Health Q&A: November 26, 2018

3:50 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden,
I have a new customer with A LOT of issues. She is 78, 137 lbs.
1. Macular Degeneration
2. Esophageal Stenosis
3. Psoriatic Arthritis - Psoriasis on her Scalp
4. Sores in her mouth – Which has caused the loss of most of her top teeth She is on Ketoconazole for this. She can’t eat unless the food is cooked to mush.
5. Tardive Dyskinesia – from Lithium use – Takes Ingrezza
6. Osteopenia
7. Bi-polar
8. Hypo-Thyroid
9. Hearing issues
10. Food allergies – Bananas, pineapple,

She is on an extensive list of medications and has had pneumonia multiple times this year. She is on a prescription Probiotic. I recommended starting with BTT 2.0 and rinsing her mouth w/Colloidal Silver. She is on a very limited income

9:00 How do Cloves have such a high ORAC score when they are not an exotic bright color? Do you recommend consuming cloves for the ORAC? Lastly, I am teaching a health course early next year at a local college, and I'll be talking so highly about you that people will think we are best friends! Thanks for everything you do!

Question : i want to celebrate Hanukkah this year but i heard they cook the food in oil so what to do? ty and i still need help with kosher supplements are plant derived minerals kosher i lost my tabs can you tell me the website for the $45 program?

12:30 Question : Hey Doc: You have prescribed an homeopathic for me on Oct 30th but the link did not open. Can you kindly send it again to my email. Thanks a million.

15:50 Question : There are several products on the market that are supposed to break up gluten. Are they any good?

16:45 Question : I was a marijuana smoker most of my life. Retired a year ago, smoked quite a bit since. I quit completely for good 3 1/2 months ago to enjoy a new relationship with a great lady but still live by myself. I am a very active person. I have been on Youngevity for the last 2 1/2 years and no 12 bad foods. Since I quit I went from 158# to 145#. I want to put the weight back on and also my nervous system has been a little overactive at times. Your suggestion please.

20:10 Question : Hey Doc, what is your take on creatine for muscle building?
I may have asked you this question already how do you get lab testing done by directllabs but they refuse to do business with residents of NY?

21:45 Question : Good night doc. There are many sexually transmitted diseases out there. Some which are curable. What is the treatment for the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia for example? Is it curable?

Question : My brother felt a lump under his left breast nipple area and waited for it to go away for 6 months, 3 weeks ago it was removed and was found to be "ductal cancer" last year you said that you are "not the right dog for this fight" but that people should check back with you in a few months. Do you have any advice on this subject now? I’m pretty sure they are going to recommend a mastectomy and chemotherapy, is there anything you recommend to help this healing process? thank you Dr. Glidden

Question : Hello, are Youngevity super greens ok to consume? I’m worried because of the oat grass juice, alfalfa grass juice and Spinach (doesn’t spinach prohibit nutrient absorption ?)

28:20 Question : Good evening doc.... What would you recommend for a fella who is looking to build muscle mass and has either a super high metabolism or a giant tape worm?? thank you kindly t3>>

30:25 Question : Hey Dr. G Was wondering, In your book the protocol for High blood pressure, there isn't any aggressive "Fix the Kidney" such as Ultimate Daily Classic, GH Kidney bladder support. Wallach calls for the Ultimate Niacin Plus with the Daily Classic. Your webinar calls for super KB. What would be the go to for clogged Kidneys? Would like to see you update that kidney webinar. Hope Your thanksgiving was restful!!

33:55 Question : What are your recommendations for chronic deficiency in Vit D?

35:10 Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, welcome back! I have been experiencing a great deal of pain from an old high school sports injury on my right arm and I found a product on the market called Nerve Pain Away containing Aconitum Napelus, Hypericum Perforatum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphorus, Rus Tuxicodendrum and Secale Comuum. Is it smart to use all of this meds mixed up in one?

37:27 Question : Hi Doc, … This is Paul again, age 63, height 6’4’’, weight 270. 9+ weeks ago my condition: Hypertension (taking 4 medications curently); Gout; Prediabetes ; Arthritis; Lumbar disc degeneration; Osteoarthritis; Joint pain;renal calculus. You recommended for 6 weeks: 2 BTT 2.0 powder, 2 Beyond Osteo powder; 3 PDM; 3 Projoba Omega; 1 Osteo FX liq.; 2 Glucogel Plus liq.; 2 Glucogel cap 240 NO 12 bad foods 3 months, lost 20 lbs Still suffering joint pain. Should we change something ? Appreciate help

41:30 Question : Hi Dr. G! Our daughter, 23 years old has been struggling with low energy, a myriad of several other things, so she went and had her blood drawn today to test for quite a few things, like Free T3, and T4, hormones, lipids,iron, cbc, C-Reactive protein, growth hormone, metabolic panel and complete urinalysis . She would like to do a consult with you to go over the results. What is the next step? Call in for appt? Is there anything else she would need to do test wise?

43:20 Question : I'm taking the Youngevity Blood Sugar support Pack for Type 2 Diabetes and I've noticed that my stomach and bowels are way more this normal? FYI it is helping a lot with my blood sugar. I haven't quite stopped the 12 bad foods (still eat fried). Also, my wife is interested in trying to get healthier and wants to try to nutrify but doesn't know where to start. She doesn't have any health issues, but she is allergic to seafood and nuts (Not sure if she can take the EFA pills). Thoughts?

47:27 Question : Hi Doc, a question about sun-damaged skin. For the last year I’ve noticed my forehead shows permanent redness (weakened capillary walls?). At rest, it's not too bad, but if I exert myself, or wipe my forehead with a towel, a patchy red-ish area appears. Also, on the upper chest, a little redness on close inspection, but I am getting a burning sensation (akin to sunburn) if I wear anything other than soft cotton. Any topical treatment along with the skin pack? Is this situation reversible?

My friend wants to try Youngevity however she states she can only take capsules (very sensitive to textures etc...has hx of gastric bypass and lots of vomiting) What combo of capsules are the best to get her the 90 essentials?