Health Q&A: May 14, 2018

2:15 Question : Hey Doc, Randy’s on the protocol you recommended for the cataract in the right eye, the Maritima drops, Projoba omegas, extra minerals etc.. The surgery is scheduled but lately he said it seems there are times his vision is clearer than others, which has been encouraging. He wants to postpone the surgery and hit this as hard as the budget will allow. He added Youngevity’s Ocutiv and it recommends 1 pill a day, is that sufficient or should he do more? Also will this protocol cover the floaters or should he add anything else? The cataract in his right eye was rated 3+ and his left was rated 1+ in severity if that helps. Thanks again for all you’ve done for us!!

5:20 Question : Dr. G What does Chlorella do for the body? It says on the label it is an "Internal Deodorant" what does that mean? P.S Does tryptophan make someone feel happier right away or does it take many doses before you feel the effects?

9:30 Question : hi dr. G have you heard of a slime wall in the gi tract that steals nutrients and causes other heath issues? if so how can we know if we have it and what can we do to kill it ? thanks

13:05 Question : Hey Dr. G. My boss had ½ of her thyroid and ½ of her parathyroid removed surgically about 2 years ago. She had a hurthle cell adenoma in her thyroid gland. It was removed with no part of the adenoma remaining. She has recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She doesn’t sleep well and is always tired even first thing in the morning. She takes 30 mg of Armour Thyroid per day. She would like to get off of the medicine. What is a good program for her on top of the 90 and why do you think the tumor formed in the first place?

15:35 Question : Hey Dr. G Thought of swapping out my bottle of Plant Derived minerals for the Herbal Rainforest for a couple of months as it also has the plant minerals for a colon cleanse. as I don't really have time for the hydrotherapy. Any thoughts on this product?

17:40 Question : hi, are there any vegen packs / EFAs i can use? Ty

18:18 Question : Good Evening Dr. What are your thoughts on the oil in most Gluten Free baked goods? I presume less evil than frying...Thank you!

19:50 Question : Hi Dr. G. We are in Boise, Idaho today traveling across country. We don't know where we want to live after leaving Hawaii (last week). What's the best way to rule out allergens as we travel as my husband is very sensitive so a variety of things. We're afraid we might fin a great place but then have allergies pop up.

22:35 Question : MY daughter has an enlarged goiter with nodules, non cancerous. Dr. put her on Thyroid meds. They have done needle biopsies. What could she take to help this issue? Procana, what product in this line would you recommend for me with R.A.

26:15 Question : What would you reccommend for me? I have had acne for years now, and I just stopped eating the 12 bad foods, which has greatly improved my skin, but I still need to supplement my diet with nutrients. My budget is around $60 – thanks

28:15 Question : Thank you for the info on Natrum Carbonium that you gave me last week. Can this be used in excess or would it be a good addition to a resistance training program?

30:00 Question : Hi, Doc. Help. 63 yoa & 185 lbs 5'1" 27 year cancer survivor Diabetes T2 -Never controlled-numbness in feet. Dr says my blood is thick, moving slow, and that's the cause. Occaisional nerve pain elsewhere. Levimir 16 unis nightly - stretching it til next month Can't afford the fast acting insulin. $50 first month, $1200/mo after that. Medicare part D Sadness. (on keto diet bs goes up if I eat carbs) Also on a psych drug. Ulcerative colitis Hi BP Heart palpitations. Secondary cataract

32:50 Question : Hi Dr. G, Can the prolonged or indefinite use of these supplements create any health issues: Enzymes, Flora-fx, Cape Aloe and the Kroeger supplement ’Mover’? If so, what are they? Thanks!

35:15 Question : hi Doc, after having surgery to remove some colon due to diverticiouses what can a person do to heal quicker

36:40 Question : about a year ago I went to an MD because I was having a discomfort on my right side maybe about where my appendix might be. I had a CT scan, an MRI, a colonoscopy, a ultrasound and bloodwork but got no answers. My stools are normal. Therefore, I decided to eat right and take my 90forLife plus additional selenium,D3,vitamin c, d-stress, liver and gallbladder support herbal, and a green barley drink, hoping my body would figure it out and fix itself. A year later and still discomfort. Ideas? BTW I am 5'2" and weigh 110 lbs.

40:50 Question : I just noticed that the moons on all of my toe nails occupy almost my whole nail. It hasn't always been this way but I don't know when it started. My finger nail moons are all normal. Does this mean anything? ok, what can i do then? i thinking of following the jewish diatary laws

41:50 Question : Hi Doc! Thanks for ALL you do!
Question: Granulated hamburger. Is this part of the 12 bad foods? Since you can't cook it medium rare.

43:20 Question : Doc! A few weeks ago when you recommended a program for me, you said “bottle” of the original Tangy Tangerine and I assumed you meant the liquid. After listening to several Q and As and hearing you say “bottle” about most of the containers, I’m wondering if you meant for me to get the riginal powder with the blue top…? Also, you recommended a bottle of YGY selenium per month. Is there any reason this is better for me to take than the Vital Nutrients Selenium? Thanks! I have started reading your new book. Brilliant title—I am so grateful you put this together for us. Oh and a good report. After being on what you recommended for four weeks, I haven’t used my nebulizer in about three weeks. Woo hoo!!

45:15 Question : Would adding Cherry Mins to Coca Cola be one way to introduce someone to the benefit of getting minerals into their body?

46:10 Doc, the BTT2.0 makes my stomach hurt and I get lots of gas. I take the PDM and no problem, with Zradical, liquid Cal, Cardo beets, and Super Greens. Selenium (3), Muscadine Grape(3) Is this enough for me?