Health Q&A: December 26, 2018

1:25 Question: Thanks Dr G, I was diagnosed with PVCs and started with 4 ultimate classics and gluco gel, omega 3. My chiro said I have adrenal issues and my thyroid goes hypo then hyper. I'm stressed and don't handle it well, very tired, low energy and anxious. My breathing improved when I started supplementing, but now it's slightly worse. Typically, the symptoms are around 11-5 and I think it's hypoglycemia. added sweet eze and d-stress and went to 2 Ultimate Classic per month. What do you suggest on budget?

8:45 Question: Dr. G. My wife suffers with LOW blood pressure in the mornings when she wakes up. (101/67). She says the room appears to be spinning. After about 2 hours of laying down and drinking water the blood pressure goes up to about 117/70 and she feels better. What can she do about LOW blood pressure?

12:30 Question: Hi Dr. G, if lab test results reflect WBC of 2.9 (3.8-10.8 thous/mcl ref. range) and Neutrophils, Absolute of 1260 (1500-7800 cells/mcl ref. range), is there cause for concern even though other CBC values are within reference range? Also, have you tried any of the top of the line massage chairs? They’re awesome! What are the benefits of regular use of these chairs? Are they worth the purchase price based on the potential health benefits to be derived from frequent usage?

20:30 I had a good dental report during a recent visit. However, I have been experiencing joint discomfort and chest discomfort on the upper left side.

22:30 How much alcohol is too much and do our bodies deplete nutrients if we are drinking too much or too often?

26:26 Question: I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse in 1981 and was told to take an antibiotic before any dental work so have dentist apt tomorrow and will probably have to have tooth pulled. Am not going to take antibiotic so what precautions if any should I take? I have Argentyn 23. Should I take the nightly essence before bed?