Health Q&A: March 19, 2018

5:00 Question : Dr. G. I found these neodymium magnetic rings on the internet that you put on your pinky fingers while you sleep and it supposedly helps your body heal itself by increasing the magnetic flux in the body. Does this sound plausible to you?

7:00 Question : No question tonight, just wanted to tell you how wonderful I feel just after 2 weeks of learning from you, being gluten free, no 12 bad foods and supplementing with youngevity, the best I can. We do not have many if any naturopathic doctors in SD so you are my link to good health. My hubby is starting your quit smoking protocol and I ordered the extra stuff today.  Thank you, thank you so much for all you do!!!Tell Brenda thank you for all her help as well.

8:15 Question : Hey Dr. G. I hope you are having a blessed one. I have a neighbor who about four weeks ago had some tickling/itchiness in her chest (left lower lung area) after having a cold. There was concern with having walking pneumonia so you recommended an x-ray for a definitive diagnosis along with argentyn 23 etc. The x-ray came back clear. She hasn’t implemented the colloidal silver yet but did the ginger/onion/garlic mix. She feels  a little better…the dizziness is better…but she still has some heaviness/tickling/itchiness in left chest along with some unusual sensations there. The doctor ordered an EKG which came back normal. She is wondering what to do and if she should go ahead and do the colloidal silver nebulizer treatment or not, etc. She also mentioned that on her left side of her chest she has had a pinched nerve and a muscle knot and is wondering if this may be a contributing factor to her symptoms. I don’t recall her exact weight but I believe she weighs somewhere around 100 pounds.  Thanks for all of your help! By the way…I really am enjoying your most recent YouTube videos and Tactical Health Podcasts...very powerful stuff. God bless Dr. G!

Question : Hi Doc. Have you heard any testimonials about Transform Your Temple products?

17:00 Question : Hello Doc ,I would like to ask about my friend, she is in 12 week of her pregnancy, from the 7th week till now she’s on drip Gravel through IV . She’s taking gravel every 12 hours and saline for dehydration for 10 hours a day. Now she’s a bit better but even few days ago she was very weak, for the past few weeks. The reason why she takes that she has lots of phlegm (saliva) which she has to spilt every minute otherwise she feels like vomiting every time. I want to recommend her a one of the heal

18:55 thy packs with minerals to make her stronger but not sure which one, to make sure it’s safe for her while pregnancy. She just had twins (2 girls born in June 2016) she  had same problems back then too. Would you please recommend what would be best in her case.Thank  you

Question : Hello, I have 2 questions If my calcium level is  9.5 and magnesium level is 2.1, do I still need to add calcium and magnesium as a vitamin because I have high blood pressure? What can I do about dry eyes?

19:10 Also if I add the 90 essential nutrients will I still need to take Vitamin D & K2?

24:15 Question : Hi Doc, Jane Burke"s husband is following the instructions and is weening off the antidepressant, now he experiences ringing in the ears, he is on the digestion pack with some herbs add on good herbs such as Adrenal, Nerve, and circulation

Question : Hi Doc!  One of my downline has a daughter who has a 9 month old Youngevity baby who is doing great.  Problem is mom is breast feeding and can't produce enough milk to satisfy the baby and make some extra to freeze for 'a rainy day.'  Any tricks to increase milk production?

27:10 Question : Hey there. Is the birth control diane 35 a safe and good contraceptive to use?

29:25 Question : Good evening dr.  I've been having a bad fare up of acne on my legs where my pants rub on the side.  I've always take sweetie is to help keep the acne down but know doesn't seem to be working should I be taking a different approach Thanks your the best

33:20 Question : Is there any way that a person would be allergic to the Tangy Tangerine? I seem to get along with taking 1/2 dose every day but if I go over that I cannot stay out of the bathroom. This has been going on for over 6 months and I would hate to have to give up on the product. I have given up on the 12 bad foods and cannot seem to find an allergy to anything else. Please help. Thanks

38:38 Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, it seems like the carbo vegetabilis did not hit bulls eye with my dad, they are giving him alburetrol on a nebulizer. Tomorrow I will be able to get him the Antimonium tartaricum. He is coughing sometimes uncontrollably and spitting yellow phlegm. I made friends with most of the nurses working in the place to hopefully have them give my dad the Good Herbs, I got him all 9 bottles. By the way I am already on page 50 reading your new book, although I cheat and go straight to the cures and that's why I am getting all the homeopathic medicines.

Question : When I wake up in the morning I get a Cramp in my feet. Doctors I have a niece who has psoriasis she is twelve years old and weighs about 100 pounds. Her doctor is burning her skin rashes with radiation and pills and ointment the girl feels terrible every time the doctor burns her Skin. What can give to her?