Health Q&A: October 15, 2018

3:50 My girlfriend has permanently dilated blood vessels in the face from an injury when she was young. She has tried some topical creams, but nothing has helped, do you have any suggestions to get rid of them? P.S Wouldn't the Ketogenic diet be bad because protein is important for the immune system and by restricting protein, the body will have a weaker immune system?

7:10 Question : Hey Doc: My husband has contracted Hep C in 1978 after a blood transfusion. Now his Ferritin level has doubled in the last 2 years from 630 to 1167 (normal ranges are 8-252). Are Harnoni and Sovaldi acceptable risk to take? Your thinking? I take Levothyroxine 100 mcg which is very easily disolved in water; would it be ok to take it with breakfast to slow the absorption rate?

10:05 Question : Seems like I saw last week you did a webinar on iron but I cant find it. Could you tell me what title I need to type in to watch that? Thank you

11:15 Question : Hey Doc, first I want to say THANKS! I took your advice and ordered meso copper. ALL my issues are gone. I will add to testimonial. I have a severe lingering cough for a month from asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. What can I do? I'm suffering. ??. I take BTT, Calcium, selenium, respiratory support, circulatory support, PDM and Projoba omega. Cough is accompanied by undignifying incontinence. Working on lowering sugar intake per your webinar. Always appreciative of your expert guidance. Peace!

14:14 Question : Hi Doc, again, many thanks for the great teachings. I have 2 questions tonight: !. I had the Calcium webinar sent to a downline (they have an unstable web connection), they were extremely excited and they say congratulations to the great work and effort. and I have to ask his question for his wife. the MD (Murder Detective) diagnosed high blood pressure 140/90 and prescribed Irbesartan/Hctz (Avalide) 12.5 mg tabs.

20:50 2. A friend (82) takes 5mg of BESYLATE (amlodipine) and Carvedilol 2x 3.125mg. And he said his Carotid Arteries are clogged to 60%! He has not much money t spend and I would like to set him on Calcium but not sure which one. I'm always on, just not asking question all the time. LEARNING

23:35 Question : sorry i am late and cant hear or see, but i might move to maryland and what to do at first before my water filters get unpacked for drinking water. ty

25:25 Question : Hello Doc, are shingles contagious? My friend has shingles and I want to take her the RX you recommend from your book, however, I've never had the chicken pox. Yes, I've been exposed. My three sisters had it a the same time and my Mom put me in the bed with them. My dad hasn't had them either. Does that matter? BTW, Colloidal copper spray helped my black eye disappear in less than a week. Matter of fact, my eye never really turned "black". It was purple and red. You can barely tell that I even fell. Thank you!

28:28 Question : My mom had an echo-cardiogram on kidneys. Dr is trying to locate the reason for the high BP. It' is coming down. It was 157 / 75 today. Sure better than 230, but it's taking 3 prescriptions to do it. Bystolic 20mg -- amLODIPine Besylate 5mg -- LISINOPRIL 20mg -- all one a day.

33:33 Question : Hi Dr Glidden, Thanks for all the work you do! I have a question for my mom. She is 82 and in relatively good health. She takes no meds. I have two questions: She has osteoporosis and was told when she went to the Dr. that she has "calcium in her tissues". What does that mean? Is that a bad thing? Also, she has had frequent urinary tract infections. So wondering what she should do for those as well. Thanks!

37:00 Osteoarthritis of the spine and Spondylolisthesis? Thank you!

46:36 Question : Hey Doc - I just had to share. i am disappointed with one of my clients. she has AFIB. I started her on the 90 essential, plus shared your AFIT webinar with her. She's been on the 90 day plus I have helped her with her nutrition and she has been feeling better, meaning the AFIB is not getting worse, it has improved, BUT, her doctor insisted she go in for the Cardioversion and Catheter ablation surgery. Anyway, I am sick about it, but my question is, after her surgery, what would you advise?