Morning Q&A: October 3, 2018

Question : What is your take on weight loss and hormones like estrogen, leptin, cortisol, should these ever be tested? What supplements would you recommend if needed?

4:45 Question : Hi Dr. G. 2 questions if I may…1. A couple of weeks ago you recommended my friend Holly use a Vital Nutrients vitamin due to a sensitivity to ginseng. She is wondering if that gets her all the needed amino acids or if she needs to add something else. She is taking Beyond Osteo Fx, PDMs, and EFAs. 2. When people refuse Beyond Osteo Fx due to taste, is there a “next best”? I’ve already suggested mixing with OJ or lemon juice.

7:45 Question : Hi doc doctor while it talks about avoiding oil's. So the question is is getting nut butters like Allman butter and sunflower butter that have the Orioles just as bad as using oil's in a bottle? My wife also has a question Patty wants to know.Does certified organic produce mean that the sorrows have been enriched with nutrients or just that it does not have any pesticides?

10:50 Question : Hi Dr. Gidden, I tried Month 1 of your regimen to lower his blood pressure & there was no change in his numbers. I would like to order all the products to do the Month 2 recommendation. However, I still don’t know what to do because Lisinopril (which he takes 10mg daily) didn’t show in your PDR book. And I have been researching that Good Herbs contain Hawthorne and that it can have adverse effects when mixed with blood pressure meds. Please advise.

15:35 Question : Does youngevity CBD oil help with blood pressure? I am on beta blocker do I need to protect my kidneys with good herb support? I use the Osteo powder in chocolate milk yum stir well I use plant derived minerals and good herbs in tomato juice and you cant taste it

20:20 Question : Could you please advise on colorectal polyps prevention and healing.

25:45 Question : Just got online. Will you please explain the real root cause of rosacea and suggest changes/supplements to reverse it? Thank you, Mary

28:00 Question : Hello there. Had trouble logging in and don't know if original question went through.
Nine month old niece experiencing runny nose for first time, temp 98.8, teething, no other symptoms, normal mood appetite, and energy. Using colloidal silver (Sovereign Silver) - what is appropriate dose, freq for this issue and for general health. I have her mom giving her 1tsp plant derived minerals/ day. She was born with umbilical hernia but at this point surgery is only thing that will correct it?  

30:55 Question : 6 year old with mitochondrial disease and autism spectrum disorder terrible GI issues and wasn’t expected to make it to kindergarten. is in Kindergarten best protocol I know the 12 Bad Foods to have them eliminate but wanted best protocol for budget. the mother had 2 children after the 6 year old naturally without IVF apparently there were some things that occurred that look shady on the hospital’s part but of course they say, ‘no it’s genetics.’ I met with mother yesterday feel I may have offended her when I said Dr Wallach has proven with his book Epigenetics that these things are not genetic. She said that is really hard to say to a mother who is going through it. I hope I can help them get the right answers. obviously reversing is probably not possible but better quality of life and long term hope is a goal.

34:15 Question : Hi Dr.G! In your Q&A a few weeks ago you recommended I find a probiotic from a local health food store. I tried a few and had a negative reaction. I get super hungry and a burning sensation in my stomach. You said I should get back to you if I had any problems with the probiotics so I could get something else from an online pharmacy. I've avoided the 12 bad foods for a few years. Many thanks!

37:37 quick question: if a label on a dry product has oil in it do you stay away from it even if gluten free?

38:25 Question : I was in an unremembered car accident Aur 4, 2018. My physicians are pressuring me to take a prescribed statin. I am refusing. I spent 3wk in hospital TBI rehab, still receiving OT and Speech cognitive therapy, at home. I have memory issues and cognitive issues. I also have ligament damage C5,6,7. I am on Healthy Brain and Heart pack. What else. I just want to be smart again

40:55 Question : Greetings Doc; Just a note to thank you for all you do! An edifying note besides: "gainsay" means do deny or contradict :o) All the best! - Paul - As an aside, antihistamines are known to inhibit the absorption of B vitamins...

41:45 Question : Hi Dr. G, how long does it take for the villi in small intestine to repair after stopping gluten? Also, I have drank distilled water for well over 10 years now, is that a problem?