Health Q&A: January 8, 2018

00:50 Question : Dr. G,  I've noticed that Beyond Osteo FX does not have Vitamin K in the formulation and I was wondering if you knew why they would not include it? P.S do you have any tips to avoid a caffeine crash? Thank you

05:20 Question : My diabetic glucose level 160 - 180 and cholestrol was controlled with crestor 10mg. what would be the right medication for me to control and get out of diabetic and cholestrol.

10:35 Question : Dr. Glidden…it was a blessing to hang out during the marathon this past weekend. I have a distributor in my downline who has been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is his main concern. He also has some cardiovascular health issues with some occasional shortness of breath. He does not have a gallbladder. He does ozone treatments which he says helps improve his shortness of breath. Also does hydrogen peroxide/ with water soaking (6 quarts hydrogen peroxide in the bath tub with water) (in his description) to improve his oxygenation. Has had itchy skin on back, chest, arms since doing these things but likes the benefit of the ozone and hydrogen peroxide soak which he says helps him feel more oxygenated. Before getting connected with me he ordered a healthy brain and heart pak along with niacin plus and cardiostix. He is mostly concerned about what extra things to do for his idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He is also very interested in getting 6 to 8 ounces of colloidal silver. He is interested in argentyn 23 but I wanted to check to see if you still sold that or not and if so if we could get some for him. If not…apparently Youngevity has a new colloidal silver product called Nuovie which has 30 ppm of silver. I didn’t know if you have experience enough with this new product to recommend it or what colloidal silver you might recommend for him (if any) for his particular lung issue and for his suspected parasite issues that he discussed. (By the way…he thinks you did a great job talking about Argentyn 23).  Thanks for your time. My upline Dave in the Thumb says hi. I am blessed to work with you Dr. G! Good night! I forgot to add (he is 5'8'', 170 pounds) and is 84 years old. Take care Dr. G!

15:05 Question : Hey Dr G. Since I've been off the twelve bad foods, and stick to that like a trappist monk under a full moon, I've been off beer. Switched to Clear alcohols like vodka. The only problem is the GMO corn and or the Wheat. Potato vodka is crazy expensive when I'm out with friends. Any thoughts on this?

??? Question : Hello Dr. G. The irregular heartbeat came back with a vengeance Thursday morning, accompanied with right sciatic nerve burning down from butt to ankle. Going back to Chiro for treatment but I think it’s something I am doing while sleeping or possibly thinking/dreaming about. I wake myself up and having to gasp for air because heart is beating weird then think of the strange dream. So I do the treatment for afib and it takes hours to stop – really creepy. I know you are super busy but I sent

you his contact info I wondered if you could chat with him for a few minutes before tomorrow at 2pm so when I see he may be more informed. Just an idea….Soon this last step will be healed with Gods help. Lastly I noticed my nails being really brittle, I had this happen before and dropped down on selenium now just taking one a daily, nails are getting weird. So not taking any but completely staying with the program, sound good? Thanks Dr. G.!

19:25 Question : Dr G, During Saturday’s Marathon, you indicated that contributing factors to high cholesterol could be attributable to inflammation, liver and gallbladder issues. A wellness progress report from one of my local holistic health practitioner’s (findings from testing 8 weeks ago), indicated that these were the exact areas I needed to address for optimal health; the stomach was also included. I will be working to improve these areas.

21:45 Question : Hey Dr. G, what could be causing my eyes to swell at night, especially the membrane in outer corners? Most of the side effects I was suffering with from bp meds have disappeared over the last months but I'm still having lot of trouble with eyes. for years drs said I had dry eyes but come to find out it was all from bp meds (which I am no longer on). also my bp doesn't seem to be getting any better. I took it today and was surprised it was so high (192/93) I am getting really discouraged should I get back on my bp meds?

25:45 Question : daughter has acid reflux, can't sleep because of it. she had her gallbladder removed and has had a gastric sleeve. calcium and Iron is scary low. she keeps getting worse and i don't know how to help her. she stays in her room and her whole personalty has changed. gave her some of the tangy tangerine but said it makes her sick, same with the calcium and anything she tries. not sure if the reflux is what has her stomach so up set

32:30 Question : Hey Doc. Do you know anything about BBS (Bardet–Biedl syndrome) and if there is anything that can be done for it? They say it's is a ciliopathic human genetic disorder that produces many effects and affects many body systems. It is characterized principally by obesity, retinitis pigmentosa, polydactyly, hypogonadism, and renal failure in some cases.

34:20 Question : story: After I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl my body went through some traumatic changes (more than the average New mom -I think) my thyroid gland was enlarged (pretty scary). My hair was falling out, more than it should have, even after my child was 9 months. A Medical Thyroid "expert," couldn't tell me a diagnosis and used an out-of-date test to top it off. I had had enough and seeked help from a holistic/naturopathic Dr.G one that my mom recommended. I went online read about him, watched his webinar, and joined his Q&A sessions and asked his [Dr. Glidden] advise. Having a baby is traumatic, babies need so much from their mom before they are born (nutritional wise), and once they are born they don't stop, especially if you're nursing. I lost sooo much nutrition in my body and continued due to nursing. I was given vitamins and minerals (that's it) to become my "normal," self. My Thyroid enlargement is gone and I continue to fill my body with what IT needs. Nutrition can heal almost, if not everything (in our body). I am so thankful I have a mom who is constantly seeking improvement and therefore helps us [her children]. Thank you mom. Thank you Dr. Glidden.

38:20 Question : Hi Dr. G Where can we buy Argentum 23?