Health Q&A: February 12, 2018

5:43 Question : Hi Doc. How are the 60 minerals in the Irish moss algae used in the B.T.T. 2.0 different from the majestic earth plant derived minerals? Why is one acceptable in other countries and one is not? Which one is better?

Question : Hi Doc, two different situations. First, led was detected in the body of one of our downlines and second another one with glyphosate. 

What can be done to get it removed? Many thanks for your great teaching as always received with great appreciation.

8:55 Question : Hey Doc!!! # 1 - I have a 60+ Male Diagnosed w/ Radiculopathy Do to an accident. Severe Sciatica since 2005. Macular Degeneration from over use of St. Johns Wart. What can be done??? # 2 – Female has been on the 90, selenium, PDM, Gluco-gel Liquid extra Osteo. Is still Having leg pain and is wondering if the Medication, 50mg BID Methazolamide, is causing it. Another Person called me today and said her Dr. told her not to take the 90 because it will feed her cancer. What are they thinking?  it is a known side effect

15:00 Question : Dr. G Why do so many people think that meat is unhealthy (especially beef)?  P.S Do you have a favorite brand of Ginseng that will help with energy?

19:50 Question : I’m 66yrs old, 187 lb. 6’4” Excellent health, no pharma, alcohol, etc. Had a bad fall during hurricane in Florida. Broken elbow. Trauma to neck. Trembling in left arm since fall. Have lost weight since and seeing chiropractor. Injury – nerve damage, pinched in neck. Cerv vertebrae C3 thru C7. Numbness, shaky on left side. Very unsettling and must be corrected. Debilitating. Please give full recommendation PLUS recommendation under $175 for now. Thank you! Homeopathic “Hypericum perfoliatum 30C"  2 pellets 2x daily for 7 days

22:55 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. Sent person Autoimmune webinar you did that focuses on Lupus but you mention an addendum to it that would be in the archives but it is not. I have a person that since 1993 has been suffering from “autoimmune” first diagnosed with arthritis at age 50 and has crooked fingers now from RA and has Lupus and sjogren's syndrome. She has read Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and has seen several of your webinars. Was on prednisone and several other drugs. Excited to help her support her body but what is best to get her on asap? She is 115lbs and in her 70s.

26:46 Question : Are you okay with the soy lecithin in triple treat chocolate?

28:38 Dr Glidden I am confused as to what I can say to people about a Youngevity. Met a man at church who has ALS and I’d love to help, just not sure what to say legally. Thanks

33:50 Question : A friend lost sense of smell & taste following an unattented-to sinus infection. Now infection is cleared up but no more smell or taste. Can something be done?

Question : My close friend has had disembarkment syndrom symtems or vertigo since she got off the ship several weeks ago, What can she do?

38:25 Question : Rob has Parkinson and is taking Youngevity and Zradical. he's not on wheat, bailey, oats etc. His hands and mouth shake, nose runs, constipated, but most of all he is always so so tired that he sleeps most of the day. He use to walk 50 minutes, bike 30 and some exercises for his arms and back. BUT why is he so tired?

41:00 Question : what is the holistic perspective of gynecology? I am in the dark when asked about it

Question : My aunt is 74 years old. She is very outgoing but cant control her bladder after a drink. MD tell her that surgery will not work, instead MD suggested her to inject botox to make her muscle stronger. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. She is 105 lbs and have a peacemaker

45:15 Question : what can i do? i can only afford tangy 90 pack and how to get more caciam then? how to clean liver without oil pull? ty

20:44 how to find a good wholistic dr in colorado sprigns. Co

47:57 Question : I need to loose weight, I am on the youngevity products and I omit the 12 bad food, i skip breakfast and eat a salad for lunch and fish and greens for dinner, is that okay?

49:35 Question : My daughter-in-law has inappropriate tachycardia, up to about 150 in the morning. It does come down to normal by evening. Any suggestions? Otherwise she is very healthy. Thanks for your help!