Health Q&A: February 28, 2018

My girlfriend was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the MD wanted her to take methotrexate I told him if she took it, I would tell Dr. G. She decided to go through with your protocol instead of taking it Kendall Dees here in Florida… First and foremost, THANK YOU! I have learned so much from you! 

Ok the short version- I’m 39 years old, female and weigh about 223lbs. I have a very long health history in including- Adrenal fatigue/insufficiency, Type II diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Narcolepsy, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, PMLD, Consistent high CRP (Result of 21 with ref range 0-3), PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome and a few more that I cannot even think of right now. My last MD thinks I have Lyme and My last MD thinks I have Lyme and/or coinfections. I ask my new doc to run CD57 after watching your Lyme webinar. She ran the “CD57,CD3,CD8 FLOW CYTOMETRY” test. 

Question- Was this the correct CD57 test? Does the 33 for “ABSOLUTE” indicate Lyme? I have your protocol for Lyme, I just want a definitive diagnosis before I treat for this. I have been waiting decades for an answer

Question 2- My second question is for my mom. She is 67 years old, 230lbs, HX of diabetes type II, HBP, arthritis, bilat ttl knee replacement, cholecystectomy, cataract sx . Last June, she had 2 stents placed as she had some significant blockage. The cardiologist put her on Carvedilol. She reacts to beta blockers (some have called it allergic reaction). They make her feel really weak overall and a significant general malaise. The cardiologist said she MUST stay on it due to the stents placed. Is there something else she can do?  They keep telling her she “has” to be on the drugs “because of the stents”. Is this true?

Hi Doc.  Can you address the need for potassium?  The RDA is around 4700 mg., but I don't see potassium in many of the Youngevity supplements.  Should I seek other potassium supplements?

Question : My son was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (minimal change disease) about a year ago. He is 3 years old and weighs about 35lbs. He's been on steroids majority of this past year. Was wondering if you are familiar with nephrotic syndrome and if you have helped others go into remission?

Question : Hey Dr. G wanted to get your recommendation on dose for the Sta Restored. Going to do an in house experiment for a maintenance run since Ive already tried the liquid and gel caps of the gluco gels. Most of your recommendations for ailments is one bottle per 75lbs.  Got two bottles on the way.

Question : My friend Jennifer (my hair stylist) got three vaccinations last Tuesday.  She was in so much pain later that night, was up all night, crying.  She googled vaccination injury and came across SIRVA (Shoulder Injury from Vaccinations), a group of lawyers you can consult for free.  She called Dr office and they suggested an MRI (tomorrow).  I told her to wait (and why would she trust them) until I talked to you.  She is still sore a week + later.  What should she do?  She got the flu, pneumonia and btw....I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio! surrounded by high water....Ohio River flooded looks like my question got cut's the rest of it......She got the flu, pneumonia and tetanus shots (why, I do not know, but like most people who trust in their MD, she did).

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I just had my yearly physical last week and my nurse practicioner found a polyp. They will be sending me to a gynocologist for a more indepth exam. Is there anything I can do to make it go away? Also, my results came back from my pap test and I have bacterial vaginosious. I am off the 12 bad foods, on the 90 plus selenium and have zradical on hand. Is there anything else I should be taking to help. Antibiotics were offered, however I don't have any symptoms. Thanks for your help! Also, all blood work came back great!

Question : Hey doc. You mentioned on Monday you will get back to me regarding my question about fibroids and the treatment for them. Also is vanadyl sulphate the same as the mineral vanadium which is used to treat blood sugar issues. Thanks as usual.

Question : Hey Dr. G, can I use Argentyn 23 in my eyes and also my cat's eye?  Does Himalayan pink salt provide a lot of minerals? And last is it ok to fry in lard?

Question : To get rid of liver spots, how many selenium? vital nutrient ones). and for veins< what would be the most i could take of the projoba omega? I may still be working on my veins but my gurds is gone and energy is back, plus my hair quit falling out!! thanks to you and youngevity.

Question : Dr. G,  Once benign adenomatous polyps are removed during a colonoscopy, what is the likelihood of new ones occurring, and is there a protocol that will lessen the recurrence of polyps? Would it be prudent to have more frequent colonoscopies for colon polyp detection and colon cancer prevention?  Thanks!

I have another question. They believe my son has become steroid dependent. His adrenals are no longer functioning without the steroids. Will the suggested supplements help support his adrenals?