Health Q&A: May 21, 2018

1:20 I was diagnosed with White Coat Hypertension a long time ago, I was told that people with white coat hypertension have lower morbidity than patients with sustained hypertension, but higher morbidity than the clinically normotensive. I take my B/P at home and its below or around 123/80. I am very anxious at the doctor’s office, but at home I am at ease. Should I be concern with the White Coat hypertension or not? Also, Is there anything to help it before going to the doctor's office?

5:50 Question : Dr. G. I hope you are having a blessed one. I wanted to share with you the info passed along to me regarding a person dealing with some health concerns. Here is what was sent to me via email... (Regarding the gentleman in need of help) He now weighs about 210, and is 5’11”, and is 70 years old. He has always had digestive issues, and has a pretty acute reaction to most drugs he has taken in the past. His medical conditions include: allergies, high blood pressure, enlarged prostrate, that he is currently taken medication for. Currently, he has six nodules in his lungs, and another near, but not on his liver and kidney as a result to having melanoma. He had surgery to remove a tumor on the brain, and the remaining cells were treated with radiation and immunotherapy, which he had acute reactions to. He is experiencing dizziness most of the time, and there is a suggestion that the melanoma cells in his brain. Your help is a godsend!! Thank you so much. We will promptly order what you recommend. Please also let me know the best way to order. Please disregard the portion regarding the best way to order. I didn't intend on sending the last part. I will be able to help them with the ordering . With that being said...thanks Dr. G for all of the good work you do! By the way...I'm in Bloomington, Indiana but my IP address to my new laptop must be from Oolitic which is about 1 1/2 hours south of Indianapolis. This is where the limestone from the Empire State Building is from!

11:55 My girlfriend had a cyst removed from her palm on Friday. She went back to the surgeon, and he said her healing looks good, but she still has numbness in her index finger. The surgeon said that it could be inflamed nerves from the surgery. I have her taking the 90 and Homeopathic Arnica, do you have any advice for her? Thank you.

14:00 Question : Dr. Glidden, You were discussing the Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio and stated that you were no longer recommending eggs as much as you used to do. I believe as you do that the body is smart so I was wondering if the a needed ratio is as carved in stone as we think it is. Is the concept of a needed ratio the work product of holistic researchers or are we relying on the usual suspects? Also, you noted that Vitamin C will make Copper unavailable. Would you explain how this happens, thanks a lot.

19:40 Question : Hey Doc since learning about not consuming minerals and phytates together from you I've been careful no to. However, is it true that fermenting eliminates the hazard? Is it okay to put fermented spinach powder in tangy Tang shake? Thanks for all!

22:05 Question : Dr. G. What do you know about C60? I have friends who have been using it with significant results.

25:50 Question : Friend 65 years of age . Doctor wants her to have knee surgery. 187 lbs. allopurinol 300mg , cholesterol simvasatin 20 mg, Ric acid furosemide 20 mg , nifedipine er/xl , glipizide 5mg sugar pills... what is your suggestion. My daughter ...thrombocytopenia .... stated very low .... what do you suggest.

31:00 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I hope everything is well. My dad's A1C is at 6 and his Potassium at 4.9, he is no longer given anything for diabetes nor do they prick his fingers anymore to test this blood but there is no mention or questions as what was done to get rid of it! Now my dad is being treated for Afib with Sorelto and he chokes when he eats so all his meals are puree and thick liquids and his legs are swollen around his ankles. I still have him on BTT 2.0 tablets, Ultimate Mineral Capsules, i26 and Ultimate Daily Classic. As for me, I went to the DC, got an adjustment but still have tingly fingers on my left hand. I haven't got the Manganese yet! I believe Im experiencing the Herrings healing law! I fractured my right arm when I was on High School and since I started my new job it has being hurting!!!

35:02 Question : Hi! When fingernails experience normal growth, but grow out soft and discolored, what is possibly the cause? The toenails experience normal and healthy growth. Thanks

36:36 Question : I'm using the Projoint too since about 3 weeks and it works fantastic. I believe it is because of the added Vitamin K which make a large difference