Health Q&A: March 12, 2018

Question : Hey Dr. G. I hope you are having a blessed one. I have a couple situations going on.  First, I have a neighbor who about three weeks ago had some tickling/itchiness in her chest (left lower lung area). About a week later she and her household began experiencing a cold. The cold symptoms at this point are gone for her but she is feeling some heaviness in her left lower lung field. She is concerned about walking pneumonia but wants to avoid a chest xray and going in for evaluation for this time. She wants to approach the situation more naturally. Her cough at this point is non-productive but she has had some intermittent dizziness, lack of appetite, and no fever. She is not currently on the 90 (she’s still in decision mode) and I’ve discussed the super olive health, garlic/ginger/onion mix, and colloidal silver; however, she is breastfeeding and wanted more insight regarding safety of these therapeutics during breastfeeding. My next question is regarding my sister. Apparently the breastfeeding situation has become so stressful for her due to persistent concerns that she now has the baby exclusively on formula. Her lactation specialist conveyed to her that since she was doing the breastfeeding for a little over a month that the baby got the most important phase of breastfeeding. My sister is now set on formula feeding though she may be open to possibly giving Bust fx a shot. Any thoughts on this? With that being said, what would you recommend for a good supplement program/formula for my little baby niece who at this point is in between about 8-10 pounds and is a little over a month old.   Thanks for your help! Have a blessed one!

Question : Age 75 and I weigh 130. For the past year I’ve been taking 1 Osteo-fx & ! Flexi-care a month and a few months I’ve had Minerals Caps & Projoba Omega. I’ll give you more details of my x-ray below, but my question is would you recommend I get a “Frontal Anterior Approach” hip surgery? They want to do this in a couple weeks as they say I’m a good candidate because I’m in good health otherwise and I’m not sure what to do as I’ve put off surgery for a year? Not to mention I don’t really trust MD’s.. My last x-ray a few weeks ago: FINDING: Severe left hip joint degenerative changes are stable; there is NO left femoral head collapse; NO acute fracture or malalignment. RIGHT HIP: Joint demonstrates moderate degenerative changes. The frontal view of the pelvis demonstrates NO convincing acute osseous abnormality. I have 2 weeks to make up my mind for surgery and wonder about the many side effects at my age? What would you do? Thank you Dr. Glidden. One more thing, if I do the surgery, he wants me to quit taking my supplements a week before because he says it could interfere? He thinks I'm just flushing my money down the toilet anyway. LOL

13:00 Question : I’m in recovery from Ross River Fever and have joint pain, and back pain. I am 220 pounds and 48 yrs young. Thanks

15:45 Question : Dr. G What are your thoughts on taking daily naps? Do they mess up the body's sleep cycle? P.S  You suggest taking a probiotic when the seasons change, does the beneficial bacteria stay in the gut long enough not to need it daily?

18:00 Question : Waz up Doc? Hope all is well with you and Brenda. Have a lady who has heartburn, high blood pressure, lesions in the liver (non cancerous). She is also a pre diabetic and has glaucoma and cataracts. Also deals with Anxiety She is in her mid 50’s. She says she just never feels good. Where should she start?

22:00 Question : Hey Dr. G. Wanted to know your take on Gelatin- Collegen. Found where you mentioned it during another Q&A. Was thinking of adding this to the program while taking a run of gluco gels. I Heard Dr. Wallach mention Gelatin when he was talking about joint issues. Sounds like a good add on, a Dr. Wallach always talks about hitting things with a bigger hammer. Also Youngevity just put out a joint supplement in the proline.

23:40 Question : After having west nile, my vision has declined. I am taking your recommendations and trust your expertise.  thank you for all your information. Is there any truth to the information that by applying organic, chemical free, castor oil in each eye once a day can help with cataracs and macular? Have watched a few videos and seems too easy and too good to be true.[Cineraria maritima eye drops]

25:40 Question : Hey Dr. G. Yes my muscles are swollen! LOL. Turning 50 in May and I have not been at this weight since I was 18. I'm new in the neighborhood so sorry if this is a dumb question. I am taking both at your suggestion, but I was wondering why we need to take Tangy T and plant derived minerals. Thanks again for all you do!

