Morning Q&A: May 30, 2018

00:30 Question : ear wax in my left ear. how would i get an appointment to see you for a general exam?

4:40 Question : Good morning Dr G. I planted a garden of beets just for you. Lol Wanted to know why some Physicians think that we get too much calcium. So they recommend only magnesium. Thanks keep up the good work.

9:05 Question : Hi Dr. D! Love your show. OK...I got my uncle started on Youngevity Healthy body start pak a month ago. Plus selenium and adrenal health. He has several health issues including gout, arthritis, hypothyroid, and possibly fibromyalgia, likely stemming from inflammation? He is in a lot of pain. His doctor recommended a series of expensive peptide shots. What do you think about this? Thank you!!!

13:50 Question : Hi Dr. G! I've a question about what to do about swollen throat & tonsils & tonsils. Currently using antimicrobial support, colloidal silver, & pulsatilla. Stones are both sides of throat. Also if I have varicose vein behind left knee should i use above knee or below knee compression above knee keep sliding down so not sure how effective if i can't keep them up. Thanks!!!

18:00 Question : Hey Dr. G...great to be on here with you. I'm helping a lady with a sinus infection. She ordered argentyn 23 and was going to take according to your instructions...but she wanted to clarify for how long she needed to take it. developed a plan for a gentleman with some significant dental issues who is trying to avoid dental surgery and you recommended him to gargle liquid osteo, plant minerals, and Argentyn 23 3 times per day. I wanted to clarify the duration of this therapy for him. It's crazy how many people I take care of at the hospital who come in with bone/joint issues and kidney stones who drink all of these carbonated beverages/pop/etc. As I write to you from the hospital as I complete my 7-11am shift. It's amazing how carbonated beverage avoidance is not a part of the plan. So much of the suffering that I see (including severe pain and opiate dependence) is preventable).'s a blessing to see lives changed by science-based, clinically verified medical nutrition for those who are open to receive it. With that being said...I appreciate the work you are doing. I look forward to working along with you and Youngevity nation to help continue to alleviate this human suffering. Take care Dr. G!

23:05 Question : Can people on Dialysis take the 90 Essential Nutrients?  My grandson is 17 and has chronic constipation. He only goes every other day. Want to start him on Young. Rico Cleanse but my question is. Should he get his colon cleaned out(colocics ?) and start having 2 to 3 Bowel M. a day before even thinking about a cleanse?

25:25 Question : #1 - I had someone ask me this question and wasn’t sure what to say? Here it is: “I noticed that in Youngevity EFA’s they do not include the very important DPA and on your list of ingredients it does not show it for any of the EFA products. Why not as this is a very important form of EFA? I am very concerned about this and want to know where I can get DPA?” Thanks

#2 - Last Wednesday, I mentioned to you that I’d switched from the Gluco-gel capsules (which I had been taking since 2012) to the new ProJoint FX and in 3+ weeks my joints felt terrible again and I was going to switch back. You mentioned it could be a from a positive action & a healing response or perhaps that I was having an allergic reaction to the chicken cartilage protein. (But I eat a lot of chicken, so I didn’t think it could be that) Well, what do you know, about 2 days later my joints started feeling better again, so I ordered another bottle of ProJoint FX on my autoship which I’ll get tomorrow. I’ll give it a least 3 months, but I was curious how many bottles you are taking? I was thinking of taking 2 bottles next time instead of just the one. Thanks!

28:28 Question : Suzanne 5'9 160 lbs 46yrs old taking supplements a little over 2 months, taking 15 gluco gel, 2 scoop tangy, 1 1/2 osteo, 9 selenium, 2 niacin, 4 efa plus, 2 Keto power up, 4 ultimate efa 2 capfuls zradical, 2 nightly essence, And yet my varicose veins are still getting worse much worse and I still get very tired.

31:55 Question : Hi Doc - So i am working with a client who has Mast Cell Disease. (Idolent systematic Masto Cytosis). Would love your opinion on the CAUSE and also what she can do to help reverse or at least help her body heal to the point where her flare ups are less and she can get off of many of her medications. Thanks in advance. Always look forward to hearing your advice,

36:40 Question : Hi Dr. G. A customer asked me where the carbs in the Beyond Osteo Fx come from. She is doing a keto diet and concerned about the carbs. Thanks!

39:25 Question : Hey Dr G. I had a follow up with my eye doc last week. I have choroidal neovascularization (wet form of macular degen) in my left eye. She says I have developed a cataract on that eye from the laser surgery the “specialist” performed. UGH!!! If only I had discovered you 10 years ago! I am already taking the Dr G pak along with selenium, Vision FX and astaxanthin. What is the battle plan? Also have swelling in my ankles. I have no appetite. Could this be a protein deficiency?

42:30 Question : What is your professional opinion about using injections of GH (growth hormone) in kids?

45:00 Question : What is best when all glands are weak, Thyroid, Adrenal, Pituitary and so on?

45:45 Question : I’ve been on the Healthy start 2.0 program plus selenium, projoba, and muscadine grape seed, plant minerals since end of October and have seen no change in diagnosis. Was diagnosed with liver disease NASH . Exercise every day weight is coming off but very slowly, eating fairly healthy. But hepatologist not happy with enzymes number still very high 105. Should be in the 30-40

48:45 Was wondering what inflammatory cytokines are involved with UC or other digestive diseases? What are the processes that keep inflammation low? What happens when you've done all you can with supplements, lifestyle changes, etc but the inflammation (CRP, SED numbers) continue to go up? Was wondering what inflammatory cytokines are involved with UC or other digestive diseases? What are the processes that keep inflammation low? What happens when you've done all you can with supplements, lifestyle changes, etc but the inflammation (CRP, SED numbers) continue to go up? btw can you continue using BTT, PDM, and Osteo while taking prednisone or does it decrease the effectiveness of the prednisone

55:30 Question : Hi dr g my wife get easily bruise in her arms and legs is there anything to for her thanks