Health Q&A: February 26, 2018

00:20 Question : Hey Dr. Glidden, It’s great to hang out with you here again. Before I ask the first question…from what I have learned from you….I know that cancer is a bigger, more challenging obstacle to overcome with medical nutrition compared to bone and joint issues, blood sugar issues, etc. With that being said…I have a cousin who is an emergency room osteopathic doctor who has a brother (also my cousin) who now is on palliative care for squamous cell carcinoma. The cancer started in the throat and he is HPV positive. He went through radiation and chemo (ugh!) and now they are saying 4-6 months, terminal. My osteopathic doc cousin asked if I could get in touch with you as he has observed me talk about you over time…and to get a more wholistic perspective from you regarding this situation. It sounds like my osteopathic physician cousin isn’t a fan of chemo/radiation. I did communicate to him how you have talked about Dr. Colleen Huber regarding cancer…and I sent some information related to that.  Regarding my cousin with cancer, he has an intact gallbladder, 6'1", 165lbs, and reported to be otherwise healthy. He has a G tube, NPO, is on Prilosec. Because I was asked to contact you (although I pretty much know what you would say)…I figured I would go ahead and ask what you would recommend to support my cousin’s health during this time along with what you would suggest for an optimal G-Tube supplement (as opposed to Ensure or some other low-quality supplement). My last question is regarding my sister and if you were able to find out what would be a good baby formula for her baby in the event she needs this. I should be getting the agnus castus for helping to optimize the breast feeding tomorrow. I understand you are very busy…and I appreciate your time and help. Thanks for all of the help…and may God richly bless you Dr. G!

04:31 Question : Hey Dr. G After following your recommendations for my strained back, I moved from the Ruta G. to Calcerea C. with no purchase. Followed by the Rhus Tox. which after a pretty hard day at work and a very sore back, the pain was complety gone after 6 hours!! Before I could get the epson salt bath. Wondering after doing this and getting a sore back from time to time would a three months 1 per 10lbs body weight of Gluco gels be a good idea? I'm on the GH Bone and tissue, for the next two months.

06:50 Need help for customer who has had a stroke. Was dizzy on Friday 2/16/18 and fell after picking something up.

  • Stroke on Saturday 2/17/18.
  • Loss of speech
  • Headache
  • Couldn't say people's names or how to say things.
  • He could think of the words but they wouldn't come out correctly.

Continued visiting with relatives. Drove 2 hours home. At home, wife gave him aspirin. Used Trauma oil, Helicrisym oils on feet and back of neck then went quickly to ER. It was 19 hours between initial event and arriving at the ER. Diagnosed at ER with Afib and high blood pressure (179/106 pulse 109)

Afib and BP was normal when released from the ER (about 2:00p.m. on 2/18). Symptoms: Brain swelling and brain bleed on front left side of the brain. No loss of motion in arms and legs. No memory loss or any paralysis of any kind. Only speech problems. History: No heart Afib, no high blood pressure Blood work: cholesterol was slightly high and heart enzymes were normal. Released from hospital 2/20/18. Diagnosis: Brain Hemorage/Afib/Expressive Aphasia. Prescriptions: blood thinners, cholesterol medication, and high blood pressure medication.

Residual Problems: Expressive Aphasia and increased blood pressure (increased his Cal-Toddy and BP came down from 179/109 to 159/83). Customer was in a fender bender about a year ago and had a headache a couple days. Then several vertigo events since the fender bender. Also since he finder bender, tripped on the porch missing a step caused him to stumble and fall. Went to a chiropractor on 2/22/18 to be adjusted for Afib.

Chiropractor said he had several places out in the spine. He also did Kinesiology and heart tested strong, brain tested weak.

