Health Q&A: April 9, 2018

8:15 - Male, 41yrs, 5.11, 165.7 lbs. stomach ulcer that caused heavy rectal bleeding after he did a small running marathon.
What protocol to follow. 
- Male, 46yrs, 5.10, 240lbs. feeling rectal pressure (due to sitting too much), also frequent urination (both day and night), dull back pain (MD says Not diabetic, No enlarged postrate). Have visited chiropractor but not much back damage.
What protocol to reduce rectal pressure.

12:40 Question : Every 5 months or so I experience abdominal pain. It is always at night, is a constant, severe, sharp pain that is located in the center of the abdomen. I usually lasts (on avg) about 8 hrs. Last attack was on Wed night. The pain then radiated to my left side. No pain or anything abnormal upon palpation. No changes in diet, regular periods and normal BM. Off bad foods, on BTT 2.0, Osteo fx, projoba omega, nightly essense and liver/gallbladder support. Any ideas?

16:20 Customer #1
Is on a budget he is on BTT2.0, Osteo, Selenium & Circulation Support which he stopped taking because the eye pressure increased significantly in 1 Week.
Here is his condition from his words.
I've been diagnosed with sarcoidosis uveitis monocular degeneration inflammation in the eyes and a slightly fatty liver and I'm taking for eye drops one of the four is and steroid to help get rid of the inflammation the eye drops are taken to lower eye pressure.

Customer #2
68 year old M. Retina detachment, can see light & movement for 20 yrs. What can help? I recommended HBSP 2.0 Liquid, Selenium, Ocutiv, Prostate health & Pro Joint FX for his other issues.

Customer #3
Who wants to know about Coconut Oil and is it good at all. Ben Fuchs says how good it is for eye health and her husband has Macular Degeneration.

20:30 Question : Hey Dr Glidden. I had a number of my ducks about to fertilize my porch so I threw a frisbee in their direction to scare them away. I felt a sharp pain in my right bicep. At first I thought that I tore a tendon but the pain is located in the middle of the muscle and not at either end. It only hurts now when I pick something up a certain way. What could I have possibly done and what can I do to help my body heal?

23:30 Question : Hey Dr. G! I ran across an EFA supplement (Andrew Lessman – Your Vitamins) over the weekend. I took Lessman’s supplements for many years prior to switching to Youngevity. It is called Maximum Essential Omega-3 (high DHA fish oil). It grabbed my attention after hearing you speak about Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 during a recent Q & A. YG’s ProJoba Omega has 60% EPA/40% DHA ratio and the Lessman product has 60% DHA/40% EPA. Does YG have a similar product or do you think they will in the near future?

26:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I asked you a question last Monday about Gitelman’s Disease (it’s been impossible for me to control my low potassium levels) and I ordered a Healthy Body Start Pak, Plant Derived Minerals & Cal Toddy to start with on Friday. I apologize to bother you again… I am a MSN RN that works in the trauma world. Still re-training my brain to think this way rather than conventional medicine...all my specialist have told me that “with Gitelmans I have a pump in each kidney that... does not work at all.” This pumps job is to process & absorb potassium. I have been gluten free for several years. I have not eaten any of the 12 bad foods for years. I guess I feel the need to understand more clearly because my medically trained brain wonders how the potassium can be absorbed when the pumps do not work? Thank you

31:20 What is the remedy for pelvic floor dysfunction which causes urinary incontinence. Thanks as usual for your great advice. It always helps.

34:20 Do you have any tips for traveling and still trying to take youngevity? Are there any products you take when you cant take the bottles? Flying and going to a big convention and don't want to eat convention food or any of the 12 bad foods if we can help it. Thanks so much.

38:25 Dr. G What are your thoughts on using Trace Mineral Research brand mouth rinse it has colloidal silver, peppermint oil, and trace minerals to remineralize your teeth?

40:00 My friend was diagnosed with lung fibrosis some time ago and he was given 2-5 years to survive. After giving him a lung biopsy, they found he just had pneumonia. He does have a persistent cough, lots of drainage, and lives on a boat. He did smoke for many years. Would lung support be beneficial for his condition? I am wondering if it is allergies, not sure which direction to turn. Dr. G. I started taking the Ultimate classic because I am allergic to the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Unfortunately, it looks as if I am allergic to the Ultimate classic also. I am really bummed because I had such good results from the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the proof is in the results. What is in these products that could be causing the allergies?

44:00 Dr. Glidden some time ago you made a video comparing Youngevity supplements with other supplements on the market but the video is not very good quality and there was no mention about Naturopathic doctors and what they use, could you please do a video comparing Youngevity supplements to all others on the market including what Naturopaths use?Dr. Glidden some time ago you made a video comparing Youngevity supplements with other supplements on the market but the video is not very good quality and there was no mention about Naturopathic doctors and what they use, could you please do a video comparing Youngevity supplements to all others on the market including what Naturopaths use?

45:35 My friend's wife first month on youngevity started developing acne. She's 35 years old normal body weight. No known health problems. She never had acne before. Can you tell what might be the reasons?

47:25 Hi Dr. Glidden. I just noted the new Proline Cardio FX product today. I am thinking of getting that next month instead of the Good Herbs Heart Support for a change of pace. What is the inside scoop. PS. A friend of mine is raving about the Projoint FX that he just got a week ago.

50:45 What are your thoughts of a DEXA SCAN? What is recommended in place of a mammogram? What is the max amount of Selenium should one take? My eye doc told me to start PNR--Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, EPA as rTG 1680 MG DHA as rTG 560 ADDITIONAL Omega as rTG 428, VIT. D3 25 mcg website What are your thoughts on this products ingredients. For eye wash, what was your formula, distilled water, Argentian 23?

54:44 What homeopathic remedy would You recommend to dissolve kidney stones? Thank You.

56:10 What is your protocol for a person with cataracts. Also, a protocol for a person who has had cataracts surgery in one eye.

58:15 i have been under the care of a dc for nearly 10 months i have done everything they have asked and more cost me nearly 7k i am fed up, i still have after 9 months low t, anxiety, bad stress tolerance, startle easy (doorbell), low mood, i have reactive hypoglycemia in afternoon i lower my carbs today and still had a low, i always eat healthy fats and protein too, i feel good late into the night and early in morning most issues are in afternoon, i am off the bad foods, what do you think? Thanks

1:01:26 Hello Doctor Glidden, Im still giving my dad the Good Herbs Support and his Potassium has come down from 9 to 5.2, he just finished his 2nd bottle set. He is getting 3 mils of Liver support, Heart support and Circulatory support. Could I add the Ultimate Daily Classics with Hawthorne to that?

1:02:30 What would you suggest for cold like symptoms when they start? Dry scratchy throat, lethargic, sinus irritation. Thanks Dr. G!