Health Q&A: October 29 , 2018

5:00 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I have lattice degeneration and now dealing with dry eye from corneal abrasion (paper cut) I got three months ago. Could you give me a better short explanation on what cause lattice degeneration and what is going on with the structure of the eye that causes dry eyes. Thanks

11:11 Question : Doc: What can be done to prevent further damage due to age related macular degeneration? Thanks a million!

12:30 Question : Good night. My index and pinky fingers on my left hand are swollen around the joints and painful occasionally. Your advice is welcomed. I also recall you mentioned that you can place a herb on the finger to reduce the swelling? I am not quite sure. Thanks in advance

15:25 Do wheatgrass,oatgrass etc... Contaion gluten?

16:20 Question : Hello! I was diagnosed with GERD, but I have noticed that my Gastroenterologist diagnosis everyone with GERD. I don't take the proton pump inhibitor he gave me to "heal my esophagus". I also have an esophageaul stricture disease that causes me problems. It is to the point where I can't even eat food or drink liquids on most days. It's hard to follow a protocol when a person can't even drink liquids or eat solids. Can you recommend anything to help? It's possible I'm having an issue with my LES even opening. I'm at a loss as to what is going on here.

21:21 Question : I have a friend in a wheelchair because of OPCA. Is there something I might do or suggest he do or take.

24:10 Question : Hi Dr G, Here is my update regarding the use of Sonneís Calphonite: I have experienced no adverse reactions like I did from the Osteo-Fx ingredients. Essentially the results seem similar - when taken at bedtime sleep is very good; same good hair and nail growth; still need to use additional joint supplements. Will continue to use it.

28:10 Question : What causes swollen ankles


32:10 Question : I am taking the Osteo FX liquid and it gets so thick when refrigerated. I just recently started listening to you and saw you recommend the powder. Do you feel the powder is better? I have the Real Salt but it says it doesn't supply iodine. Do we need the iodine for digestion?