Health Q&A: February 14, 2018


1:50 Question : Thanks for helpful comments last Monday about homeopathic cell salts. --- My neighbor (sitting beside me now) has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis by a chiropractor after xrays & tests. After starting treatments about 2 months ago she started having pain, which has become unbearable. Like knives stuck in both hands. I assume this is retracing since she has 3 chiropractic treatments a week.She's 70;150 pounds. Takes basic Youngevity products, Good Herbs. Free of Bad Foods. Any suggestions?

13:30 Question : Lorna a d I’d like to ask you a health question about a chronic disease that has been plaguing me for 31 years. I was diagnosed with a sensory neuropathy 31 years ago and since then it has progressed to the point where I can barely walk. The doctors have done nothing for me as usual and I’m at the end of my tether with them. I also suffer from severe dry eyes and again no help. What do you recommend? Thanks

Question : Happy Valentine’s Day Dr. Glidden – I have 2 questions for you: 1st do you have recommendations for someone losing weight who is concerned about the possibility of getting baggy skin? 2nd in a Q & A last month you stated people should eat only 3 eggs per week cause it can promote inflammation.  Is there a way around this? I thought Dr. Wallach recommended more eggs than that per week.

19:10 Question : What is the route to the cheapest 90....Also... I know about the 12 bad foods I shouldn't eat but what do I eat, where can I find how to eat right... Thanks so much

Good evening Doc, a family member has a blood clot and is on blood thinners from the MDs.can  he take enzymes along with the blood thinners? what else will you reccommend, thanks Doc.

Question : Yo Dr. G!  Greetings from the 2018 TAC Trip in Cancun!  I just met a couple at dinner who have an adopted daughter who's been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Her biological mother was addicted to drugs.  She's 3 years old and weight about 25 lbs.  What would you recommend.  Also, I've had a couple calls lately from guys with Peyronie's disease.  Suggestions? Thanks for all you do for us!

26:40  Question : I’m 40 years old and weight 120 pounds. I have asthma and I’m supposed to take inhalers daily, but I take less often as needed (example: once a week vs once 2x day) I recently got a Nebulizer and I tried putting a little colloidal silver in and I found it helped. I also have adult ADHD (since I was young) and take Vyvanse & Welbutrine- both daily high dose and right now need them. I want off the meds & need suggestions. I am open to ideas. Please advise. Thank you

30:30 Question : Hey Dr G. Lincoln says hi, My mom who I am happy to say is on the 90 for life, told me that when she went to visit her MD, she got the Pneumococcal vaccine or pneumonia shot. Her generation will do almost anything the MD tells them, your thoughts on this vaccine?Question : What is the right amount of wine to drink daily or weekly? I only drink organic that cool?

19:12 I am healthy and omit the 12 bad foods, I use the basic youngevity and was wondering what can I add to the youngevity to max my health?

19:17 I am a Health Coach, can I recommend Youngevity and Good herbs to my clients?

35:15  Question : 55 year old woman with Parkinson's. 5' 2" and 210 lbs. On 90 For Life almost 2 months. Gallbladder removed 15 years ago. Sense of smell recovered. Hearing improved. Brain stimulator implants. Off 12 bad foods. Not taking Ultimate Enzymes on current program. Should Ultimate Enzymes be added? What tweaks may help? Thank you!

Question : I've been off the bad foods & on the 90 for 2.5 years. I've also been on 4 caps of ocean gold a day and 4 selenium a day.  My hair is still thinning out and become very brittle.  The same is with my daughter whose 12.  What are your thoughts on taking extra biotin or silica?  I'm 5'10 & 170lbs so I don't think I'm taking too much selenium.  Thank you!

19:29 Could it be that we're both REALLY deficient in calcium? I'm taking 2 scoops of the powder a day with fresh orange juice.

39:20 Question : My daughter is 35 and has PCOS and Hirsutism that is worse when she is off birth control. Please advise! Thanks!

Question : Hi Dr Glidden, love your show, question- What do you think of an hair analysis, is it a true evaluation, to determine if you are deficient in minerals or vitamins, because of women using hair dyes, etc, etc?

44:15 Question : Hi Dr. G, beatles' meter maid here!. All my symptoms are gradually disappearing but bp nos are not changing much. I did the argentyn 23 and antimicrobial for swollen tonsils which are much better and my eyes are so much better. The last week my sciatic pain has come back on left side which is really bad after going to bed  Why do you think I can't get my bp regulated? I am taking BBT, osteo fx, PDM, projoba omega, 300mg pot citrate, GH nerve sup & GH respiratory sup- cant afford anything else