Morning Q&A: December 12, 2018

Question : From Gema (Georgia)
I was taking my daily vitamins as usually and one morning (about 2 months in) my stomach just rejected it. I was profusely vomiting. 8 times. I was ill! My stomach was not right for about 8 days after that. Every time I go to try and start up on my Tangy Tangerine.. I gag (lol). I have been taking everything else, but the tangy tangerine power is a NO GO anymore and the Osteo powder gives me a fit too. I think its phycological, similar to getting drunk on Jack Daniels so badly you can never even smell it again!! Yep, done that too when I was younger! So I am working my way back to the vitamins....Not sure what bug hit me or what but I am on the mend...

5:30 From Tetiana (Essex, UK)
My husband has been taking the supplements since late August. He has terrible breath. He goes to the dentist every 3 months for a cleaning. He is upset because it bothers me and we are spending a lot of money on the supplements. He says he’s taking the supplement and eating properly and still has problems. Do you have any recommendations?

Part 2
About me, Tetiana This is what I’ve been taking for over three months primarily for weight loss and bad knees:
Tangy Tangerine 2 scoops a day
Osteo-fx 1 scoop a day
EFA Plus 3 a day
Gluco Gel 12 a day
Just start use Selenium 3 a day
Would love to use more products, but they’re not cheap, must stick with most important ones, let me know if anything wrong, thank you.
Feel more lighter after eating, my knees time to time feels better, but not a 100% yet.
My mood and sleep never been so bad, but because I work different shifts, I never have enough sleep, but I do sleep strong overnight. My energy levels also not a 100%, but imaging that I wake up at 4.45-5.00 am and going sleep around 11.00-12.00 night, so all day on my feet, or if I work evening shift: wake up around 8-9 morning and sometimes earlier and going sleep around 1-2 night, but not always.
In the mornings I drink some warm water with lemon or lime, than I take b-epic capsule, which help me with the energy levels, it’s organic supplement do help me with my energy levels when I feel tired.
Since I started taking the supplements I do feel better, Thank you so much, but both me and my husband put a little bit unwanted weight since starting this, that’s worry me is well.