Health Q&A: April 11, 2018

2:15 Question: Hi Dr Glidden. I heard you saying before about magic paste for warts (colloidal silver and selenium) . Is it ok to use that paste while pregnant? And can i use colloidal silver internal while pregnant? Thank you for all you do!

4:30 Question : Hi Dr. G! My husband has some vague abdominal pressure (not painful) in his lower left abdomen. It is mostly noticeable when twisting or bending. His doctor wants to rule out diverticular disease / rlq abdominal wall hernia. He has ordered a CT scan w/contrast. We know that we should avoid CTs. A barium enema was also mentioned as a possibility. He asked if a MRI would work and the answer was that it wouldn't show what he is looking for. Is there a safer method to check for these conditions? TY

7:30 Question : Good Morning: First time Webinar and Q & A 58 years old, 5’11 (was 6’ tall two years ago) 200lbs History) Rheumatic fever at 8 years old (Put on penicillin for 5 years thereafter) Suffered three strokes 20 years ago (Have a dissected 90% blocked artery in brain) no physically issues sustained  Have Acute Gout - 3 attacks per year, Right knee and or foot always attacked (do

11:00 Right knee and or foot always attacked (do not drink alcohol, no meat, no shellfish, no fried foods) Put on prednisone or indomethacin for attacks. Put on prednisone for 90 days last summer 20mg, neck started “cracking”, told by doctor “that will go away after the prednisone is stopped”…..(never did go away) Uric acid in blood is usually always 8.0 and above all year long. Recent) Woke up in January with my right eye a bit blurry, glasses would not correct the right eye (maybe 50% on distance only) left foot a bit numb (10%) and neck tight will a “knot” in the left trap muscle. Also, slight ringing in my ears and raspy voice along with major anxiety due to my right eye not correct. Also now notice a “Bone bump” at the bottom of my ribcage in front. Doctor’s scheduled Brain MRI but have not done it due to anxiety concerns about the contrast injection Eye doctors have checked eyes twice since then and all looks good, retinas good. With glasses on, my right eye corrects to almost 20/20 when looking through the pinhole occluder, doctors say it is “Dry eye” and to use drops. Drops help slightly BUT, vision changes daily in right eye at times.

11:01 Have a gout attack now as well. I took prednisone 3 weeks back (15mg) and within 20 minutes had “wavy” lines in my central vision, stopped the prednisone immediately, cannot take indomethacin either due to eye issues afterwards. Seems even some vitamins cause my eyes to blur here and there! Went to a chiropractor and she would like a neck X-ray before anything do to the slight “cracking” and such. I have not done that yet, concerned about the thyroid and neck x-rays
My diet has had no supplement’s regularly and I have not drank milk in years. DR G, What do you think the issues may be? Osteoporosis of the Skull or? If so, is this reversible? What do you recommend?

22:10 Question : What’s up Dr. Glidden, it is your old friend Elizabeth “SETON” Hall! Our 2.5 yr /22lb son, Easton, currently has “inflamed lungs” - how can we help? MD Dr. prescribed us Steroids. This is off of our X-ray report: Persistent prominence of the perihilar lung markings without focal consolidation. These could reflect changes of bronchiolitis or viral pneumonitis. There is prominence of the bilateral perihilar lung markings as previously which may relate to a bronchiolitis. Thanks Dr. Glidden !!!!!!  In addition to the X-ray report: There is some hazy density present at the medial right lung base also likely relating to interstitial changes. No dense consolidation. No pleural effusion. We know there has to be a better way. He is not coughing or wheezing! In March we had him in the ER due to him throwing up for days. X-ray was done and he was diagnosed with “Viral Pneumonia or bronchitis”. (The Drs. were NOT sure!) So they prescribed us Amoxicillin, which we didn’t give him, he got better all on his own after they hydrated him. What led us back to imaging this month was his mucus/gelatinous diarrhea & gagging-throwing up again. They did chest/stomach X-rays to check for a blockage and noticed his Chest was still showing the exact same from March. After giving him a gas remedy, probiotics & the Tang, his stool has been back to normal. We are fans of essential oils & Homeopathy, he is on the HP Program too! I’ve had the Glidden iPhone wallet case on my phone for over a year, ever since you healed him of his Eczema when he was an infant. You are a rock-star, we love your work! Thank you for your time!

