Health Q&A: May 7, 2018

1:15 Question : Hi dr Glidden. My daughter is 5 and has athlete’s foot or some sort of fungus/ dry skin in between her toes. I started spraying it with argentyn 23. Is there anything additionally i could use?

2:20 Question : Hi Doc. One of those debunking myths reports said that msg is not harmful. What are your thoughts?

4:50 I have a customer who has hereditary hemochromatosis ie: Iron overload, The Celtic Curse. She has it under control but has developed floaters in her eyes. She has to be careful with Vitamin C and Iron. What can she do??

9:15 Question : Hello Dr, how can you tell if a tooth ache is just a tooth ache and not a heart attack?. Also, Is it wise to recommend the Healthy Body Start Pak to adults even though it has the EFA plus and not Projoba Omega?

12:34 Question : Hey Dr. G., it's great to hang out again on here with you all. I have a nurse assistant friend who has low thyroid function, borderline high blood pressure, and vertigo. She weighs 160 pounds and is 5'3. I happen to be speaking to her on the phone at the time of writing this and the timing was right for me to ask you for a plan for her. Also, what are thoughts on diatomacous earth? I have a cousin who asked about this and wanted to hear your insight/experience regarding this.

17.25 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, what causes tingling only on the left hand thumb and 3 fingers but not the pinky?

19:30 Question : Dr Glidden, would you please discuss the effects of Malic Acid on the liver? Other than apples, which fruits have the most and do you recommend supplements. I have read that it can help with a fatty liver. Thanks.

22:05 Question : Four days pounding headache in the temples and forehead. Treating as a sinus infection. Drainage gone but shooting pain continues. Any advice? Taking advil now for pain.

24:45 Question : I am on a blood thinner xarelto.mydr says I cant take efa.I weigh 133 am 5 foot 111.Been having digestive trouble for 2 years.I am 60 years old. Thank you

29.39 Question : Evening. Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness for those of us who are struggling to be healthy. I’ve been on Ativan for 3 years and began weaning off of it 6 months ago. No easy task. I take 1/2 mg daily along with 300 mg Phenibut. Still anxiety comes and goes. Read the protocol for Anxiety in Attempt a Cure. It’s a little different than the advice for weaning off Ativan. Joined Youngevity in January and was hoping I would feel better by now. My weight is 130#. Thanks for your help.

32.40 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden I have been in constant pain coming from my shoulder generating down to my arm. I had a cortisone shot three months ago which didn"t work what do you suggest I take

37:05 Question : Talk to us about Vit D and how 1. It's UVB light band is so narrow and the angle of the sun changes so that it is not available 1/2 the year at most US latitudes. Also it may take dark skinned people many hours longer than light skin to absorb the same amount. Talk about it's many unsung functions

40 Question : I have a locking finger and arthritis in one finger.

42:50 Question : Hi Dr. G! I am a new ambassador and wanted to officially say hello! I've been stalking your webinars for awhile now and am learning so much. I'm getting ready to get off my anti-depressant after 20 years. I've been filling up on cholesterol (bacon bacon bacon nitrate free of course) lol. I've been nutrified for 2 months. Any advice you have for me? Thank you for ALL you DO! You rock!

47:10 Question : Hey Dr. G. Overdid the yard work over the weekend. I pulled my hamstring later that night. I feel like that muscle wants to tighten again. Is there anything I can do to quickly relax the muscle? I do a lot of epsom sale baths. Should I cut back?

49:29 Question : Good night. Where do i buy meso copper from? I have white marks on my legs and i think i heard you mention i would need to take meso copper The white marks are signs of loss of skin pigmentation

51:20 Question : Hello Dr Glidden , can you please explain what is the black seed oil? What it does to the human body and , should we use it or not? There is a lot of different information about it online. Since we do trust your profesional opinion and experience , can you please give us your take on this subject please?

56 Hi Dr. Glidden. Today I would like to ask you about my Macular Degeneration. I did watch your webinar on eye health several times. I started taking 6 bottles of Ocutiv in December 2016. After that I went down to 3 bottles as Youngevity imposed a restriction for Canada. I did this for a few months. After that I have been steady on 2 bottles a month. I have also added Vision FX for several months plus the 4 Sight product when it was available. I also loaded up on Projoba Omega for several months. I am very diligent about the 12 bad foods. I even added a couple of my own items to that list. I am also taking all other products as you describe be body weight. In the audit titled “Seeing is believing” Dr. Wallach was able to help 30 out of 30 people with their eyesight. This indicates a 100 per cent success rate. Yet why can’t my eye sight be helped. I am a quite irritated by this. Did the subjects in the audit get hand picked because they had no other health conditions?

58:15 Question : I think my question disappeared?I Have Sarcoidosis of the lung and would like to get some tips on how to try and fix this issue.

1:01 My wife (40 yo) has uterine and ovarian cysts that are causing pain and numbness in her lady parts. Please mention what causes this kind of thing and what is the prognosis might be with your recommended treatment. By the way i love your style! Thanks