Health Q&A: April 23, 2018

00:35 What are your thoughts on tetanus and tetanus shots? P.S What are your thoughts on seasonal effective disorder?

5:00 Question : Hi, I was just wondering what you recommend for rebuilding your myelin. I know you recommend eating eggs but I have an egg sensitivity, I had an IgG food sensitivity test done about a year ago and had a really bad immune reaction to eggs, what should I take,? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

9:26 I have a customer with Barretts esophagus What can be done They have him on an acid blocker. He also has diabetes, is over weight. Thank you for all you do.

13:00 Question : Hey Dr. G it was great to hear you and Mike on I recently subscribed! My nearly 3-month-old niece is having intermittent colic, burping up her formula, and having bowel movements which easily lead to a rather harsh diaper rash even after just one bowel movement. Sometimes she will go days without issues...and then other times its going on all of the time. You provided a good formula recipe and other info but right now she is on a different formula because of some disagreement

19:52 between the mother and father. Other than ideally changing the formula as suggested...would root beer belly be indicated at this young of an age? Or would you suggest something else? She is getting plant derived minerals appropriate for body weight. She weighs about 11 pounds. If you would suggest anything to add...what dose would you recommend and how often? This next question is a unique one….but I thought I would ask. I was talking with Dave in the Thumb (my good friend and upline). We were discussing a loved one of mine who seems adamant about continuing the e-cigarettes even though it seems to be causing decreased lung function. I showed them your webinar on quitting smoking. Many who use the e cigarettes believe they are "not smoking" even though they are still getting nicotine and other known problematic substances in the lungs from the vaping fluid. Dave wanted me to ask you about your thoughts on vaping cbd oil as opposed to the typical e-cigarette solution. Any thoughts on this? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for all of your good work Dr. G! To your prosperity and health

14:41 Question : Hello Doc, I take the 90 Essential but I wanted to add the projoba omega as part of my daily supplement (3 times a day) Is it ok? Cause I was diagnosed with asthma and you suggested that I take the Projoba 4 times a day and it helped. I used it for 3 month. Now after like 6 month my coughing is back. female, 120 LB, 5.7 feet

17:10 Question : From Loretta Hargrave in BC: 78 year old female 155 lbs and 5'5" has been diagnosed with multiple cysts in the liver, largest is 1.5cm, no hepatomegaly. Suspected small hemangioma in liver also. The center of her spleen has a large mass suggestive of a giant cavernous hemagioma and there is nephrosis of the spleen. There are cysts in the kidneys, though no hydronephrosis. Patient had no symptoms she noticed. A dental visit raised concern that there was also what appeared to be a hemangioma


20:45 Question : Hey Doc! Friend has been taking the products for a couple of months now. She has been having a lot of heart burn since taking them. Also she is experiencing some chest pain that travels to her back. It is happening more frequently. She has to go lie down till it passes. Thoughts?

22:15 Question : Hello Dr, no question, just a I just want to say, since using Youngevity for almost 9 months now, I feel super healthy, skin is healthy looking, and over all health is awesome. I did go crazy of a few products like the plant minerals, the Ultimate daily classic, and Selenium. But with the diet change and the is good!! thank you for your work..

24:05 Question : Hi Doc. Does flaxseed oil lower testosterone in men? Does it raise estrogen levels in men? What is your opinion of New Chapter company and their wild alaskan salmon fish oil?

26:26 Question : What is your protocol for someone with Psoriasis? Thanks

28:15 Question : hi dr. G my friend has what looks like psoriasis and she scratches holes in her skin she smokes and is not gluten free and eats poorly she is 55 and not too over weight ...

29:20 Question : Hi Dr. G, I have previously heard you advise people to use i26 for only 90 days. Is there a known problem if it is used over a longer period of time? In addition to desiring any potential health benefits, I have frequently used the powder as an egg substitute, sprinkled on avocado salads.

30:50 Question : Hey Doc, last week you stated that the hair analysis test was a waste. Just wanted to share with you that this was one that Dr Wallach endorsed from his book Rare Earths and he is currently telling listeners about that test from his book. my health question for this week is what is the most Projoba Omegas can a 200 lb person can take for a skin condition with an itch that is taking too long to heal

33:00 Question : I was diagnosed with strabismic amblyopia when I was six years old (21 now). I have been taking the healthy start pack, extra osteo-FX, selenium, gluco-gel, and ocutiv at the dosages you recommend and eliminated the 12 bad foods for almost 3 months now. I have seen a big difference in my health but I need to know how much longer I should do this before I know for sure my eye problems are gone and I have 20/20 vision. What do you recommend I do at the end of the 3 months of treatment?

36:36 Question : Hello Doctor Glidden, I was getting your Tactical Health Podcast via an Apple App called Sound Cloud! Is it still going through the app? By the way, by the end of this month you will have another Ambassador here! Doc, tonight if you get too close to your mic it sounds muffle!

37:50 Question : What brand are you using for Meso Copper and where are you getting it from? Also, are you taking Ocutiv for the eye? And what is the best probiotic? I don't want to over supplement...

39:30 Question : Dr.G., Thank you for your show. What could be your thoughts about a very strong popping feeling /sensation prior to an immediate onset of a full blown attack of vertigo?

41:55 Question : 3 year old girl was diagnosed with a rare disease called HSP which effects her joints and blood vessels. Rash and bruses also

53:53 Question : U hv discussed this case on yr show. Im from fl. Not canada. I fell on a stairwell during hurricane. Broken elbow. Nearly broken neck.nerve damage. Left arm, hand severe trekors. Very unsettling. 35 lb loss in weight. All of this started with the fall. Prior to that, in perfect health. 66 yrs. 175 lb. Thank you Dr G.0:43