Health Q&A: October 1, 2018

1:10 Question : After a recent blood test, it was discovered that my LDL's were hovering around 150. Just a bit too high. Everything else was just dandy, except my glucose which was a bit high, too. What Youngevity products would be able to help my lower my LDL's. I current take the fish oils 3 times a day. What else would you recommend? Thank you for your help. This question is from Dee's husband John. For some reason she wants me around for awhile.

4:30 Question : Hello, after a recent blood test as well, my LDL is at 132, glucose at 98, overall total Cholesterol is 193. My HDL is 50. . What can i do to lower it. Thanks Robert W.

8:40 Question : Hey Doc, Randyís been on the Natrum Mariaticum for about 2 Ω weeks, no improvement yet, should he be seeing something by now and if there is still no improvement after the 28 days should he continue or stop? Thanks again for everything.

10:20 Question : last week my girlfriends mother was just diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, you asked if she had a vaccine, she had a flu shot last october and now they have her scheduled this wed for a thymus gland test and say her creatinine level is high, your advise please, she is now reading your book, attempt a cure and went gluten free. Here daughter believes in your lifestyle of healing, as do I.

17:40 Iím a Registered Nurse and every year the hospital requires us to receive the flu vaccine or wear a mask while caring for patients. Since I do not like wearing a mask is there anything I can take on top of my 90 for life to offset the bad stuff that they are giving me?

21:40 Question : I have a 28 yo female wheelchair since 2016 after seizure/stroke like episode. Allopaths have NO idea. Found a sarinx T3-T10 and some hyper intensive brain spots. When stands her body burns feels like concrete in veins. HR fluctuates 75-105 constantly to 140 drinking water. Can't shower. Teeth increase symptoms Clean diet- no 12 bad. Juices, protein, etc. ANY BTT causes increased symptoms. 1/10 scoop of osteo in 20 oz water-could feel heart pounding and head "swims"- for hours Im here! Test say she has mold, parasite growth and many strains of bacteria in her mouth and teeth.

26:50 A new Youngevity distributor heard you speak at the YGY Convention in San Diego. Many health challenges throughout her life. Skin issue has shown up now on her neck and face. ï 62-year-old white female dealing with 1) Hypothyroidism (been on levothyroxine since middle 20's) and 2) psoriasis. Been to the dermatologist but have taken only some of the steroid creams vs. the multiple recommendations. ï Has food sensitivities, allergies, skin issues, including psoriasis. ï Had stomach issues for years. After becoming gluten free (2 years), those went away. ï Now dairy free for 4 months, very little sugar, no soda for 5 or 6 years. ï Chiropractor said years ago her adrenals were very stressed. ï Hair analysis shows significant amount of mercury in system. Deficient in Vitamins D, K, zinc, magnesium, etc. ï Diagnosed with leaky gut. ï Exhausted in the afternoon. Sleeps very well. ï Started 90 for life around 8/25. Noticed a bit more energy around 8 days into it. She wants to feel good again!

31:10 Question : Hi Dr. G, I have a friend Sharon that has a small wound on her R leg, that is very painful. She had a blood clot many years ago and the doctors tell her she had valve damage in that part of the leg where this wound is and has had it since This August. It is the size of a quarter with very small areas within it that are open and draining clear yellowish fluid. She is on the 90 EN, she weighs 134lbs. Taking 1 scoop of osteo fx, 2 scoops BTT 2.0, 6 Prohoja omegas, selenium 3 a day, ultimate

33:55 Question : wondering if you has an opinion on C60 (carbon 60)in light of the oil opinion?

QUESTION FROM VJEKOSLAV - WHO IS HAVING TROUBLE WITH SUBMITTING THE QUESTION. A new customer of mine has AFIB, the rhythm of top of the heart does not correspond to the rhythm of the bottom, blood pressure is high, blood thinner to keep forming blood clots, medication for blood pressure control as well as heart medication, a diuretic and he supposed to take a cholesterol ( Lipitor) of which I abandoned 6 months ago. The medical doctors prescribed these drugs to control the former conditions. The clot that went to my brain, causing the stroke, destroyed the cells which provided the speech function and motor control of the right side of the body. Surgery was not preformed, however I suffered ongoing tests for approx. 14 months after. Results from the 4 or 5 echocardiograms showed a strong heart and blood tests ( every 6 months ) revealed normal numbers. So theyíre keeping me alive.

From Rebecca: My husband tripped and fell in the kitchen and hit his head and cut his eye, also broke some bones around his eye socket. So we went to the ER at 3 in the morning on Saturday a.m. He got some stitches by a plastic surgeon they called in and luckily his eyesight is okay. He has to go to the Dr tomorrow to make sure he doesn't need to have some mesh put in so his bones knit back together on their own. Anyway, that being said, he is not in pain just bored now being at home. Wondering if you have a homeopathic remedy to recommend? Thank you!