Health Q&A: November 5, 2018

3:25 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I know you are going to ask where in the heck have I been, I've been playing on the Healthy Wealthy site but I have more fun here so I'm back as an Ambassador. I have been experimenting with different supplements every month and I am taking Colloidal Messocopper to try to get my hair color back. What would be the ideal dosis to achieve this? I am on a Healthy Start Pak 2.0 Liquid, Rebound, D-stress and Messo Copper and still prescription drugs FREE!!!

8:30 I haven't used my asthma inhaler in a few years, and my rescue inhaler is expiring in December 2018. I was wondering if buying an OTC Epinephrine inhaler would be a safe and effective substitute instead of paying a copay and buying a prescription albuterol inhaler? I just want to have something on hand in case I have an asthma flare-up one day. Thank you!

10:20 I know that Vitamin C can steal Copper from the body but does this happen in the gut like phytates or does the Vitamin C chelate the Copper in the blood?

12:12 Question : Hi doc could you come in on coenzyme Q 10 and its functions and what youngevity products have it? Thanks also could you talk about the new type of format for subscription I can't seem to find the information thanks

17:35 Question : Hi there. A very good night to you. Is it possible that a yeast infection can grow under the armpits. I have heard if such outbreaks under the armpits and it causes a rash. What is the remedy for that and what causes it? Thanks a whole lot. I also want to say that I really appreciate the work that you're doing and please do not give up in this wonderful cause because so many of us depend on your advice. Thanks again.

21:21 Question : Prostrate cancer. Your take on SBRT [Sterotactic Radiation Therapy] intense des of radiation on cancer cells to minize damage to healthy tissue. My brother in law, 70 years of age is considering this

24:50 Question : Hi Dr.Glidden! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. We had 2 SA done with both of my husbands count at zero 5 years apart. I had all the tests done and everything was great on my end. On year 8 of trying we had a blood test that showed low testosterone but no other abnormalities. My chiropractor started him on supplements. After 8 months we got pregnant twice naturally within 5 months of each other, but miscarried both. The last was August of 2017. What do you suggest? Also, I am 29 and my husband 30.

32:55 Question : Husband had to have hip replacement surgery after trying the nutrition for 4 years, had bone on bone arthritis. One week out of first surgery, second hip is Dec 5. What would be good protocol for hip replacement recovery and preparation for next surgery. He is doing well 1 week out. Thanks Dr. G

Daughter had benign brain tumor removed 6 mo ago and has been following your protocol and doing well. Wondering how long to continue with the GH Circulatory support and if can reduce amounts of Muscadine Grape extract capsules and Zradical. Trying to minimize the growth of small brain tumors that are still remaining. Looking for a possible update on her protocol now that she is 6 months out and no more seizures since the surgery.

37:37 Question : It is beneficial to add regular iodized salt to Real Salt? If someone who is already doing 90 For Life plus PDM has a salt craving what would you recommend? Also, does increasing the intake of potassium after a salty meal help push out some of the excess sodium to reduce possible bloating and help bring ones body back into a healthy balance?

40:00 Question : Hello again Doc! Is there a good herb product I can use to help with my inguinal hernia issue and is there a special diet or foods to avoid? Secondly, Just had lab work done and my LDL is 179 which is down a little from the last one. The P.A. wants to start me on --you guessed it-- LIPITOR! I told her no way! What can I do besides my 90 for life and 12 bad foods? Thanks again for all you do for us.

43:25 Question : A downline started a week ago Healthy Body Start pack, Beyond Osteo Liquid, GH Heart support, Ultimate enzymes (no GB) she has HB and after she started the program the BP spiked at 170/100, any idea?