Health Q&A: February 19, 2018

Question : Hello Dr Glidden, I recently introduced Youngevity to a co-worker. She is doing 90 for Life with Healthy Start Pak. She suffers from tinnitus in one ear. It started after a dentist visit when dentist applied so much pressure for a long period of time. I know tinnitus is caused by osteoporosis of the skull, but is this the case when something like this happens?

05:50 Question : Dr.G  What do you think about the "Earthing" concept where you become grounded to the earth by walking barefoot outside or by using special devices plugged into the grounding receptacle in an outlet?

08:40 Question : what would you recommend instead of oil pull? I heard it is for liver cleanse, the oil pulls stuff from liver if done right. ty

10:40 Question : Dr. G, I have been told by a wholistic healthcare professional that someone who has a chronic parasitic infection should avoid using vitamins, since vitamins help to strengthen the invaders. Mineral supplements are deemed to be acceptable to take. Is this true?  Thanks.

12:45 Hi Dr. Glidden. I was surprised to see that you decided to work on President’s Day! I have a query regarding a couple of products with regards to blood thinning. I understand from your various videos that EFAs are great for thinning the blood. I have also looked into Fucoidan which is contained in ZRadical and FucoidZ. Apparently it charges the red blood cells so that they repel each other (negative ionic charge) thus thinning the blood as well. Is there a difference in what these products really do? Is there a benefit to consuming both products at the same time? Thanks in advance.

Question : Hey Dr. G Strained my back last monday, must have slept in an awkward postion. Tried homeopathic Ruta Graveolens and it started to feel better over the weekend. Also have GH Bone and tissue on the way. switching from the Antioxidant response 2 months are up. Was following the Homeopathic recommendations in your book, any further I can do?

19:50 Question : hi dr g my mother in law has edema and she is eating protein but her swelling doesnt go down completely, also she has bone to bone atritis and atrial F. and the md put a monitor in her chest. also she had her gall bladder remove and she has parkison is there is anything you could do to help her thanks. my mother in law also lost her sense of smell is there is anything to restore that thanks

23:20 Question : Hi Doc, this is Linda Herbie the love bugs wife. Is it ok to mix beyond Peach drink with the osteo fx powder into one drink. it taste great together but you get the same benefit

JOHN Question : I don't even know where to start, I have a-fib for a # of years. The last 2 yrs no problems last 2 months once a week I've had episodes. Seeing a cardelogists, wants me on a blood thinner, haven't used. What do you have that I can look at.

29:00 GARY Question : Dr. G what causes Rectal Mucus? The Mucus is clear in color.

30:20 Question : I have a friend , 28 yr old female who was originally diagnosed with iritis in her left eye at age 9. Cause not known. She has lost most of the vision in this eye. it then moved to her right eye but because she knew what to expect , she takes drops which has prevented the same thing from happening to this eye. I have suggested eliminating the 12 bad foods and supplementing with the 90. Would it be helpful to take extra lutein, astazanthin, or zeazanthin for her otitis? Also any good herbs?

[homeopathic “Lachesis mutus 1M”, 2 Pellets once every 5 days 4 times only]

33:15 Question : Female. 5’8”, 170 lb. No allergies. History rosacea on face. Antibiotic therapy 7 mo. Recent diagnosis stage 2 breast cancer (invasive ductile carcinoma). MD recommends mastectomy plus 6 mo. Chemo, then herceptin 1 yr. Not recommending radiation unless node invaded. Then pills 5-10 yrs to stop progesterone/estrogen. History leg blood clot 10 yr ago. Removed varicose veins 10 yr ago. Are they wholistic alternative to surgery?

35:50 Question : HI Dr Glidden. My son is 160# and 6’1. Diagnosed with vitiligo this summer. Dermatologist says he can’t help. There’s no cure; but I know you know better

37:37 Question : 21 y/o college athlete that is very active and sweating is taking 6 mineral caps daily (along w 4 btt tabs, 4 projoba omega. 6 selenium and rebound) wants to know if the mineral caps can be harmful at that dose. Bodyweight 246.