28:28 Question : Hey Dr. G! I was diagnosed with choroidal neovascularization (wet macular degen) about 10 years ago in my left eye. After multiple injections with an experimental drug (Avastin) and lasers, the specialist was able to get the mutated vessels to stop bleeding. I am pretty sure that he held the laser on my eye too long and now I have scarring which only left me with peripheral vision in that eye. I started drinking green smoothies and could not believe the transformation that was taking place After digging deeper, I found you & Youngevity! My regular eye doc had to put me on my old prescription because the vision in my right eye had improved. I do not use my reading glasses nearly as much anymore. She was very curious about the supplements I am taking and told me to keep doing it. I am told the scarring is permanent, but since I don’t really listen to them anymore, I thought I would ask you if there is anything I can do in an attempt to get rid of it or improve it. This is one of the reasons I am always asking you about EFA’s.

Question : Good morning doc. Just wanted to said thank you for doing the morning show. Thank you for introducing me to argentyn 23. I don't leave home without it. I found something interesting from a federal inspector that it is illegal to use silver on cattle. There are excuses that turns you blue. I left myself will do everything I can to keep us locked in their system. Keep up the good work and thanks

35:35 Question : What would you suggest to help with thin, weak nails? I'm on the 90 but my nails still break like crazy. Thanks

Question : male 210pds,6'tall,age77, taking potassium,Furosemide once a day and Carvedilol and Entresto twice a day for congestive heart failure. I would like to get off of medication. Any suggestions?

41:41 Question : Hi Doc. Long time listener, new subscriber. Was in good health until about 3 years ago, helped a friend clean houses for five months. Started coughing and runny nose, went gluten free, runny nose stopped, but was still very stuffy. Almost 2 years ago to the day blew out a rubbery dark mass that I think was allergic mucin meaning fungus in the sinuses. Have had asthma-like symptoms off and on for a couple of years except weird—not really in chest but right at throat/vocal chords. Visited the ER a few times because my throat started closing up. Scary. Passed out and was intubated last summer, pulmonary doc in the last ER didn’t think it was traditional asthma, said my lungs looked good. Said I seemed fine after I came to, said he didn’t know why I was there. He couldn’t get rid of me fast enough, I think because he had no answers. Found out later the intubation was unnecessary. Have been on rescue inhalers off and on for a couple of years, not knowing what else to do because no one could figure out what was wrong with me and I knew the MDs would stick me on a bunch of meds. Had a pulmonary function analysis done February 9, 2018, which showed moderate obstructive lung defect, lung volumes are within normal limits, good response to bronchodilator. Was prescribed a nebulizer which helps me have quality of life, way better than the rescue inhalers, and I do a morning and evening treatment. Don’t want to be on it but don’t like living in the ER. Was prescribed a nasal spray that lets me breathe through my nose but I’ve almost come off that. Have no issues or pain or meds except this problem which I think is a “big, bad, voodoo daddy.” 55, female, 5’9”, 150 lbs, gluten-free, avoiding the 12 bad foods, jump on a rebounder 6 days a week for 20 minutes. Doing the 90 for several months now but not enough for weight until recently due to budget. I believe the body can do amazing things if I give it what it needs. What do you suggest? Hit me with your best shot. Thanks a million, I appreciate what you’re doing!!! (And your sense of humor. Watch Robot Chicken Emperor Phone Call on YouTube if you haven’t already.) Just remembered arthritic pain starting in my thumb joints also...

47:47 I have been suffering from bladder infections (E coli mostly) all my life. For the first time I have used Argentyn 23 that you recommended. I was using another colloidal silver liquid but realized I was poisioning myself after watching your video. Argentyn 23 has worked really well so far and I am still taking it after 1 week (2 teaspoons a day) instead of 3 times). How long should I take it?  Questions 2: Can I use Clay to get rid of the excess silver?

49:40 Question : How to you get rite of floaters in vision?