Health Q&A: October 22, 2018

4:00 Question : My son is 7 (weighs 76lbs) and suffers from asthma. Since August, we have removed gluten and have given him 6 EFA Plus a day plus respiratory blend 2x a day plus a probiotic. Through stool testing we found out that he is mal absorbing and he has a candida overgrowth. We want to add the Tangy Tangerine however he doesnít like the taste of it and we were thinking of giving it to him in pill form. What more can we do for the asthma? What do you recommend for the candida? How much Tan Tang Pill form

9:05 Question : Hi Doc. Which supplement supports healthy myelin? Which supplement gives best bang for the buck to support a healthy liver?

12:40 I know that carrots are high in phytates and you recommend waiting to take minerals 3 hours before or after. What about carrot juice? Can the needed time be reduced?

14:14 Question : Can you talk about dental work and dentist? I was told I needed a root canal for a tooth i broke about 10 years ago . I used asprin on the tooth to kill the nerve . I have no problems now. My girl friend says she need some work done . I have no idea what to look for in a dentist. What can we take for optimal dental health and healing... As always all of here at the Harlan house thank you and we continue to spread the word.

18:25 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden itís always a pleasure! My question was: Iíve just been informed that my friendís 24yr old son is currently receiving Electric Shock Therapy twice a week or his major depression, Iím so upset over this! I begged him to put the sessions off for a couple of days so that I can visit him and actually show him some of your webinars! Can you give me your Naturopathic insight of what these sessions do to the brain! Thanks a bunch Also, my six year old daughter woke up this morning with croup! I donít want to take her to the pediatrician because they will prescribe her antibiotics and steroids and I KNOW BETTER! What can I do for her?

22:50 Question : Hi Dr. G. In my search to determine what could adversely affect the small and large intestines, the adrenals, the hormonal system, cause excessive urination and muscular discomfort, I came across a condition called Addisonís disease. Do you have knowledge of this condition? What is your recommended protocol? Thanks

25:00 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden. My daughter had another Seizure about 3 weeks ago (they been coming about every 6 months) Dr says the reason why the meds aren't showing up in her bloodwork is because of her metabolism. She been on youngevity products for approximately 4 months now. I'm thinking "since the meds aren't getting into her blood, either are the youngevity products" thus an absorption problem. So I'm asking what over the counter product or youngevity you reccommend for absorption?

29:05 Question : does stress cause your hair to fall out at the roots?more d stress and hair skin and nail? or do you know something better? thank you!

35:20 Question : About to take my 4 yr daughter to a ND that works with a Pediatrician here in Atlanta. My daughter has Autism and is high functioning. She is already Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy free. We are having her allergy tested as well. What questions should I absolutely ask them and what Youngevity Supplements would your recommend to help her get better? We think Candida and Heavy Metals from Vaccines are causing issues with her(had a 104 degree fever after dtap and MMR). Was normal prior. so what do you think of Zeolites like TRS

40:50 Question : Dr G. If after I take the niacin and I do not feel the rush. How long do I wait before I take the good herbs for my blood pressure. Or do I take two three times a day instead of one three times per day