Morning Q&A: May 23, 2018

2:00 Question : Hey Dr. Glidden. It's always a pleasure to be on here. I wanted to get your insight regarding the ultimate classic. If someone was deciding to go for the ultimate classic, beyond osteo, and projoba to make up the 90 essential nutrients...if they ideally needed to secure based on their body weight 2 packs per month...would the second bottle of osteo always be necessary? I ask because the Ultimate Classic has about 600 mg of calcium and 300 mg of magnesium per serving. If they were getting two servings of the ultimate classic...they would be getting the same amount of calcium and even more magnesium than what is included in one bottle of beyond osteo fx. With that being said...would the second bottle of osteo be necessary for someone (especially if going for the basic program)? Also, I wanted Thanks for your time and help. I hope you have an awesome week ahead

6:30 Question : I am 58, 170 pounds and 5'9". I have been diagnosed with COPD & my doctor has me taking Advair. I’m not sure that this medication is good medicine. I have always been very healthy until 2 years ago when I became very ill with pneumonia & never recovered fully. The doc had me on Prilosec 2 x a day & allergy meds also. I stopped taking those meds & it has taken a year for my guts to start working right again. I’m still using Advair 2 x a day. Are there any alternative treatments for COPD? Thanks

15:20 Question : Hey Doc. Since some things put on the skin are absorbed directly into our bodies without being screened by the digestive system, are the oils in skincare as problematic as the oils in food we eat? Is it better to eat only three main meals a day, does snacking in between meals help keep the metabolism burning and is that a good thing, and does the digestive system have a daily “rhythm” that needs to be respected…? Holy Digestion, Batman!!

19:05 Question : Good morning, Doc. What can we do to help a 62 year old female, average height, 130 pounds, who had undiagnosed pneumonia for no one knows how long. Night sweats, fever, fatigue and doctors finally did xray and then CT. She had an empyema that had to be surgically removed. She was sent home on IV antibiotics 4 times a day. She's been on IV antibiotics for 4 weeks now and not responding very well. Still has fever and night sweats and doc is doing xray tomorrow as they suspect a second empyema. Ordered her i26 hyperimmune egg which I'm hoping to start her on Friday.

24:00 Question : A friend has a 3 year old boy who was diagnosed with Low Iron Storage when he was 6 months old. He has been given BTT 2.0 tablets for several months. His iron level has increased 3 points! I read his problem is a copper deficiency. Is this correct? What else can we do to increase his improvement?

28:00 Question : Hey Dr. G No question today just Wanted to let you know that I sent in my testimony to the email address @ myremarkablecure. went down the symptom inventory list that Ive knocked out. one of which is my blood pressure, which I'm most happiest with. 135/86 from 150/95!!

30:00 At this current time...if anyone was interested in going to naturopathic medical school...would you have any recommendations in light of the "green allopathy" that is more present than in the past? If this is the case...would you then recommend them to go see Dr. Sensenig to learn how to learn more pure naturopathy...or even better...would it be possible for them to come to you . Thanks Dr. G.

34:40 Question : In Canada we cannot get meso copper. What else might increase copper? Xerafem has 15 mg of zinc. Any experience with toothpaste from Natures Pearl? Have enamel erosion and using proenamel with fluoride. Thanks for the seminar on Acid Alkaline in the body, very interesting.

37:15 Having cataract surgery in about 7 weeks. I've been on 90 and a bunch of other good things for years. Anything else you would recommend to prepare for eye surgery?

39:30 Been on Youngevity and off bad foods since 2012 and it reversed everything I was dealing with. Been basically taking a bottle of 240 Gluco-gel caps since then and just swapped it for the ProJoint Fx. Been about a month now and I’m surprised how bad my joints feel, so I’ll be going back to the Gluco-gel caps. It’s interesting, I’d think after a point I wouldn’t need the gluco-gel any longer, but I guess my body still needs it for some reason? Do you have any thoughts on why this is?

42:42 Greetings Doc; Quick break fm work... Did I overhear you last night to say platelets (megakaryocytes) are made in the lungs (vice the bone marrow)?

43:43 I have a gentleman I am talking with who has gum disease. Before the deep cleaning...he was having bleeding gums even without bleeding. At a recent appointment...the dentist recommended surgery for peridontal disease. He is attempting a cure with science based clinically verified nutrition for tooth recession and associated bacteria infiltration between teeth and gums and periodontal disease.