28:10 Question : Hello Doc I do have a question about my Mom she's 62 years old, 74kg, 163cm. She cough lately some virus Helicobacter (takes antibiotic) has high blood preassure , never ending dry cough (used to smoke 38 years ago). Doctors say her cough and bacteria are from all the stress she went through over the years ,dust and cleaning chemicals from her work which she used to do for many years. She also has problems with holding urine (her sister has same problem and had 3 surgeries which only help for short period of time and problem comes back) specially while heavy coughing witch happens every few minutes. Which supplements would you recommend for her. Thank you for your time and always great webinars.

30:50 Question : Men in his 30s, normal weight. She just got started on 90 essential nutrients for the first time. She is reporting to me that for the first 3 days she was feeling like overdosing on Red Bull, until he got down dose in half. Can you please explain what may be reason for that? She is not entirely of the 12 bad foods yet. Myself, 49 years old one year, on 90 essential nutrients,for 1 year no 12 that Foods at all, sometimes beer. Not gluten-free one. What to do to boost my libido, my sex drive? Somehow I am not the same as I was in my twenties. Unfortunately my wife in similar age at the top of her game at the time. What's the holistic solution for me please?

33:33 Question : I noticed some of the ingredients in some Good Herb preparations contain gluten. For example: The Respiratory Support has Oatstraw as one of the components. Do you approve? Thanks Doc Why do I not see a time stamp nor see the chat room?

35:10 Question : hi, what do you think about alex jones flouride free tooth paste? it has iodine instead of flouride. and i cant be here on wednesdays. ty

36:00 Richard’s question.

39:05 Question : good evening Dr Glidden, I asked you a question about 2 months ago about my high blood pressue. I check it about 3 times a day first in the morning it reads 160/86. I take the things you suggested Tangy Peach 2.0, King Calcium, Osteo Powder, Plant Mineral Projoba Omega, Selenium, good herbs heart support, I did some research David Derose md said to take CoQ10 supreme. my medical Dr. concerned about my heart she put me on Teva-Telmisartan 40mg and Magnesium. what can you suggest. Dr meds done. Dr Trudeau, needs the 90 essential because he is brain dead. We have no say until he is voted out Hi Doc Herbie's wife Linda, if you go off the gluten and the 12 bad foods. is it ok to go off the wagon once and a while if you are out at a restaurant.

45:20 Question : Better half here. Super olive for that sneeze Dr G? My q is regarding our 77yo 149# f post diabetic. She is having issues with balance and has fallen 3x this year. Anything we should add? Also, how's the hair trial going? F,49 138# in a car accident 5 years ago has been suffering with stress related(?) patchy hair loss. Derm Dr's best advice is , "just try not to worry about it" which is fairly futile for a woman. Thoughts? And, as always, we ALL don't say it enough-- Thank You! You have warriors around you. Keep up the good fight Man!

48:38 Question : Can you please comment on folate versus folate?. There are a few childbearing women in our church that are constantly discussing this and no certain opinion is winning thanks

50:55 Question : Hi Doc, I had a heart to heart with my dads head MD and he agreed to have the nurses give my dad the Good Herbs treatment. Now he has a rough cold coughing his lungs out, what can I give him homeopathic wise?

52:40 Question : I have tried both great lakes collagen and vital protein, and the vital protein to me seems to be better but more money. hyaluronic acid is not in great lakes, is could that be why?

53:30 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden after giving birth to my daughter 16 months ago, ive had an irregular period and menstrual blood clots and im wondering why? how can i fix it? and can that make it difficult to get pregnant again. i am currently nursing her too, so that could be the reason for the irregular period but im not sure about the blood clots. what should i do? Thank you in advance