Health Q&A: March 14, 2018

Question : Hi Dr. G,  How do we determine if the consumption of the mineral iron is too high?  Does the frequent use of cast iron pans significantly increase the amount of iron in the body?  Thanks.

3:15 Hi Dr. G.  I have been taking the Good Herbs Heart Support every month for a couple of years.  At this point 1 bottle.  Is it OK to take continuously.  I have added the Adrenal Support just this month.  Looking to try the Antioxidant Response next month.

 Hi Dr. G  Is BTT 2.0 more effective and or better than the original BTT?

Question : After having a total knee replacement, my surgeon said I would have to be on antibiotics every time I go to the dentist for the rest of my life. He said if I  got any kind of infection and it settled in the new joint it would have to come out. Yikes! They have me take 4 just before my appointment.  I get violently sick from them and vomit so hard that it takes a few days to recover.  I am freekin out just thinking abut going to another appointment. What can i do to reduce risk if infection. TY

Hi Again Dr. G,  Which product is more effective for joint care: Flexi-Care Plus or Sta-Restored? Thanks.

Question : Hey Dr G! How are your 4 herb combo experiment coming? Re: the 77yo F  falling, she reports she's having depth perception issues where she just misjudges. Not a dizzy or weakness thing. Thoughts? Re: the 77yo F  falling, she reports she's having depth perception issues where she just misjudges. Not a dizzy or weakness thing. Thoughts?

19:20 Also, best (good herbs??) for post menopause issues  eg dryness, flashes etc?

19:30 Question : For someone that does not like to watch video but would love to learn this info, what books would you suggest?

22:10  Hello, What's better Super Olive Health or Killer Biotics?  Thanks. breast cancer. she presently taking 90en, zradical, Ocean gold & selenium, lymphatic extract from GH, what would you suggest?

24:54 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, Than you so much for the recommendation. I went over the Vitamin Shop and picked up the Carbo Vegetabilis on a 30C strength. I also stacked up my medicine cabinet with Aconitum Napellus, Pulsatilla, Rhus Toxicodendron, ignatia Amara, Natrum Muriaticum, Arnica Montana, Belladonna and Hamamelis Virginiana. Now I just need to use them appropriately!  Hi,  Can Argentyn 23 be sprayed on the eyes pre and post cataract surgery?

28:48 Question : Greetings Doc: Is there a natural alternative to the expectorant "Mucinex" (or a such like product)?  No pathogen involved; seems like a pollen or dust "intrusion" resulting in a wheezing cough.  Thanks…

What bad happens after CT scans? Concerned! They want to do a ct on my dad 76 who has elevated psa trying to find out if it has spread. They also want to give him Lupron (which is supposed to restrict the testosterone) how do the liver spots vanish away? I have a friend that is using Black salve to remove her Invasive ductal tumor.  She said it is starting to hurt.  Burning inside where tumor is.  She is taking selenium, ocean gold, 90EN, Just started using the lymphatic extract from GH, decreased pain.  Any other suggestions for pain?