Morning Q&A: December 5, 2018

1:35 Question : Good morning Doctor G: Is there any phytates in fruits? If so which ones to avoid and which ones to consume? Thanks a lot Dr G!

5:00 Question : Hi Doc! Love you and your show! Several questions because YOU ARE THE MAN.... I am stuggling even though it has been six months since I lost my mom to medical error- maybe the season, trauma... I'm pretty resilient and I can't get myself back. I can function but cry so much. Can you reign it in? sweeteze, hypothalamus support, CBD oil, homeopathy? Second, which ultimate dailies has the stacked amino acids for rotor rooting the kidney? My 8 yr son is 90 for life. Had tubes put in when he was tiny- before meeting me. He is off of dairy and off of gluten. No more infection or allergic shiners. We had the tubes taken out. One side did not patch and he has a tiny hole. The other side patched but the dr says there is still some swelling that is causing problems with the ear drum. He wants to put the tube back in. Last one! I had my bloodwork done.... My T4 is low, T3 is good (which means I'm converting, thank you selenium) and my DHEA is really low. What does that mean? I’m thinking HGH?

15:00 Question : Hello Dr G, please explain differences between IHC and athletes heart. My son 19 was diagnosed with IHC, can a nutritional program get his heart back to normal??
Thank you for all you do

21:30 Question : Question : Since kindergarten my daughter (who's now 12) has had ticks. They did an ecg or eeg? And found a blip in the second sleep phase which they said could be something or may be nothing. She was diagnosed with transient tic disorder. If she has more than two types of tics in the different categories it’s considered Tourette’s. She has a pretty big one right now with both hands and her shoulders and face at the same time and a vocal one that sounds like an owl. So sad for her. Makes her uncomfortable and she can control it for a while which I know she does at school and then comes home and goes crazy doing them. I’ve tried gluten free diet and magnesium sprays on her. But not much help? A friend sent me here so looking forward to your insight. Thank you!

33:35 Question : Hi Doc, my blood pressure has finally stabilized and now I would like to deal with Congestive Heart Condition and a new problem a Pilonidal Cyst right near my tail bone. Your suggestions.

35.40 Question : Hi Dr. G, what causes cherry angiomas and can they be removed with the argentyn 23 and selenium paste? Also, if I've got this correct, phytates are only plant based?

38:15 Question : I am reviewing the supplements and noticed that the multivitamin powder contains folate as folic acid, rather than as folinic acid. I was told to find a multi that contains folate as folinic acid because folic acid is synthetic and bot processed by the body in the same way as natural folate. Folinic acid is the metabolically active form of folic acid and does not require the enzymatic conversion that folic acid does. Do you have any insights as to why this multi uses folic acid rather than folinic acid. Do you have a folate supplement that uses the natural form of folate?