Morning Q&A: November 28, 2018

2:00 Question : Hi Dr.G, hope u had a happy TG! I'm doing so good even though BP is still up and down. I know my body is producing too much of cortisol or adrenalin or something that causes a panic attack which can be set off by familiar sounds that I'm used to. It’s like something goes racing through my bloodstream with a pounding heart sometimes but sometimes heart doesn't pound, just the sensation of something shooting through my body.

4:25 I took the Ultimate Niacin and after the second day the flushes and pounding in my head was unbearable. Is there a certain way to take this to avoid the extreme flushing? Thank you!

5:15 Question : you know that I have some health issues. EF 25 percent and 6 lesions on thyroid 5mm to 30mm and extreme fatigue after virus attacked heart. What blood work would you suggest I do?

9:30 Question : Hubby has had diabetes a very long time. Finally, he really wants to do it right. He watched your Eye Health webinar. He has retinopathy, cataracts, etc. Eye doc yesterday said he has serious circulation issues in the front of the eye. Numerous laser surgeries already and glaucoma, now he wonders if he should just concentrate on circulation with Youngevity or what.

Question : Hey Doc, ... this time is my own mother, age 86, weight 100lbs, height 5'1". She had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 1/2 years ago, dementia arose after 2 years into schizophrenia ... I have her for the last 8 months on the healthy Heart Pack Pack + Synaptiv, D-Stress, Sleep Eze, Ultimate daily classic. I got rid of the schizophrenia symptoms after 3 1/2 months, but now she is getting swollen legs, actually one. I admire your commitment of keeping the revolution.