Health Q&A: April 16, 2018

1:30 Why do we get knots in our stomach when we are in fear of something?
P.S I have an idea for a new feature on your website.. an A-Z listing of medical conditions and for $0.25- $0.50 you can send a 1-2 minute video to someone, and they can listen to you talk about what causes the disease and what is the recommended course of action to treat it is. This can be a good tool to get someone quickly informed about a specific condition and can intrigue them to buy a subscription if they wish.

4:25 Question : Hello Doc, Is it okay to include MesoGold in a regimen to help someone with alcohol addiction, along with the 90?. Also, thanks for the advice with my client that had molluscum contagiosum….everything cleared up.

7:05 Question : Hey Dr. G...great to be back on here again. I was in Costa Rica for a business trip. I was pleased to come back and see the new opportunities for people to partake of the value you provide (whether as an executive member, ambassador, etc.). As the time goes's truly a pleasure to see lives changed by science-based, clinically verified medical nutrition strategies. I really appreciate your delivery of this message. I have to tell you...I started bursting out laughing yesterday when I was listening to one of the older tactical health podcast recordings. You and Mike Filip were talking about the negatives of oil and fried food. You two were talking about how people eat fried chicken at Popeye's...wash it down with it with french fries..and then you later mention....that they walk outside and their knees explode. Tragedy aside...this had me in laughter big time. This was very therapeutic for me.I appreciate your sense of humor as it helps keep us more sane during these crazy times. Have a blessed night Dr. G!

11:10 Question : Hi Doc, thanks for the new version to be a Dr. Glidden Fan! What would you suggest to get Pesticides and Herbicides out of the body?

13:30 Question : Yo Dr. G! Two questions: 1) have you had a chance to check out the two newest Proline Products: ProJointFX and ProCardioFX or have you heard from anyone who's gotten good results from them. 2) Is there any major difference in B12 from cyanocobalamin or methocobalamin? Thanks for all you do. I'll be signing up as an Executive next month!

16:00 Question : Is coffee good for health or is it not? I find that most plant derived chemicals that end in "ine" are produced as an insecticide. If the plant meant it as a deterrent how can it possibly be good for our health? I know that there are many more chemicals other than caffeine so does their good qualities override the bad?

19:13 Question : Dr. G. I am taking an essential oil blend in a capsule for my prostate. However, I notice that inside the capsule there is an air bubble. My question is the same principle true with oil in a bottle with air as oil in a capsule with air?

21:20 Question : If someone who is at least 60 years old is attempting to gain weight in a healthy way, is building body mass the only way to gain weight (apart from the stomach) overall? Does the body have a system or order in which weight increases? How responsive are particular parts of the body, like hands, face and neck, etc, to weight gain? How many additional pounds would make a noticeable difference?

23:40 Question : i have three stems in heart. medication: atenolol one asprin. many thanks Dr i need an answer

27:15 Question : Hi Dr. G, thanks for all you, Brenda and your wonderful staff continues to do. I have a female family member -18 yrs old age/5ft 7 185 lbs. She has always had problems with having a regular menstruation. She just recently had her menstruation last month which would have been a year without having one. The Md's says she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). By her not having her regular cycle, she experiences mood swings and facial hair growth. What do you recommend?

31:21 Question : A year and 8 months ago I did a calcium screening had a 715 score. took your advise, no 12 bad foods. Followed a 8 month healing program, and still using recommended by listening to your webinars for heart disease and more. I would like to see if I made improvements in my circulatory system. Life line screening offers a 5 point ultrasound screening, Carotid artery, Heart Rythm, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Peripheral Arterial Disease and Osteoporosis Risk Your opinion please

33:25 Question : Hello, I have a friend who has many lipomas all over his body. So much so that he's embarrassed to wear shorts. What is he deficient in? Should he have them removed?

36:00 Question : My mom is 52 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has went through surgery, chemo therapy, and radiation already. I recently learned about you through a co worker and wanted some advice. They have now put her on Tamoxifen and it has made her feel horrible, once again. She would like to quit taking it but is scared because the doctor said the cancer could come back if she does, and it probably wouldn’t be in her breast. What do you recommend she takes if she stops the Tamoxifen?

39:40 Question : Hi Doc! I have a question for a new customer. Female, 5'8", 175 lbs, constipated, regular periods but pain during ovulation, allergic to dust mites, cats, dogs, pollen, and very important--migraines every other week lasting several days. They put her on Elavil at night for the headaches but she says it doesn't really help and she wants to come off this med. She is supposed to take Relpax when she has a headache but she doesn't take it. Also, what are your thoughts about "green super foods"--good to take?

43:00 Question : asked the question about digestive problems 2wks ago and did not hear all of your recommendations due to computer issues. I found the aloe just need to know how much to take and anything else I need to heal digestive system/psoriasis. Still on HS pack, Zradical and no bad foods.

45:25 Question : Hi, Doctor G! Thanks for the great video on EFA's! We have an 18 year old woman with an Omega 3 deficiency. She cannot have fish oil, tree nuts, or dairy products. What would you recommend? What do you think of Nordic Naturals algae based Omega 3. Thank you!

46:56 Question : My mother in law just got out of the hospital. Congestive Heart Failure. They put in a stent. Now she is on Plavix and Lasix. We refused the Lipitor. She is 180lbs and is also taking BTT 2.0, Ultimate EFAs, Osteo Powder and D-Stress, and avoiding the 12 bad foods. What else should she take, and is there a way to measure coagulation of her blood at home?

49:05 Question : 67 y.o. male – in need of hip replacement. Tried a few YGY products in past (BTT, glucogel, osteo FX, EFAs) but quit YGY and continued on supplements from other companies. He sees a chiropractor. h/o kidney stones. h/o atrial fib. He wants to avoid hip surgery. What would a full supplement regimen look like for him? He is familiar with a low carb/anti-inflammatory diet.

51:30 Question : hey Doc, I jumped in late, I recently got a hair analysis to see where I am with trace minerals, I am still trying to understand what the report says. what would you recommend for that, but the report says that my metabolic type is slow 4. can you explain this and what would be needed for it?

53:30 Question : Hello Dr Glidden! I’m 6 weeks pregnant, what supplements would you tell your daughter to take? I’m on the Heart and Brain 2.0 Health Pak and a raw prenatal vitamin. Thank you! PS we have our son on the nebulizer with colloidal silver and more supplements on the way! Thank you SO much!! He’s doing great. Oh I’m in 119 lbs 5’0”

57:27 Question : hey doc you are awesome! my friend just subscribed he is having computer trouble he wanted to ask about his mother. she was put on hormone replacement for menopause developed breast cancer she has gotten surgery chemo and radiation. they have her on tamoxifan and its making her feel terrible they said to she has to take for 2.5 years and if she doesn't cancer could come back and if it came back it probably wouldn't be in her breast what do you recommend thanks doc