Morning Q&A: October 24, 2018

2:15 Question : Hey Doc, Any suggestions for a 51 year old lady who was diagnosed with PE in lower R lung about a month ago after presenting in ER with difficulty breathing and bad pain? she was active and fit but this hit her hard. She was discharged with oral anti-coagulant Eliquis and is doing the 90 and NO BAD FOODS but still feels very unwell. Appreciate your help. Thank You!

7:00 Question : In what way does good herb heart support and ultimate Daily Classic work the same? Are spray oils good for you? I have poor pumping of blood in left ventricular is there a good homeopathic I can take ( 25-30 ejection fraction)

12:45 Question : Osteo fx seems to be a great laxative for me. How can I lessen this reaction?

16:45 Question : Hi Dr G! 7 years ago stage 3 colon cancer. After chemo I started getting intensely itchy rashes on the hairline on the back of my neck. Fast forward 4 years. I tried an elimination diet with wheat being the first. The rash subsided. Completely gf now. No help with a diagnosis from dr, just steroid creams. Then rashes crept back but in different places and would stay for almost 8 wks. My guess is dermatitis herpitiformis. Now I live with constant rashes not sure why cross contamination idk? thx!

21:30 Question : Hey Dr. G, does argentyn 23 kill bacteria in gut? I am 2 weeks in on the last protocol you gave me of argentyn 23, olive health, nightly essence & i26. the first week I felt like I had the flu then this past week my stomach doesn't feel good, it rolls and tumbles much of the time. also what could be cause of rushing sound in ears?

25:35 Question : left ventricular systolic ejection fraction severely reduced Ventrice is mildly dilated. Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction grade III. Spray oil in pan ok