the pollutants in the air, the radiation all around us from cell phone towers, smart meters, etc. what you call the "crap in the air, crap in the food".  Here in Southern California we had a terrible wildfire in December where the air was awful. More antioxidants? a detox? We're eliminating the 12 bad foods, taking your current protocol, and extras like Gluco gel and Plant Derived Minerals.  All the best! My name is Michelle from Valencia, CA

48:48 Question : Hello Doctor Glidden, Did Bob mentioned to you that the Rhus Toxicodendron worked like a champ! I've been having internet connection issues since hurricane Irma and don't know if you mentioned it. A few weeks back I picked up a seasonal job doing deliveries and twisted my ankle to the point that I could not walk at all with lots of pain and swelling. After taking the Rhus Toxicodendrom for two days the swelling went away, the pain disappeared and I was back to work pain free! Thanks a lot!!!

52:49 Question : My question  keeps getting closed! How to get husband off Omeprazole? He's 52, 195 pds, what supplements does he need? For me Losing hair, thinning, and lypomas on arms, I'm 56 176pds, (on btt powder) what do I need for hair????

60:00 Question : From Dave Billington in London: Keeps buffering etc. Might be my PC. I have tried to post this question - Dr Glidden hi. i tried to put this question before but closed the question box halfway through. Im a first timer. So Sleep Apnea. I want to get off my machine. any suggestions? Their rationale (as you know) is when you momentarily stop breathing (regularly in the night) from snoring the brain panics and momentarily wakes you up. therefore net result you never get deep sleep so wake up severe

64:00 Question : Thank you Dr. Glidden for your services. I’m breastfeeding my 1 year old, it took us 10 months to get pregnant the first time. We want a big family and we are again trying to get pregnant but it’s not happening. What can i do to get pregnant again. I am 30 years old. We want at least 5 children before I’m 40 lol.