10:40 Question : Dr. G, If Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by mycoplasma that may have started as a contagious lung infection, is mycoplasma contagious when it gravitates to the bones and joints?  P.S I've heard that some diseases can lay dormant in the spine of a person, can a possible explanation be that the spinal fluid is nutritive for these diseases? Thanks

12:45 Question : Have been watching your webinars concerning liver and hep c, and purchased the basic 90 and kidney and bladder support good herbs. I noticed on each webinar, you sometimes add a little different protocol. What would we add for high liver enzymes and hep c. Also, we sometimes tincture our own dandelion in the spring and will use the good herbs in conjunction to making our own tincture. Do we use the whole plant or just the root. We thanks

Question : Lori's MD told her she had colon cancer last August. Went with Chemo treatments. it has spread to Liver, stage 4. This weekend husband and her decided no more chemo. Dr. said chemo is not working.

She is having issues with eating. Two weeks ago had blood work done, #757. What can she do? Where does one get Deca Alp for cancer?

20:15 Question : I’m 54 years old, 5’9” and down to 130 pounds. I have A-fib, congestive heart failure and was just told today I have Triple Vessel Disease which I don’t know really what that is? I’ve also had strokes in my past with the last one being very bad. (Also have frozen shoulder) Unfortunately, I’m on a very tight budget right now… I’m taking Plant Minerals, extra Vitamin D, Thiamine 100mg; 400mg niacin, selenium and eat eggs and sardines for Omega 3 & 6... For under $45, what would be the best product to add: Ultimate Classic, ZRadical, FucoidZ, Ultimate Daily Classic, Osteo-fx, or…? Thank you!

24:15 Question : Good evening Dr. G. I saw an older Youtube video of yours and part of your recommendation was ZRadial or Fucoidz as part of the Glidden Pack. You now recommend the Muscadine 

25:25 Question : Hey doc. What causes fibroids and how do you treat them? Also what is the best breast exam? I have heard an ultrasound is best. It feels good to be back. Many thanks!

28:50 Question : My son takes Citalopram (20 MG) for Anxiety/Depression. He weighs 150 pounds. If he were to take Herbal medicine (Allergy support) might it cause an adverse reaction? Is there anything he can do to help address his anxiety while he is weaning off the Citalopram?

32:50 Question : what to do to for Keloid, so they will not come.

34:34 Question : Hi doc my wife is 30 5'3" 130 and has been diagnosed with pots syndrome, she takes midodrine .25 when she has symptoms which is chest pain, and dizziness, fast heart rate. What would you recommend? I'm turning her to naturopathic medicine slowly she has been a RT for 10 years.

37:10 Question : Is their another brand of selenium you could recommend, other then youngevity brand? one that might have more copper in it. trying to get rid of varicose veins. thank you. I already tried the meso, went thru a half gallon and still have have the problem. taking extra efa's with all the other supplements. 7318

40:00 Question : What would you recommend a six year old to take to get there 90? She doesn't like btt or the daily classic..Thanks doc

42:22 Question : We're back onto, M, 77, fit, prostate cancer 8 years in, his psa is up again. Missed what u just said for the other person re cancer re deca aloe? Pounding Z rad & fucoid, with the 90 essentials et all. What are we missing. Also, our 78yo #148 f, now NON diabetic! still eating that apple for fiber, but still a bit constipated. Also, struggling a bit with fatigue. Thoughts?

47:00 Question : Hi Doctor Glidden, my condolences to you. I have been giving my dad (81y/o) minerals and BTT 2.0, he was doing good. He is now hospitalized because his potassium level went up to 8.4 and his sodium was very low. I the hospital they treated him with alburetrol on a nebulizer for an hour, kaydiaxalate orally to induce diarrhea and ended up with dialysis for 2 days in a row. The good things is that his glucose is between 95 to 125 after a meal. Is there a homeopathic medicine to reduce the potassi? The dialysis brought down the potassium but the excess sodium chloride liquify the blood and now he's hemoglobin is at a low number picking anemia!!! What can we do to help him get out of this?

49:15 Question : I was looking at a website to book a breast thermography exam and I read this.. "You will be asked to plunge your hands into ice water for 60 seconds during the exam. This is known as a stress test - the shock of the cold water will put your body into a "fight or flight" response. Normal blood vessels will contract and cool down, while blood vessels feeding abnormal cells will not." Is this right?

Question : If a person is allergic to fish, can they take Essential Fatty Acids (fish oil)?