Health Q&A: March 26, 2018

04:35 Question : Hi Dr Glidden! Huge fan & supporter – I have 2 questions: first, what is your opinion on food allergy testing? I had a gut issue 2yrs ago & my local ND did a blood allergy panel, and then recently I had a hair sample allergy panel done & the results were different…thoughts?

Second question, I was having issue w/ diarrhea when taking osteo fx so watched webinar on absorption. Is the list of foods with phytates in the webinar comprehensive or does it include other items? Thanks for all you do!!!

08:05 Question : I'm giving my children youngevity tangy tangerine and beyond osteo fx in popsicle form and my wife is scared they are gonna have too many vitamins and harm them. could you enlighten her? ages 3,5,7. Also a 5 y.o. in my sons class was diagnosed with DIPD in late January and they have gave him all radation they can and sent him home and said nothing else can be done. do you have any recourses that could possibly help this little boy? thanks Doc

Hey Doc!!!! Jesus has a customer who has SIBO bacteria. What do you recommend. Thank you for all you DO!!!!!

16:00 Question : Dr. G What are your thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar?  Thanks for all you do, you are the best!

17:45 Question : Hello Dr happy spring How long do Homeopathy pellets stay good and is there a book that displays all or most of the homeopathy and their usage ?.  Thanks Dr G

19:35 Question : Hey doc. I think you are the best! For years I have had a fluid filled cyst like bump on my toe and it wouldn't go away. Ever since following your health recommendations and using youngevity calcium the cyst has gone away and there are many other benefits. Also I have proven what you said about the 12 bad foods. After not eating them I have felt so much better. But if I eat any of these foods I feel horrible. I have proven you to be right. Absolutely! So keep up the good work and don't stop! My question tonight: is vanadyl sulphate the same as vanadium which is used to treat blood sugar issues? Thanks as usual.

22:05 Question : Hi doctor, my name is Kasia from Cannada l want to ask about my mom , she is suffering for high blood pressure ( around 6 month ) and cholesterol. she is taking medication for blood pressure but she stop her medicine for cholesterol. what she can take to mange her blood pressure and cholesterol? she always was taking care about her health and she is moving a lot . those problems came after antibiotics which she was taking for some infection. Thank you.

24:50 Question : . 64yrs., 5'11'',215lbs. Take 2,000mg taurine, 1,000mg L-carnitine, 200mg coq10, 2 kelp capsules, 2 heart brain packs, 2 bottlesD-stress, cardio beets, enzymes, Imortalium, Xeratest, 9 capsules selenium. Congestive Heart Failure 8 years. Infraction less than 20%. Still can walk, bowling, singing. Cholestrol count 157. How do I stop access edema in stomach, some in legs? I don't eat eggs every day. Thank you! Forgot to mention, I'm a male and also taking Cardio Plus 6 tablets a day from Standard Process, CBD Oil. You name it, I'm taking it.

28:45 Question : Was looking at the different herbs and was doing some reading on Ashwaganda, and found that the GH only uses it in the Female hormone support and the Hypothalmus support. With it being good for joint and nerve pain, one would think that this herb would have been used in other more that just those two products. I keep seeing where its an Ayrevadic herb and called the Indian Ginseng. Wondering if this herb as on the same level as the Chinese herb and can used at the same time?

32:35 Question : Hi Doc. What will Occutiv do for eye health that selenium will not do? Have you had a chance to evaluate the new product Projoint FX?

34:20 Question : Dr. I just want to thank you for your information on my high blood pressure issue. It was running 168/97. However, after following you advice it is NOW running 143/84

37:20 Question : I have looked for the homeopathic drops cineraria maritima and there are none at all in my city. Where would you suggest that I get a good quality? Don't really want to order off amazon unless I have to. Is glutathione another helpful substance for the eyes? Thank you.

39:00 My son has nephrotic syndrome he’s been on Youngevity for about a week. He’s nearing the end of his taper schedule and his levels are creeping back up. How long does it usually take for the products to kick in? He’s 3 years old and about 35 pounds. Thanks. Second question: my mom has Asthma and doesn’t have a lot of money. Would projebo omegas work for her or would she need the minerals too?

41:41 Question : Hi Doc (Better half here 1st off, I wanted 2 thank you 4 the suggestion for acupuncture suggestion for the hair loss in the f car accident victim. Ironically, the acupuncturist had the same (shaking head in disbelief) reaction you did at the dermatologists "just try not to worry about it" diagnosis. Going well so far! To the question: It's not clear--after properly prepping for a fast, is it still advisable to take all the supplements? 77 yo M concerned it will make him hungry thwarting efforts*. Is there anything that should be included in a fast except for ...(water)? Thanks! btw Exciting to hear Gary's success with hbp! Might consider heading that route for f, 150#, 77yo ?

45:20 Question : Hi Doc, I have again to ask for any potential idea how to handle hair loss? One of our down line, is suffering from it, although she does the 90 since over a year now. Thanks a lot for the ambassador level because we can share all of the time.

46:46 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I am confused as to the difference between Nitrates added to meat and naturally occurring nitrates. Thanks.

48:40 Question : Testimony. About my 12 years old son (diagnosed with diabetes type 1) few weeks ago you recommended double on EFA, 1 x BTT, Beyond Osteo x 1, Plants x 2, Projoba x 2 , Sweet Eze x 2 (as you recommended for a month we went from 4 x 1 tablet a day now 4 tablets 3 x a day) he has mostly single numbers just sometimes when he eats numbers goes up to 15 top. We check his glucose every day like 10 x a day , we STOPPED giving him insulin during the day and night (use to be 12 units and slowly we went to 0).

Question : Hey doc, have a friend who has been taking 2 scoops of BTT 2.0, 1 scoop of Osteo powder, 1 ounce of liq Osteo, 1 enzymes, and 2 projoba for 3 mths but high blood pressure is still all over the place. She has been sticking to the eating plan but LDL has gone up. What should she do?

Question : Dr. I just want to thank you for your information on my high blood pressure issue. It was running 168/97. However, after following you advice it is NOW running 143/84