Morning Q&A: November 7, 2018

4:45 Question : Hey Doc! I have a question about a health issue (well several) that my father in law is having: He has Buerger's disease and is currently taking Lisinopril for hypertension. The Big issue is ALS (a recent diagnoses).  I have watched your webinar on ALS/MS/Parkinson’s, and I know that getting cholesterol is a big deal, however he says because of the buerger's disease, eating eggs severely upsets his stomach. He is willing to stop eating the 10 bad foods and to do the dietary protocol. 140lbs.

14:10 Hi Dr. G! I'm just wondering what can be taken to reverse leaky gut? Also, what causes tonsil stones and how do you get rid of them? Thanks for all your help, you rock!

16:50 Question : Hello Doctor, What do you think about vitamin c infusion? Is it safe to take it? There are all kind of researches out there about its effectiveness to cure so many diseases. Thank you

20:10 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. So Patty Spielman is also known as Patty from CO. Monday night you said to take EFA Plus after hip surgery which we are doing, we are always trying to learn and wondered if you could explain the reason for that vs. the Projoba? Also, for the 27 year old daughter with the brain tumor removal, wondered if and when Synaptiv is used for people? I also feel like I have trouble keeping focused on a project and with memory, is Synaptiv good to support that? I take the 90, Projoba and Selenium.

25:50 Question : good morning doc. another cold winter among us. I'm 32 now and every winter its seems harder to keep warm especially when it comes to my hands. is there any thing i should be wordie about that it seems the circulation in my hands seems to be poor so my hands are hard to keep warm. thank you

30:00 I have an unopened bottle of Nightly Essense but I noticed it says best by 11/17.. is it safe to say it's not good anymore? I'd hate to just throw it away. ):

34:00 If you have the time at the end of your talk today, would you mind reviewing ALS protocol for me?