Health Q&A: May 9, 2018

2:05 Question : Good morning doc: Previously I tore some muscle fibers in my bicep and you recommended Natrum Carbonicum and HGH Youth Complex. Would you please explain what each of these are and how they are going to help stitch me back together. Thank you.

12:20 Question : DR. G, My mother is type 2 Diabetic, weighs 215 lbs, and has had a problem with feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach. Happens at night and her blood sugar will be over 200 and feel fine, but will be around 160 and feel dizzy and sick. What do you think is causing that and what to do?

19:00 Question : Hello Dr. G! I had my twins! Boy and Girl! Fisher and Marina on April 13th. They were early at 33 weeks but were only in NICU for 3 weeks and are home now and doing well. MDs thrive in such situations. Marina and Fisher are 4.10 lbs and 5 lbs respectively. Out of my control, they gave them HMF (human milk fortifier) mixed with my pumped breastmilk. Did a number on their digestion (bovine milk, corn, soy, along with vits/mins). They gave the a multi vitamin and iron too. Upon discharge, I was told to see Ped who yesterday wanted us to give them Multi vit/iron. I told her they get what I take with my 90 essential nutrients. Can I give them root beer belly as they breastfeed? They have acid reflux and gas. Dr mentioned possible med to neutralize stomach acid- OH THE INSANITY! I know what to do for adult but how to do for preemie? What can I give them mixed with breastmilk bottle to increase their minerals/vitamins, especially iron. I lost a lot of blood during natural delivery and am supposed to take extra Iron myself. Youngevity does not have a specific iron supplement that I am aware of.


26:40 Question : Menopausal, 125 lb 5'3" taking Hsp, Pdm, Hgh, Projoba, per month, also 1 cap muscadine daily & 1 cap Se daily eat 2 eggs a day. My fingers crack along nail and am internally dry. Anything further to help the skin and dryness? Thank you.

30:55 Question : Good morning Dr. G. What would you say to someone that tried to go gluten free for a month and didn't see any benefits and didn't notice a difference in going back on gluten.

30:10 Question : So excited to be here - 1st time. Can you please talk about non-perscription cbd oil?

33:00 Question : Hi doc, on the healthy digestion pack, maqui plus, etc. Currently taking prednisone because when inflammation hits it gets uncontrollable hence the Prednisone. Now I'm tapered to 15mg and the inflammation seems to return. Got diagnosed with uc and was hospitalized for it along with colitis of the bronchials. 50 percent chance of survival supposedly. Stress seems to be a big activator. Just seems no matter what I do I just can't control it

42:42 Question : Hi Doc. A client who is 220 lbs, 54 years, blind from diabetes, has Charcot's foot, kidney issues. Can not measure liquids and powders so what would be a capsule/tablet protocol? Thanks

44:30 Question : Hi Dr. G, just wanted to let you know that I'm still around and doing really good compared to one year ago today when I was getting ready to discuss final arrangements with my kids! BP numbers haven't changed much and symptoms keep disappearing and returning but I know my body is slowly healing itself because I am having more and more days that I feel really young!!! I have actually made it to several of my grandkids ball games this year! Thank God I found you!! Now for my question: is it okay to deep fry in lard?

47:15 Question : Hi Doc, just back from a trip to Austria and get myself some nice blisters under the balm. What best to get them done??

52 Question : Hey Dr G Whats your take on colonoscopy? Had this conversation with my sisters friend, Who also commented on my weight loss and good I looked. This always opens the door to the 12 bad Foods and the mighty 90!