Health Q&A: April 2, 2018

Question : Hey Dr. G Lincoln's younger brother here, Wanted to give you feedback on the collagen. Actually bought the great lakes and a small container of the vital proteins beef gelatin to make jello. I think the great lakes is good but when i add the the vital proteins gelatin I get headaches. thought was strange, backed off the gelatin then reintroduced them and the headaches came along for the ride. Thinking of switching to the vital proteins college peptides. Also doing Gluco gels, sta-restored. and also bone and tissue. By the way my tinnitus is completely gone after the aggressive fix the joint program.

04:00 Question : I was diagnosed with Gitelman’s Disease a couple years ago and it has been impossible to control my Potassium levels. I am on a lot of different meds and my Potassium continues to be low. My last number was 2.5 and it has been as low as 1.8
Do you have any recommendations on what I could do? Thank you

08:00 Question : Dr. G How do adaptogenic herbs work? It seems like they have wisdom, but how is that possible? P.S I have a job interview tomorrow, and my face and hands sweat during interviews, do you have any remedies for this?

11:00 Hello Doc, Female, 47, 120LB, take 90 nutrients, Selenium, don't take the 12 bad food 1) I did everything you mentioned about Thyroid, even saw a chiropractor to do the therapy…sure enough the bone was straight. But I still have benign nodules on my thyroid. I am taking Iodine you recommended by Imeddo. It has been a month since I started using it. Will taking the iodine get rid of the nodules? If not, what do you recommend I should do? 2) what do you recommend for itchy, dry, red eye related to allergy?

16:16 Question : Hi Dr G! My 3 year old daughter got a head injury while playing on a bouncy castle. I think she got slight concussion since she constantly saying that she has a sore head and has been feeling sleepy for last 24 hours, she also vomited once. She does not have a high temperature so i did not bring her to hospital as i know they would want to do a CT scan or X Ray.. I have been keeping her home for bed rest and i also noticed that when she watched a little television then she complained of headache more so i don't let her watch television for now. Within last couple of hours i noticed that she was improving. Is there anything you could recommend to me to help her with quicker recovery?

14:50 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I had two strokes last year (small ones) For the last two weeks have been having tia's. I am on Tangy Tangerine, Plant Derived Minerals, Ultimate Osteo FX, Projoba Omega, Selenium, Nature's Pearl Anti Oxidants, and Good Herb Circulation Formula. My heart rate is only in the 40's. Today, I just got back from the hospital with a prescription for Plavix. I have to have an echoccardiogram and see a neurologist. Have only been taking baby ASA daily. Do you have any suggestions?

20:30 Question : A client of mine has a daughter who started showing signs of alopecia, also she has tender lymph nudes behind her right ear. Her doctor said there is nothing she can do. Do you have a resolution?!!! Thanks!!!!

23.25 Question : Look forward to the live sessions, even my hubby (Dog) is listening. Want to ask you about a steroid cream that is used for dry and itchy skin, clobetasol propionate. Is there any natural remedy that can be used instead, as this stuff is spendy at $100 bucks a tube. Appreciate any suggestions. have been on the 90 and off bad foods for about 3 1/2 weeks now.

26:15 Question : Hi Doc. What do you recommend to keep plaque from building up in the arteries?

20:02 Question : My mother was diagnosed with dystonia and parkinsonism about 8 years ago. Her decline started about 14 years ago after having an infected gallbladder, which was removed. In December, she started taking the healthy heart and body pack x 2 with rev drops, and synaptiv. Her sense of smell has started return, but no other improvements. She has been eating 10 eggs a day with little else. She can't walk without assistance, cannot get out of a chair by herself. What are we missing? She takes carbolev levodopa, blood pressure meds and a water pill. She also had the brain surgery with implants for parkinsons about 2 years ago. She is 56 and weighs about 225 pounds. She has really put on weight since the brain implants.

24.00 Question : what can be done for lymphedema? i know a woman who has lymphedema and if her leg gets a cuts clear liquid comes out. What can be done for lymphedema? I know a woman who has lymphedema and if she gets a cut on her leg clear liquid comes out.

35.00 Question : Greetings Dr. G, Can antibiotic and steroid eye drops used (post cataract surgery) over a period of one week and three weeks, respectively, potentially adversely affect any other aspect of one’s health, besides the eyes? Thanks

38.38 Question : Hi Dr. G I have a brother in law with a pace maker that fired off the evening he took Good herbs for kidney function and also selenium and z radical. Would any of this cause his pace maker to fire off. He is a little concerned. He is talking to his MDs and what he is hearing is that this stuff is not FDA Approved. How should her handle this.

40.15 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, my wife has a co-worker 39 y/o 5'4" 139 lbs diagnosed with MCTD! Mixed connectivity tissue disease, I've never heard of this one before!!! One day it's a swollen eye, next day it's the lips, another day is a rash on the arms, etc. How can we help this lady? How much gelatin should we take?

42.30 Question : What are your thoughts on the CBD oil? Is it addictive? Can you recommend a brand? How to get taste buds back?

44.44 Question : Hey Dr. G! As always, thank you thank you! Can eggs cause inflammation in the eyes? Any chance of you doing a webinar on inflammation and the ways it can manifest? Could the eye inflammation be due to dehydration? I had some kind of irritation in my right eye back in February and then again last month. Both times in the right eye. In both cases it cleared up on it's own with no visit to the eye doc.

48.38 Question : Hi Dr. G!!! I have developed a inguinal hernia on my left side. It started last year when I had the flu and was doing a lot of deep coughing. Only hurts sometimes. My question is what I can do and take to help it slip back in. I am not interested in surgery at this point in time. HELP ME DOC, WHAT CAN I DO!!!!! Thanks and God Bless to all of you! Mike Ganse

52.00 Question : Hi dr. Glidden. It looks like my question was lost. I was wondering about the 4 here program that you used several weeks ago to clean the gunk from your eyes. I go the tail end of what you were talking about out only.

54.54 Question : I had a GI disturbance last week with stomach pain, cramps, slight pain passing stools that were smaller than normal . The next day passed this clear mucous with little bits of blood in it and this occurred for 1 1/2 days. Flare up of psoriasis. I was weak in my legs and felt chilled, no fever, no vomiting. I have been able to eat the last 2 -3 days but today still have weakness in legs and some slight pain in stomach and when passing stools. On ZRadical, H.S. pack, EFA's, plant der. Mineral