Health Q&A: October 8, 2018

4:00 Question : Dr. G , I read about a study on PubMed that talked about the anti-cancer properties of turmeric and I was wondering what are your thoughts on taking turmeric daily? If one presumptive cause of psoriasis is an overactive immune system, would colloidal silver or other immune boosting herbs cause the immune system to become more active, making psoriasis worse?

7:45 Question : VALERIE Good evening!!! I am 59 years old, and 190 pounds. I have been diagnosed with a multitude of inflammation diseases, including hashimotos, sjogrens, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. That was all in 2003. In addition I have high blood pressure and sleep apnea. My old medication regime was plaquinil, methotrexate, gabapentin, oriencia, synthroid, lisinopril , flexeril, nuvigil and a CPAP machine. May of this year I went off all but synthroid, plaquinil and CPAP. I began taking 2 scoops of tangy tangerine, a scoop of osteo fx, 4 projoba, 2 selenium, 2 cleanse fx, a cap full of liquid plant minerals and a scoop of caltoddy. I also take 2 pill form of tangy tangerine in the afternoon. I have never felt better! My question for you is that I am still very very dry. Very dry eyes...very uncomfortably dry, very very dry skin, intense chronic constipation and perotid gland pain and swelling. And the pain is excruciating. I am followed by the National Institutes of Health in the Sjogrens clinic. They irrigate my saliva gland with saline when the perotid gland is too painful. It is my understanding from them that all this excessive dryness is due to the Sjogrens. My blood pressure is still in the 157/80 with resting pulse of 83 area. Joint pain still comes just before weather change, Iíve ordered joint supplement but it hasnít arrived yet.

12:20 Question : Hi Dr. G- one question and one follow-up. First- my husband gets heart flutters with BTT, BTT2.0 and BTT capsules. Why? Ultimate Classic is ok and mineral caps and ultimate dailies. Follow up from last week: 28 yo girl, super sensitive, wheelchair bound, symptoms all over. You said PDM, Projoba omega, and enzymes plus argentyn 23 silver and Nux Vomica 1M- just two pellets once. The Nux Vomica in that dose from Amazon will not be delivered until Oct. 17. Do you have a source? She is trying this he is trying things in small doses but wondering if she should wait on Nux Vomica. Two drops of Argentyn 23 in water swished around her mouth caused root pain in her teeth and made her head swim. I did find out this week that she tested positive for Lymes Burgdorf Ferry C. She has been able to get two projoba omegas down a day and a little enzymes. She has not tried PDM by mouth again. The first time was a few drops and caused her head to "swim" and feel like something is moving around in her tissue.

15:00 I watched your 3 videos on Lyme Disease. Apparently, I was bitten by a tick in June. It became inflamed and itched terribly. It wasThere is a scar now. I want to order the Western Blot test from LabCorp but I donít have a doctor now. I fired my MD 7 years ago for trying to get me on prescription drugs. I am off the 12 bad foods and take the 90 every day. What can I do to get the blood test done without a doctor? (Chat window difficulty.) Thsnk you very much!

16:30 Question : Hi Doc, Had a stomach virus last Thursday morning. Woke up at 3 pm with severe pains in stomach. Had diarrhea and then an urgent agonizing urge to vomit. Pull the trash can in front of my, broke out in a cold sweat and passed out. I have a black eye, busted lip and rug burns on my face. Husband said i was only out for several seconds. He heard me moan? I don't remember anything but my bp was 80/65 afterwards. Iced my face for 24 hours and I do look and feel much better. Do I need appt? What's the difference between liquid and power Osteo FX?

19:50 Question : i still need to know which youngevity supplements are kosher? ty i did check the search

20:55 Question : Doc Having some infrequent stabbing pains in one kidney started today, have been eating a lot of protein lately and taking the supplement Restore by Dr Zach Bush, could either of these cause the stabbing pains only last for a second or two each time

23:50 I have decided to wear a mask while caring for patients instead of getting the flu vaccine. I have objectively weighed my options and I sincerely don't think that the vaccine is worth the risk. I have either heard or read that the flu is basically a result of a Vitamin D deficiency. Did that info come from you? Either way, what should the dose be of Vitamin D if you agree with this theory?

25:45 Question : Good night. My son was not feeling well. He had diarrhea and felt faint. At first I thought he had food poisoning but couldn't understand why he felt faint. What could have caused these symptoms Especially the faint feelings? Your thoughts are welcomed.

27:30 Question : Does BTT powder or pills have Lectins in it?

28:50 Question : Hey Dr, G No Question, just to let you know That my fungal infection is gone. Still taking the Sweet Eze, just to keep the check engine light off. Figure that extra minerals is not a bad idea. Plus I keep my carb intake to a minimum, according to Wallach a high mineral intake and low carb diet is found in most long lived cultures.

30:35 Question : Good evening Doc: How much of the Ultimate Classic liquid to take per 100 lbs per month? Thanks a bunch!

32:35 Question : Hey Dr. Glidden, I currently have my daughter taking the Kidsprinklz Watermelon Mist - Multi-Vitamin Powder She's 19 months (almost 2). Do you suggest she take this or antoher youngevity product. The most recurring sickness she gets is a runny nose? If you do recommend the Kidsprinklz Watermelon Mist - how much do you suggest? I've been doin half a packet. Thanks!